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Living My Best Life with Elegance – 14 Ways How Being Elegant Will Help You Live Your Best LIfe

How can I live my best life now?

Living your best life is something that many people would love to know more about, some have answers and even fewer have answers that last a long time. It is always easier to change little superficial habits that offer quick fixes and fast results then to take a hard look at your life and see what really needs to change.

This post is not about how to change your life, but rather the evidence of how you benefit by adopting an elegant lifestyle. The amount of pleasure and joy you receive is refreshing because this lifestyle is attainable by anyone who wants it. It’s about having high standards where it matters.

What does living my best life mean?

Since this answer is very subjective, it is hard to give a black and white answer. To be very simple, living your best life means that you look forward to waking up in the morning. That every day has something to give and you are excited to experience it.

Not only does living your best life create a life of happiness and fulfillment, but it also stirs up excitement for the ordinary. You see, unlike what you see in social media and what others want you to think, normal life is boring.

There is nothing wrong with it either! To be honest, having a routine and knowing what comes next is what gives you sanity. But the biggest issue with boring is just your own mindset, but luckily that can be fixed!

Changing your mind today will really enable you for living your best life right now, and all it takes is a gentle change that instead of seeing something as “bad”, you see the joy, maybe as something beautiful, something you can make into art, something you can master.

Finding your best life with elegant living

Before you keep reading to see how the 14 different ways elegance will transform your life, finding your best life is right here. It isn’t going anywhere and all you need to do is truly want it.

Sounds too good to be true? Nope.

That’s why elegance and living elegantly has so many upsides. It doesn’t mean you need to be rich or have a lot of friends in high places. It just needs a little bit of effort every day and you will get to live with the benefits of how a little refinement can lead to a life filled with pleasures.

Before you dive into the beautiful benefits, the very important thing to know is that elegance is already inside of you. It’s not all cookie-cutter either. No one-size-fits-all.

So what will work for you, might not work for your friend. It’s a path that you must take on our own and find out what your gifts, little pleasures, the moments you cherish are. However, you won’t be alone.

Use this Elegant Living Everyday as a guide. It will give tips, different suggestions, and inspiration.

But, after you choose to live elegantly, you can be sure that these 14 wonderful side effects to take place in your life.

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What it actually means to live your best life

1) You change the way you perceive people in your life. You don’t take anyone for granted when you live your best life. You try living elegantly.

Everyone has something to offer.

Even a little child who so badly wants to carry on an adult conversation has something to teach you. It could be to learn more patiencePossibly, the lesson is to be more understanding, whatever it is, don’t dismiss the opportunity to learn and grow as a woman in elegance.

After a long day, you have been working all day, you’re exhausted and don’t feel like having a conversation with anyone, but you need to pick up one quick item at the grocery store. As you run in, planning to go in and out as fast as you can, you see a friend of yours that you haven’t seen in a while.

Not to be rude, you stand there and talk. It’s already been 15 minutes and your feet are just so sore. But you keep at it, with a genuine smile. Among your pain and impatience you find out that your friend has lost a parent recently, or son has failed school, or maybe they lost their job. They are so happy to be able to vent to you safely without fear of you spreading it around (another benefit of being an elegant woman, people are able to trust you).

By choosing an elegant life, seeing people is never a waste of time and being interrupted does not irritate you because you were able to be there for a friend and say something comforting.

Elegance helps you put things in perspective and the way you perceive people and time spent with them. You take every exchange and conversation as something to learn and grow from. You don’t take anything or anyone for granted.

Everyone has something to offer you regardless of how insignificant it seems. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to learn more about yourself and the world you live in.

How can I live my best life now?

Living your best life is whatever you make of it. Everyone has different answers and rightfully so, what you find lovely could be tired and boring for someone else. When you hear the term living your best life, you need to remember a few things.

One, it doesn’t matter what your current life situation is, it has the potential to be your best life.

Two, don’t wait and think, “If I get a raise, then I’ll be happy” or “If I get married and have children, then I’ll be satisfied with my life.”

If you’re saying “if I…” before anything regarding your life, then you will be always chasing.

You are living your best life right now, you don’t need to chase it.

how to give your best life

2) Living the life makes you slow down and see things you never noticed before

Life gets so busy. With cramming in everything you possibly can in only a few short hours, it is no question that you zoom through your day. It can be so stressful!

As you drop off the kids, finish your work, get food started, or whatever it is that you occupy your day with, odds are you are thinking of your next move. What is it that is next on your agenda.

There is nothing wrong with being prepared or planning out your next move, (best way is to have everything organized like with THIS beautiful planner!) that way it prevents you from wasting too much time. It does take away from the present moment.

And in that present moment, there are many pleasures to be had. Using your five senses, the amount of joy you can squeeze out of every second is huge! It only gets better the more you do it too.

Lately, slowing down has been considered an art form, rightfully so. By slowing down, it allows you to take it all in. Do you think it is overrated and possibly all fluff, it really isn’t. Then you must try it.

Give yourself a week and try to slow everything down. Do one thing at a time and with purpose. Take what you are doing and see the pleasure in it. Maybe it really doesn’t derive very much, but there can be something out of it that you can take and enjoy.

How can I live my life without money?

Especially today, it seems almost impossible to have any kind of fun without spending money. But if you remember, a life that is lived is experienced through simple pleasures. Those simple pleasures are usually free, or very frugal. 

That is why they are referred to as simple pleasures, not only because they happen often, but because they usually happen in your mundane and boring times of life. 

As long as you have enough money to pay your bills, have a roof over your head, and put a little in savings, then any extra is just wonderful. 

Living your life with no extra money is just as fulfilling and beautiful as any luxurious life. It is how you make it. 

Living a passionate life costs you nothing. 

3) Living elegantly helps you become aware of your body and how it moves in your life today

When you start living your wonderful elegant life, like mentioned earlier, you slow down. As this happens you naturally begin to watch your own body and its movements. You become more graceful.

By doing everything with intent and purpose, your body won’t be flopping around as you walk. As you sit, your butt doesn’t plop into its chair, but rather softly lands on the cushion with grace (without sounding too theatrical!)

One of the reasons why choosing elegance is the ideal way for living your best life is because it helps you refine your gestures, forces you to be more deliberate with yourself.

With practice and dedication, it becomes so natural. Your movements will be fluid like a dancer. Your grace will be mesmerizing. When you walk across a room, your effortless gliding will enchant anyone who sees it.

Another reason it is so beautiful is that in society now, many people don’t take the extra effort to move with grace. You will stand out like the shining elegant woman you are.

Whatever you do, do so mindfully.

Live your best life challenge 

Since life on this earth is so precious and short, you should waste no time being frustrated or wishing you could change it. Instead of saying that you should only do things that bring you joy, which is very unrealistic by the way, you should be focusing on making every moment mean something

Whether it is a happy moment, sad moment, you can be excited or stressed, but just feel every bit of it. Living your best life is  NOT about living with your head under a rock and forcing only happy times. 

It’s about really experiencing life for what it really is, the good and the bad. But instead of being stuck on the bad, you start seeing the good in everything, 

Challenge yourself to accept life as it is, choose to find the good in every scenario. Choose to live your best life. 

4) You consider what you are ingesting, such as food and entertainment ; you live in the now

The midnight snacking is over, but not because you aren’t allowed, but because you feel that your body deserves better. You feed yourself well.

This starts small, almost you don’t even notice it, but the more you live an elegant life, the more you avoid forms of entertainment that you see as wasteful or unnecessary. Without trying, you catch yourself trying to better yourself in any way possible.

The most important detail to remember is that you don’t feel that you are missing anything or upset that you have to give up your music, no, not at all. Because you have adopted and enjoy being elegant, the amount of pleasure derived from your old tastes will naturally change.

It’s gradual, but lasting.

The same goes for food, you want to let go of eating food or having food habits that make you feel worse after eating. You enjoy the feeling of how it is when you eat healthy and lighter. It’s not to say give it up forever, but rather your tastes will change, and maybe having two burgers won’t be as satisfying as one slowly eaten burger.

Many people also eat terribly because they are filling another void. But living an elegant woman you decide that the void is best examined instead of filling with something else. You can’t solve food problems with more food, instead, you need to think deeper.

Life is about others 

This sounds very opposite of how the world works today. 

It’s a very selfish world, and if you’re not getting anything out of it, you might not want to waste your time. But truthfully, life is about others and how you can make them feel better. In turn, it makes  you feel better! It’s a win-win!

Life is beautiful and to get the most out of it, you should seek how to help others around you. Regardless if they are strangers, friends, loved ones, but being an elegant woman you try your hardest to make everyone’s day better after they leave you. This brings a smile to their face and being around you will always bring them a smile. 

Life is lived by yourself, but it is enjoyed with others. 

Living your best life challenge

5) You begin anticipating elegance as you live life

To anticipate elegance simply means to be prepared and expect that your next move will radiate elegance. If it was planned or not, there is no exception that you should allow lacking in the elegant gestures.

Many times in life you will be caught off guard, but with this lesson, you will almost (as cliche as it sounds) expect the unexpected. One of the greatest indicators of elegance is whether or not you are prepared for people, guests, moments, and if you are ready for them, then your reaction is welcoming, happy, even excited.

This way spills over into the rest of your life. You keep your house, your car, your office, and other places you own that others can enter, very clean and organized. Ready for any guests.

Anticipating elegance is a great way to feel ready for anything in life.

Being prepared in life may be hard, but taking different precautions and having yourself ready for what might happen will make your life so much easier and effortless. A very quick example is having frozen meals that you already made before (or some of these in the freezer for those moments you REALLY have no time!). Then when you are in need of a meal, without resorting to eating out or eating something you would later regret, you have the ability to keep poised and elegant as you have already prepared something.

This might not be a bit deal for some, but for others, it really helps even mentally to know that you’ve prepared and anticipated a moment like this.

Anticipating elegance is a secret that is used every single day. By being ready, prepared, and anticipating what could possibly come next is a way to not be surprised and thrown off guard.

What is a beautiful life?

The one you’re living now has the potential to be a beautiful life. 

Where you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to feel the pleasures of the day, the smell of coffee, the warmth of the water running on your back in a shower, the alive feeling when your thirst is quenched with a glass of cool water. Everything has the ability to be beautiful. 

It really is how YOU want to experience it. Do you want to just go along for the ride not really paying attention, or do you want to stop and find all the little details that can make even the most ordinary moment, be explosive with little pleasures. 

A beautiful life is one that you love living. It will be different for each one of you, but that doesn’t make it wrong or that you’re not doing it right. 

Comparing or trying to emulate someone by copying their pleasures will leave you feeling like you’re doing something wrong or that you are empty. 

You need to spend time with yourself and each moment that passes you by, try and slow down even for a few seconds and use your senses. Really try to explain it to yourself in depth and detail the current situation. The more detail you use the better the experience. You’re writing a story about your life, and every moment really counts. 

Enjoy your life, it’s a beautiful one. 

I'm living my best life.

6) You care how you’re being perceived by others and living your best life (in a good way), always living elegantly

This is not the same as caring what other people think and letting it cripple you. But you simply remember that you have an audience. People notice you.

What you say, do and act does have the ability to help people up or bring them down. Even if you start thinking that you don’t matter or that no one listens to you, people do. When you start living an elegant lifestyle, you don’t want to be perceived as someone you aren’t.

There are many moments in your life where you will look back and regret how you reacted or wish that you would have done something else. If only you were thinking about how others will perceive you, that might have prevented you from acting selfish or rude. Always think of others.

You might think that you are a good person, and you probably are, but your actions speak louder than words. In other words, you need to be a good person with your actions. You need to be charming, the REAL deal!

Perception is reality, and how others perceive you is exactly how people will remember you.

This is by no means trying to scare you into acting “good” and trying to hide your true feelings, but it acts as a gentle reminder that you need to always know that people are watching you and how you react. If you become over agitated at someone, regardless if they “deserved it” it will always look bad on you because you did not have to react that way.

On the other hand, this could be used to your benefit. Even the smallest of gestures can make the biggest differences. By seeing every opportunity to help someone, even if it is returning their shopping cart for them, it will look huge.

By taking responsibility for how you look and are perceived by others, will really make you memorable in the best ways possible. Always think to yourself, how do you want to be remembered?

To end this with a cliche, actions speak louder than words, and it’s a cliche because it’s brutally true!

Living your best life quotes

Quotes are a wonderful tool to use for inspiration. Here are some top living your best life quotes that you can stick to memory! 

“Each day provides its own gifts.” — Marcus Aurelius

“I dwell in possibility.” — Emily Dickinson

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” — C.S. Lewis

“Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.” — Jim Rohn

“The most wasted of days is one without laughter.” — E. E. Cummings

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” — Maya Angelou

Best life

7) Keep your emotions in check by not giving anyone power over them – life tips

Nothing is more irritating than when you are upset and you do something that you normally do not do. Such as being belligerent to a stranger because of a mistake that they did. Usually, you are understanding or patient and try to be calm. But the clerk just doesn’t care and that irks you.

But instead of letting it roll off, you become even more enraged and this is giving away your power. You have given this store clerk the power over your emotions and in return, you have lost control.

This is not only inelegant but also frustrating to your well-being. By living a poised and graceful lifestyle, you are able to see the other side, whether you should or not, but you do not give anyone control over your emotions. You never give the wasted time on someone that is trying to get you angry or ruffle your feathers.

This also includes your family members, children, spouse.

You are able to disconnect yourself from the conversation and remain calm and collected. Your composure is everything in times like this. Don’t give anyone control over your emotions or your actions, remain elegant and poised.

This way you will never look back and regret something you did, all because someone else said something that you didn’t agree with. Be the bigger woman.

Living my best life

Why is it important to live your best life?

In the end, what is the point? 

You live your best life because if not, what is the other alternative? 

When you are living your best life by living elegantly, you are truly experiencing it. The good, the bad and the ugly. You can reach the deepest relationships with your spouse, friends, family and even yourself. It might not feel that way now, but later on you can look back with certainty that you wouldn’t change anything. That you lived your best life.

Being elegant allows you to live your best life by seeing everything in a different angle. 

The green grass in spring, is greener. The sweet crisp air of fall, is more pungent and refreshing. The purring from your cat is more intense than before. 

You see, the experiences here are what everyone feels, sees, touches, hears and tastes — but you REALLY experience them. These little pleasures are gifts given to you daily, and by allowing yourself to be open to them feel them, you enhance your life simply but richly. 

It’s important to live your best life so you get to enjoy every second of it. 

Living my best life everyday

8) Living your best life, you care for everything you own, regardless of the price

Living an elegant life opens your eyes to all of your belongings. Since you are appreciating everything you own, it really shows the consideration you have for your possessions.

You will treat everything with the respect, not because it was expensive or cheap, but because it is your own.

One example is sunglasses. There are many expensive ones, but also just as many cheap alternatives. However, just because you bought a ten-dollar pair doesn’t mean you can just throw them around, drop them on the ground, forget their places, and not really give them a second thought.

When you choose to live elegantly, you will begin to cherish them. Treat them as if they were $200. You will keep them in a case, be gentle with them, and prevent any damage to them.

The point is regardless if they were expensive or cheap, they are yours and how you take care of your possessions speaks volumes about you and your character. Those sunglasses are yours, you appreciate them because they protect your eyes and you liked them enough to buy them in the first place.

Respect everything of yours, regardless of cost because they are your own. And how you treat the things you like sets a precedent of not only how others will respect you but also how you will respect and love yourself.

How to change your life today?

It might sound overwhelming, but don’t let it scare you from doing one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

Just like anything, start small and work your way up. 

It’s such a feat to be at the base of a mountain and look up, but as you look directly in front of you and see what you can do, next thing you know you’re ten feet off the ground. 

It’s the same aspect, don’t change your life by buying all the new things you think you need all at once.  Not only would that be very expensive, but it would completely deflate you and make you feel like you’re a living someone else’s life. 

Start small, little goals. 

On the first day, try to only move with intentions and don’t allow yourself to move without thought. (It’s a lot harder than you think!) Second day, add another trait, such as noting every little thing around you, like a narrative, this will bring many things to your attention and heighten your senses. The third day, add one more, such as looking your best at that time. 

Every day simply add another way of living your best life. It’s free, it’s hard, but very worth it. And like everything else, with a little bit of practice, these too will come easier. 

Start small, start today, and see the changes tomorrow.

Live in the now

9) You care about others, and more people will care for you, a benefit of living my best life

Compassion is a beautiful characteristic that elegant living really embodies.

You begin to care about other people, more than you did before. Remember that being elegant is also not just about you, but how you make other people feel.

When you care about others, this magical thing happens where others see your compassion and it mirrors where people start caring about you and your thoughts. You are more understanding with others and it happens where others are more respectful and patient with you.

It’s a great feeling to care for others, but to also have others genuinely care for you makes you feel like you’re part of a wonderful family!

What is my life’s purpose?

This is a deep question that really no one has an answer to.

But that doesn’t mean that you should not think and ponder about this from time to time. 

When you live an elegant life, your life is about helping others and making the world a better place. So suppose your life’s purpose was purely existing to help out those around you, would that be so bad? 

Maybe, since being a little selfish is only human nature. 

The best way to understand your life’s purpose is to see that you are here not only to enjoy others, but also enjoy yourself. See that God has given you five senses to navigate around your surroundings. And it is with those senses that you are able to thoroughly feel those pleasures. The simple pleasures that when you live an elegant life, you don’t take for granted. 

What’s your life’s purpose? 

It’s different for everyone, but at least you know it’s to feel enjoyment and seek pleasures while helping others do the same.  

Live your life

10) You want to keep bettering yourself as you live you life, each day you live elegantly

Living an elegant lifestyle, you will keep wanting to better yourself in any way possible. Whether that means learning a new language, reading a new book, writing poetry, or doing anything really that enhances you as a human.

Bettering yourself is being able to learn something new and apply it to your life. Every day is spent seeing it as an opportunity to learn and grow a little more.

But it’s not just learning, it’s also becoming a better person, absorbing everything you can that you know you can benefit from, and growing to be the best you can be.

Being elegant is about spending every day learning new pleasures of yours, embracing what life has for you, and taking each day as a way to become the best woman you can be.

Better yourself every day and never stop trying. Be a high-quality woman.

Improving your life daily is living elegantly.

Living my best life – is it hard?

It depends on how you look at it. 

Living your best life can be vastly different for you and another woman reading this. Some factors can be how much money are you happy to live on, what kind of clothes make you happy, etc. This may sound a little superficial but frankly, some people are  – and this is why it can be difficult to say if living your best life is hard. 

Living your best life should focus on what brings you true happiness. Is it being out in nature? Maybe having the first sips of coffee or tea? Maybe it’s sleeping in your warm bed. 

When you live your best life, you are also looking at the quality of your life. What do you need to do to maintain your quality? Is it stressful because you need to work many hours to keep it how you prefer? Or do you like something more simpler? 

You make your life how you want it to be. It will only be as difficult as you want it to be. 

Elegance is about refining every moment, some moments come more naturally, but my practicing it daily, your life will be one that is more meaningful and beautiful. 

Life is full of pleasures, seek them out and enjoy them. This is the secret to living your best life. 

This is your life now

11) Self confidence builds as you live your best life

When you live more elegantly and go through your life, your confidence builds and becomes it helps you when you are around others. Whether they are strangers or friends, however, this is not to be confused with cocky or over-the-top arrogance.

This beautiful characteristic is not about gloating to others that you are living your best life and that your life is better than theirs. No, not at all.

Rather this confidence is attractive, alluring, and magnetic. Having self-confidence is about being sure of yourself instead of constantly doubting yourself and feeling that you aren’t good enough. If you are self-conscious, it can be exhausting to be battling with yourself trying to assess yourself and if people like you.

You ask yourself, “Am I living my best life?”, and the answer depends on how you feel about yourself. It takes time to love yourself, but the results are astounding.

Living an elegant life will teach you to gain confidence naturally, in the real world and you will unlock the secrets to live your best life now and tomorrow.

How do I know if I’m living my best life?

Not to make it confusing, but you are the only one that knows this answer. 

Are you happy? Are you excited for tomorrow? 

There are days where you might feel so incredibly happy, and then the next week you are bored. This is very normal. You can’t be on maximum always. And when you are just a little in the “blah” mood, it will help you appreciate when everything goes your way. 

You know you’re living your best life when you are looking forward to tomorrow and what you are doing. It could be a hobby that excites you, or learning a new language. Regardless of what it is, living your best life is one that isn’t leading you into sadness or one where you don’t feel good enough. 

Your life is amazing when you know you’re trying to cultivate it to be more deeper, more exciting, and more refined. 

How to live your best life

12) Live your best life by not lowering your standards

When you focus on yourself and think “When I love my best life”, lowering your standards should never be thought.

In today’s world, where the average newspaper is written for a grade six and the news is about reality stars rather than real news, it is easy to fall into stupidity.

Never allow yourself to dumb down in order to keep other people interested in what you have to say. Especially if you are trying to attract more people in a conversation – it is not necessary to lower yourself.

Chances are that the person you are speaking to might feel the same way when instead both of you would benefit from a more intelligent conversation.

By challenging yourself and others to talk about matters that are important, you enhance your life in so many ways. Be elegant and don’t dumb yourself down, lift up yourself and those around you.

Living my best life, even if I have a boring life?

If you take only one thing away from this post, please let it be the following. 

Boring is subjective. 

But rather, boring is just the act of either knowing what is coming next or doing the same routine over and over again. So boring isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Instead what you should focus on is looking at your routine, whatever it is, and refining it. Taking time to make notes about how you can elevate it. Or, if it is something that really can’t be elevated is to see how you can squeeze out every ounce of joy from it. 

Focus on the pleasures of the day. 

See what you really enjoy in life rather than just doing on autopilot or enjoying it because you think you should

Your boring life is only yours. You are the master of your day, if it’s boring to others that’s fine, but as long as it is pleasurable, beautiful and passionate – then you’re living your best life. 

Living my best life meme

13) Your best life is choosing quality over quantity, choosing to live elegantly

How many times have you wished that you spent the extra little bit of money to buy something better?

This happens all the time when you are living your elegant life, not because you need to spend more money to have better things, but because you choose quality over having more of the same thing.

Living your best life is not about cluttering your house with materialistic possessions, but with things that really make the difference. Things that give you pleasure. Remind you of amazing times, or even hard times, but regardless give you memories.

This topic is spoken about so many times, so without sounding redundant, but choosing to spend a couple of extra dollars in the first place will save you so much in the future.

Life is too short to waste on anything that you don’t think is good enough. Live simply, live elegantly.

Live in the now

Talking about living in the present is nothing new.

It’s been talked about for years and in so many different ways. But for good reason.

Simply because to live in the now is to appreciate everything that is around you. Everything that you are experiencing in that very second will pass and you potentially will never get to feel that exact moment again.

Sounds a little sad, and perhaps a little sadness is a good thing. It could make you realize how precious life is and that every moment really counts.

But how does this equate to living elegantly and living your best life?

Well, because living with gratefulness in your heart and appreciating everything to the fullest degree is how you live with a loving heart. And a loving heart is one way to tap into your elegance. Love who you are and love those around you.

Live your best life by living in the now, live with a present mindset. Don’t take for granted a thing because this might be the last time you see it. Sounds sad, but again, without sadness you could never fully experience happiness.

living my best life

14) You find out what really is important by living your best life.

When you are able to be thankful for everything that has been given to you and things you have worked hard for, you start to see what is really important to you and what you love.

The things that you hold dear to your heart and what you find are the most important are usually irreplaceable and that alone can make you want to protect it even more.

Living your best life clears your mind of clutter so you are able to see more clearly. With elegant living, you will experience the same feeling. Where you are often so busy with everything in your daily life that you don’t stop to smell the roses figuratively speaking. You don’t clear away the debris in your mind – so you’re stuck with what’s on your mind. This hides what truly is important.

Your family and friends, your parents, and your children. These could never be replaced and because of that, you need to treat the ones you love extra carefully.

When this gets brought to your attention and now that you want to continue living your best life, you don’t want to be stuck in the rut, so you will make the changes necessary to keep up your happiness. You will not take a thing for granted. The next time you see someone you love, you’ll express that.

Fill your day with what truly pleasures you and the rewards will be immense!

I will do my best

Want to know the deepest and surest way of having not only an elegant life, but for sure way to live your best life?

Do your best always.

Never stop doing your best. And for starters, your best will change depending on your day and how it is going. If you’re incredibly stressed or exhausted, then your best will not be as great. If you’re having such a wonderful day and feeling perfect, then your best will be surprisingly better then you could imagine.

The only thing you can do is promise yourself to do your best at all time regarding all things.

Promise yourself that you will do your best, even if it’s folding laundry, do your best.

When you do your best, it is impossible to regret because you know there was nothing more you could have done.

Tell yourself every day, “I will do my best”.

BONUS 15) All the mundane chores become something you look forward to, this is your life now

You have been living your life as an elegant woman that now even the simplest tasks give you much pleasure and excitement. The idea of getting something done and doing it well is the joy that you long for.

This is the answer to “How is living my best life possible?”

Remember that life is what you make of it.

Don’t let anyone try to fool you into thinking that you need the biggest toys or most expensive wardrobe. All you need is you, a little patience, and the love of life. Allow yourself the time to seek what truly gives you immense pleasure.

how to live your best life

Create the life you want, the elegant life – in conclusion

Living your best life is a beautiful gift that you can give yourself.

Anyone can attain this, and without much effort, your life will greatly improve. Elegance is about not only increasing your life satisfaction but also making the world just that much better.

See this post and how with adopting an elegant lifestyle the benefits will be incredible! How can you say no to living your best life when it is just right there! So close that you can reach and once you have it, you don’t need to let go!

Living with elegance is about making your day full of pleasures, joy, and happiness.

Spread the happiness, be joyful, and make this life yours. Create the life you want and start living your best life today!

live your best life

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Gail Powers Blanton

Tuesday 21st of June 2022

I loved reading this article. It is very inspiring. I feel like it was just ment for me today. I can't wait to share it with family and friends!

Jennifer Lynn

Monday 27th of June 2022

Thank you so much Gail! I truly appreciate it :)

Olufunke Olunloyo

Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

You are a blessing. Thank you.

Jennifer Lynn

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

Thank you so much for your kind words :)

Tuesday 20th of July 2021

I needed to be reminded today of all of this!!! Really enjoyed your inspiring words, thank you!


Tuesday 29th of June 2021

Thank you for a couple of reminders, I had lost my way. Without realizing it I used to behave “elegantly”, I just never thought of myself as elegant

Jennifer Lynn

Thursday 8th of July 2021

Thank you very much Myrna, I hope you enjoy adopting an elegant lifestyle and love the results!

Saturday 16th of May 2020

Beautiful thank you so much!

Jennifer Lynn

Sunday 17th of May 2020

You're very welcome!