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What does it Mean to Live an Elegant Life

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Does it mean to wear expensive and trendy clothes?

Do I have to always be the buzz-killington of the group by never doing anything fun or spontaneous?

Do I have to be a prude?  

Well…. Of course not!  

Being elegant has made me a more compassionate, more understanding and a patient person.

Being elegant has made me feel and understand what true happiness is and can be.

Being elegant does not mean you have to pick up an English accent and be everything Kate Middleton is.

Nor does it mean you must do everything perfect and correct others when they are doing something wrong.

That can’t be further from the truth.  

Being elegant and living elegantly is to figure out more about yourself than you  have before.

You will find that on your journey,  that what brings you joy may be something that you would have never believed.

It is mostly about adopting and embracing an attitude.  


You begin to choose quality over quantity and not just in what you wear, what you eat, but also how you spend your time.   

Now I am not saying that you should stop doing everything that you don’t enjoy doing, like washing dishes.

No, they need to still get done!

But maybe instead of being angry and resentful about the chores, you change your attitude and become excited to fold your clothes or dust your bookcase! (I know that sounds crazy, but it isn’t all that far from the truth!)  

This will be a domino effect.

You will respect your belongings more.

You will appreciate everything you touch and come into contact with.

You will treat people differently because you appreciate them and the time you spend with them.  


I can speak from experience.

Unless something was done on my terms, I did not want to do it.

If I didn’t want to clean or do things that I didn’t feel like doing, I did them with grunts and a sour attitude.

I absolutely hate how stupid that sounds, but it was how stupid I was.

I was the epitome of a child because I only wanted to do what I wanted to do and when I wanted to.

By slowly changing my attitude and realizing that my attitude had a huge impact on the rest of my day and even the people around me, I knew it needed to change for the better.

Once it did, I couldn’t believe the results!

The boring chores that I would always put off, now I loved them.

I took the opportunity to embrace the moment and allow myself to be present.  

It didn’t take just a day, I used to be someone that was always thinking, which is not necessarily a good thing.

I would always wonder if I was nice enough to that stranger or did I possibly say something stupid to my mom, that could have hurt her feelings.

Then I would feel badly and then it would affect me for the rest of the day or longer!  


It was so terrible, not only to me but also to my husband because it would bother me and he knew something was on my mind and there was nothing that he could do.

So after some practice I was able to be more in the moment.

With much effort I would force myself to be in the moment.

I sometimes would have to talk in my head and narrate to myself what I was doing in order to keep myself present.

When you read about it, they make it sound so easy!

And when you read about it, it does make sense and as soon as I would put that book down I would forget everything!

The good thing is that with daily practice and learning, it actually does get easier.

Plus after the effects of it you feel, you will want to keep trying.

It really can be achieved, just don’t give up!

For your own sake, try to spend some time of your day in the moment. It really will help you now, and in your future.


So in conclusion, to live an elegant life is a lifestyle that means:

  • You choose quality over quantity 
  • You live more in the moment 
  • You find out what truly you enjoy and what you waste your time on
  • You celebrate everyday because you are alive and don’t take anything for granted 
  • Boring chores become something you love because it humbles you and is a good time to be present 
  • You know you are a beautiful, wonderful, and self-confident woman 
  • You have stunning posture, are proud of yourself and it shows

Practice makes perfect.

Enjoy the journey and watch yourself blossom into the women you’ve always wanted to be.

Embrace your elegance.

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Monday 28th of November 2022

I am very glad to have stumbled onto your site. It seems to be just what I've been looking for.

Jennifer Merbello

Sunday 11th of December 2022

Thank you Ann! I hope you enjoy it! :)


Thursday 28th of January 2021

Yesss!! I am so obsessed with bringing more elegance and je ne se quois to my life these days! Great article!

Jennifer Lynn

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Thank you Alexis! It is a great feeling for sure!