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7 Best Morning Habits

In order to have a great morning you need great morning habits. Having a great morning is such a wonderful way to start the day.

A calm, happy morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you feel productive and poised after you wake up, you are in an elegant state of mind.

It is imperative to have a well-oiled morning routine, but it cannot be perfected over night. It takes weeks, maybe months to pick and choose what habits work best for you.  With years of fine tuning my morning routine I have always kept these 7 habits.

A Refreshing and Energizing Perfect Morning Routine for a Focused Start to the Day

  1. Wake up early, taking a few moments to appreciate the day ahead of you
  2. Create an energizing atmosphere in your home; put on some upbeat music that boosts your mood
  3. Treat yourself to a healthy beverage like freshly-squeezed orange juice or almond/coconut milk latte
  4. Enjoy a nutritious breakfast such as eggs with vegetables or oatmeal with ground flax seeds
  5. Do some dynamic stretching or active yoga poses – get those muscles moving!
  6. Take time to focus on what’s important; jot down an action plan based on the most pressing tasks
  7. Practice self-care by drinking plenty of water throughout the morning and nourishing your body
  8. Make time for light skincare rituals – use natural oils and homemade face masks
  9. Spend an extra moment connecting with yourself before starting your day
  10. Feel refreshed, focused, and energized – embodying that graceful elegance! #BeElegant #LoveYourself

The Elegant Daily Routine Checklist

Make it a productive routine!

Drink your water!


In order to have a good morning, you need to have a great night.

This includes a good restful night sleep.  I will do another post on how to get the best night sleep, and an evening routine but until then focus on drinking a glass or two of water before bed.

I find that dehydration is one reason I wake up in the middle of the night. If I am tossing and turning, it is usually because I didn’t drink enough before bed.

I noticed a complete difference after I started drinking water at night. It made my sleep much better, and my skin thanked me!

According to New Health Advisor,  it not only aids in a better night sleep, it also benefits in weight loss, clears skin and removes build up of toxins. Drinking water before bed also benefits your digestion system.

We, as a nation, are pretty parched. Let’s try to change that! We don’t drink enough water, even though it is the cheapest alternative to many health remedies, but that is a whole other conversation!

We need to embrace water, because once I did, I wish I would have done it earlier!

There are some people who think it might make them wake up throughout the night to go to the bathroom. If you are scared that you might have to get up too many times a night after drinking a whole glass of water then start small. Try drinking just one quarter of the glass and do that for a whole week.

Gradually adding more water, making your way to a full glass. This will help to train your bladder.

**Please use your discretion, if it is hurting or inturrupting your sleep, listen to your body.**


Just 5 more minutes please!
Just 5 more minutes please!


Choose a good, soothing alarm. This is vital!

Your smartphone has many apps that you can choose from that plays different songs or sounds to wake you up. Find the one that you love, that makes you smile.

I like to pick a few different ones. That you don’t come accustomed to one and start to ignore it. Avoid the piercing loud ones that make you tense.

There are even ones that are simulate dawn by displaying light getting brighter. Huffington Post explains that there could be a relation to the more natural dawn alarm clock could start your day off in a better way!

Personally, I just wake up to the radio. I find that the combination of music and someone’s voice helps me not sleep right through it.

My parents used to wake up listening to the news, but I dislike this because sometimes it can be a bit too much for your morning brain.  Let’s ease into the day slowly, no need to hear of the real world just yet.

I have heard some people say that pressing the snooze is counterproductive, but I absolutely love it! I usually set it roughly 20-40 minutes before I have to get up. That way when it goes off I know I can press snooze a couple times and still have enough time to get ready.

This also helps my body slowly wake up, and I know that in a short time I will have to get up and get ready to face the day. But until then I can squeeze out a bit more of my beloved sleep!

You must find what works for you, it is a very personal choice!

I have it a bit better than my husband because I am naturally more of a morning person, but for the people who dread the morning, it may take a bit longer to adjust.

I believe anyone can be a morning person. With some time and gentle pushing, you can achieve it. You will be happy you persevered!

3) No technology before coffee

One good rule to live by is no technology before coffee.

It’s exactly how you would tell a child, no snacks before dinner, because it will ruin their appetite. No technology before coffee, it will ruin your morning.

Your surrounded all day with technology, social media, and advertising.

Allow the morning to be peaceful.



I never really thought I would be someone to do affirmations.

Frankly, I thought telling myself that I am great and that it will be a good day is a waste of my time. However, the secret I found, is to be more detailed. Get specific!

Think of a list of personal traits you want to make better.
An example of mine would be “I will not be lazy today, I will cook all 3 meals and with pleasure!”

Repeat it to yourself throughout the day.

Think of affirmations as a little energy drinks.

When you are feeling in a bit of a slump, repeat something that you know will pump you up. When you wake up exhausted and know that you have a long day ahead of you, try to say something to get you excited. It is literally a little pep talk.

But it really does work!

Some examples:
–    Today is going to be a great day
–    I will practice my patience today
–    I have more than enough energy to get everything done!
–    I am an elegant woman

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Willie Nelson

Think of how you want to better yourself, and know that you are worth it.


Just as it is refreshing to have a glass of water before bed, it is just as nice to start the day with one!

I prefer drinking my water after I brush my teeth because during the night while you sleep, toxins are released  through the tongue. That is why when you wake up there is a film that coats the top of your tongue.

When you brush your teeth and tongue it removes the toxins. Therefore, you are not reintroducing them back in your body.

I know so many people love drinking warm water with lemon and I understand the health benefits but in the morning I love good room temperature water.  I find that first thing in the morning I am thirsty so a glass of water that I sip really makes me feel awakened and refreshed.

Everyone knows the heath benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning, so I don’t think it is necessary to repeat here.


Morning Movement! Great way to start the day!
Morning Movement! Great way to start the day!


Now that your body had a little bit of time to transition from sleeping to awake, your body will love some stretching.

Before you get stretching you should warm up your muscles to prevent any tears or injury.

A walk is nice, but by this time I am not dressed or even ready to leave the house just yet.

In my house I have stairs, 14  of them to be exact. So I just walk up and down them a few times, just until I can feel a little burn.  I can feel my heart pumping and my legs a little jello-esque. I know my muscles are now warmed up.

Stretching time.

This can be as easy or as complicated as you want. If your pressed for time a simple leg stretch by bending down at your waist is enough. Do what feels right and makes you happy.

Some people love to do yoga, which helps but even some simple stretching really helps.

I love this article, after reading it, I have practiced it and felt my morning have more energy. Courtney at DoYouYoga, explains seven poses to get your morning started. Ever since I have done these, I feel amazing afterwards and it’s addictive. A morning without these stretches feels incomplete.

The only extra one I do is the pigeon pose. It really opens up the hips and even if you don’t do yoga, I would recommend trying it.  It may take many attempts to successfully do this pose because we are all tight in the hips some more than others. We hold a lot of tension in this part of the body.

What better way to start the day then releasing tension?



Self explanatory.  Take a quick rinse. This is invigorating and rejuvenating. I find that taking a very quick cold shower gives you a crazy rush.

It is amazing for your circulation and rumor has it that Grace Kelly adored them and credits her youthful appearance to cold showers.

I won’t lie, I don’t always take a cold shower. It can be daunting when I look out side and see that it is below freezing.

But when I do jump in the cold shower I never regret it! I feel so energetic. There are quite a bit of health benefits to these rinses which is even more of an incentive! Losing weight to beating depression, you can’t go wrong!

Never go wrong with a little chores
Never go wrong with a little chores


I find that if I spend a few minutes after getting dressed, tidying something, it makes the rest of the day much more productive.

It can be something small and trivial, but in my mind, I feel like I did something already. There is something to show for my work.

It truly alleviates your mood.

Removing clutter from your house truly does relieve stress. It is a form of mindful meditation.

Now, this is not a deep clean.

But a simple dusting, wiping, clearing clutter, putting dishes away and folding laundry. A change you can see physically is extremely gratifying! This is a great motivation!

The Ultimate Dream Morning Routine for the Elegant Woman

Start your day with a little extra grace and elegance with this dream morning routine! Get up early, enjoy some quiet time before the hustle of the day starts and treat yourself to some pampering.

Take a few moments to reflect on your daily intentions, have a cup of tea or coffee, grab something healthy for breakfast, spend time in nature, do some light yoga or stretching, practice gratitude and take an extra moment to show yourself a bit more love.

With this dream morning routine you can start your day feeling energized, focused and confident – a true embodiment of elegance!

10 Simple Steps To A Luxurious and Elegant Morning Routine

  1. Wake up early and take a few moments to reflect on your daily intentions
  2. Create a cozy atmosphere at home, be it with scented candles or gentle music
  3. Treat yourself to a luxurious hot beverage
  4. Have a healthy but delicious breakfast
  5. Take a walk in nature while listening to some music you love
  6. Enjoy some yoga or stretching to start the day off right
  7. Practice gratitude and loving kindness towards yourself
  8. Pamper yourself in any way that feels good – have a massage, mani/pedi, spa treatment etc
  9. Take an extra moment to show yourself some love
  10. Feel energized, focused and confident – embodying that luxury elegance! #BeLuxurious #LoveYourself

I hope some of these tips will help you develop better habits in the morning. It is always very important to try to make the most out of everyday.

Sometimes the smallest most unsuspecting thing can change the course of the day. Be vigilant and remain mindful of each and every exercise.

Do any of you have special morning tips or habits that keep you motivated and enthusiastic for the rest of the day?

I would love to hear them!

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday 14th of January 2018

What a brilliant post! I literally roll out of bed 15 minutes before I have to leave because I work early mornings in my job ? I wish I could enjoy mornings a bit more espescially the no tech before coffee one! I’ll have to give that a try! Thank you for this?

Jennifer Lynn

Sunday 14th of January 2018

Hey Jess, you're very welcome! I know about waking up right before needing to leave. I do that sometimes and right after I terribly regret it! As much as it feels good to sleep in, it feels better to have a better start to the day! I believe in you!!! You can wake up earlier!! ;) If I can - You can! Have a great night!