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Being an Elegant Woman

101 Ways of an Elegant Woman

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

Audrey Hepburn

Being an elegant woman is one way to create a beautiful life.

It isn’t what you think either. No frilly or girly things necessary. It’s all in your demeanor and personality.

Here are 101 ways of an elegant woman.

1) She thinks of others and their feelings before her own. People would talk of her as a woman willing to give her the shirt off her back.

2) She NEVER judges others for anything. It’s not her place because she understands that she’s not any better.

How to be Elegant: Stop Judging Others

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3) If she has nothing good to say, she won’t say anything at all. Nothing is more unflattering than someone who gossips.


4) Always waits for everyone to begin eating. Once she has a few bites she genuinely finds something to compliment the chef.


5) Keeps up her curb appeal of her house because she appreciates that her neighbors do the same as well.


6) Never talks about anything personal regarding sizes or amounts. No bra size, weight, age, money, how big her house is, nothing.


7) She thinks if her grandmother wouldn’t be proud of her, then she reconsiders her actions.

8) Knows that a resful night sleep and a glass of water is better than any makeup.


9) Never litters. She waits for the garbage no matter how long. 


10) Acts as if someone is watching, even if no one is.

How to be Elegant: Be Your Best

I know that these books are a bit older, but these are great ones! I especially love the French Women series, this one is a book that I have re-read over and over again!

If you haven’t read them, it’s from early 2000’s but still is so relevant to today! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Check out the first one in the series that I have honestly read about fifteen times!

It’s helped me become more elegant by bringing awareness to my food.


11) Keeps her keys always in the same place when not using them. She knows life is too short to be wasting time looking for anything.

12) She is never late. She is usually five minutes early. By doing so, she reserves the table, pre-orders drinks and sits patiently waiting. She respects other people’s time.

13) Appreciates an intellectual debate.

14) Doesn’t always need to be right — even if she is!

15) She maintains mystery.


16) Doesn’t even think of going into consumer debt for anything.


17) She isn’t afraid of getting dirty and helping others outside with chores or work in the garden.


18) If anything, she appreciates hard work and the fruits of her labor.


19) She admires a child’s curiosity and doesn’t speak down to them. She engages them with all her genuine attention.


20) Knows life is about the very small and simple pleasures – like watching birds peck at crumbs, smelling the spring rain, ironing the wrinkles out of a shirt.

Honestly, these books are the ones that I constantly refer back to!

Before a holiday, or when people are coming over, I will read The Butler Speaks and I love it so much! It gives me the confidence to know that I will be a good host and what to do in certain circumstances.

I also love Madame Chic, but this one of the series is my favorite. It has opened my eyes to keeping the home.

21) Realizes that fairy tales don’t exist and is realistic when life gets tough. She persists and never gives up, since she doesn’t consider it an option.


22) She knows grass isn’t greener on the other side.

How to be Elegant: Stop Comparing

23) Doesn’t like to sleep in – unless it’s cuddling someone special.

24)  Isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes, but does ever so gently.

25) Doesn’t walk around with chipped nails or chipped nail polish.

26) She has a little phone book with everyone’s numbers, address, birthday and any other important dates. She is always keeping up to date with people around her.

27) Sends thoughtful cards on special occasions or at times of need.

28) Carries around a small tube of moisturizer for her hands, because let’s face it, it is not very elegant to have scaly hands.

29) Thinks good thoughts of everyone because she knows that’s the secret to being beautiful. A kind face is more beautiful than what any skilled doctor can do.

30) Practices patience with everything in her life. She takes all the opportunities she gets to master it elegantly.

31) Rarely forgets a name because she finds a method that words best for her. But if nothing works, then after the meet, she writes down the name and a few important things about them. That way she won’t forget.

32) She doesn’t need to yell to get her point across. A calm voice is the most effective tool.

33) Looks to other women for inspiration. She doesn’t need to compete.

34) Doesn’t procrastinate, ever.

35) Wears makeup sparingly, especially during the day.

36) Enjoys learning new things because you can never know enough, to dumb down is not an option.

37) Understands her weaknesses and tries to make them her strengths.

38) She doesn’t waste time on social media or looking up pointless things. Her time is much more valuable.

39) Finds herself true hobbies that she enjoys. She isn’t afraid to take up new ones either.

40) Doesn’t take people or other oppurtunities for granted. She understands that everyone in life has something to offer.

41) Can control herself when it comes to impulse spending. Instant gratification is hard to resist, but the consequences are enough to steer clear of it.


42) She saves up for a rainy day.


43) She can put things into perspective, even when she’s having a bad day. She counts her blessings and changes her negative attitude into a gracious mindset. She knows how blessed she is. Sadly, there are a lot of people who have it worse out there.


44) Writes thank you notes even for the smallest of gestures. She also tries to make it very personal.


45) Goes very gracefully against the grain.


46) Seeks out good books to read, an doesn’t determine them with what movies are out.


47) Finds the colors that are most flattering for her. She doesn’t allow trend setters to determine her clothes. She understands that it is never a fixed thing, rather it is very fluid. She sees how her fashion evolves as she ages.


48) Embraces her face and all it comes with. This is the face she deserves.


49) Wears an apron, even when just doing laundry.


50) Lives by the Gold Rule – she knows what goes around, comes around.


51) Doesn’t wear herself thin, because that isn’t good for her or anyone else around her.


52) Washes her face every night, she knows that consistency is key!


53) Doesn’t fall for the schemes of anti aging cream. Even though she has her weak moments, at the end of the day, she knows she can’t run from Father Time.


54) Doesn’t waste a thing. There are some people that could only dream to have she has.


55) She doesn’t obsess over any one little thing. Being a perfectionist is a curse, so she tries not to take anything too seriously. Through time she has mastered that fine line.


56) Takes pride in everything she does. It can be something as little as cleaning out her cat’s litter box to being a CEO, it doesn’t matter.


57) She isn’t a martyr, if there is a more easier route, she will take it. No  need for unnecessary suffering. Work smarter not harder.


58) If someone were to say something bad or unbecoming of her, no one would believe them.


59) She keeps to herself, and can keep every secret.


60) If she makes mistakes, she is the first one to admit it and then immediately rights her wrong.


61) She doens’t feel the need to be superior. Not over her coworkers, not over her friends or her husband.


62) Before a dinner party or a gathering, she brushes up on current events/politics/anything relevant so that she can keep up any conversation without sounding redundant.


63) She tries to learn a new word every day and attempts to use it (within reason).


64) Fits exercise in her everyday movements, instead of designating time at the gym. By doing so, she knows that it is easier to keep it up for the rest of her life.


65) Makes an effort to be present in every conversation. No matter how small or insignificant.

66) Stops and smells the roses, or can appreciate that by slowing down a little bit, life has much more to offer.


67) Cleans up after herself and her responsibilities, like her children or pets.


68) She appreciates quality over quantity, with everything in her life. She would be more likely to have a couple pairs of nice pants then many mediocre ones.


69) Walks properly in any shoe. If so, she practices until it comes naturally.


70) Takes care of her family because even though she is busy, she knows how much they appreciate it.


71) She understands how her feelings and the mood she is in has the power to make the rest of her family the same. With that in mind, unless something is terribly bad, she tries to remain positive. Women have so much influence over their loved ones that sometimes we forget.


72) She likes to wake up in the morning without chores she has to catch up on.


73) She picks one thing to be her signature. Whether it is lipstick, purses, hats, button-down blouses. Regardless, she revels in that look.


74) Doesn’t make the same mistake twice.


75) Doesn’t regret her past because she knows that made her the woman she is today.


76) Strives to be the role model that she wishes she had when she was young.


77) She never forgets to say please, thank you and you’re welcome.


78) She aims to make everyone comfortable around her, if that means sacrificing something she enjoys or her own comfort – so be it. It’s for the greater good.


79) Her husband knows how lucky he is and she also nevers lets an oppurtunity pass her buy to let him know how lucky she is to have him.


80) Has a little emergency drawer that contains birthday cards, sympathy cards, gift cards to coffee shops, and other little things she can easily whip up.


81) Holds her purse the proper way.


82) Wears her glasses if she needs to. This way she won’t squint as much. She will thank herself 20 years down the road.


83) Thinks of everything she does as an art. From doing the dishes to folding laundry.


84) Has a beautiful serving teapot with appropriate teacups and some biscuits for improptu visits.


85) She anticipates elegance in everything she does. In other words, prepared for anything.


86) Listens to all types of music, she cultivates herself to appreciate all kinds of talent.


87) Reads inpsiring quotes everyday to help better herself.


88) Finds peace knowing that there is something bigger than herself out there.


89) Smiles. A readl genuine smile is the key to many things.


90) Keeps personal and meaningful things. From cards from her husband to a movie stub on their first date. Even her dog’s first collar. anything sentimental that bring back delightful memories.


91) She knows life is very short, and she needs to make the most of it. But that doens’t mean to do something stupid.


92) Spends time with her elders to hear stories and other more difficult times, where there was still so much happiness.


93) Thanks God for everything she has.


94) Eats healthily but also gives in and eats what she desires from time to time (practices portion control and discipline).


95) She overdresses for success, meaning that she doesn’t want to appear underdressed and possibly sloppy. Instead, she errs on the smart casual look.


96) She doens’t compare her life to others. Because no one really knows what happens behind closed doors.


97) She loves random acts of kindness. She seeks them out – paying for someone’s coffee or putting in a quarter to an expired meter.


98) Sends flowers for everything. She knows how much other people appreciate it.


99) Loves trying new things, whether it is a new experience or food.


100) She walks with her head held high and her heart open.


101) Knows a little sun, fresh air and a few glasses of water every day is better than any vitamins, green smoothie or magic pill for a long healthy life.


I hope you got some ideas and enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!

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“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

― Nora Ephron


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