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How to Be Elegant: Be Your Best

An Elegant woman acts as if someone is watching

10.    Acts as if someone is watching, even if no one is.

This is one of my favorites. Be your best.

Essentially, that is what this is all about. If you are always on your best behavior whether you are around people or not then you will have nothing to worry about.

If it sounds so easy, then why is it hard?

Well that is simply because we get lazy.

Sometimes we will put up a front when we are around people, then when we are alone or think we are, that’s when the real us come out. This is where it can get a little messy because you don’t want to be phony. There shouldn’t be a switch on and off button for your elegance or for being a decent person.

It should just be you all the time. You should be your best with every passing moment.

In this post, I will be talking about how to stop separating your two selves and how easy it can be to be your best all the time!

Welcome to my second installment of my series,

How to be Elegant

… an elegant woman always acts her best, even if no one is watching.


In this series, I go through each of my 101 Ways of an Elegant Woman post, going more in detail about how to be elegant.

Be Your Best Self

We all know the importance of being a good person.

We hear it all the time and read countless posts about how it is vital to our own lives to always be working on ourselves. However, once we are out of the spotlight and no one is around, we let our “old” selves back out.

Or even worse, we let it out with our families.

What usually always happens is that we start to feel like fake people. It might work for a while, but eventually, we feel like when we are out and being elegant and graceful, that it is a facade that we must carry on. Once we are home, we change into less than presentable clothes and can be short tempered with our families.

We justify it by thinking that they are our families and will always love us no matter what. Yes, this is true. However, they do deserve the same respect that you give to outside people.

Who’s the real you?

When  you are flipping back and forth from the private and public version of you, it can really get exhausting.

Odds are, you will not be able to keep up the two acts. Because that is really what they are. You are acting.

It’s funny when you are by yourself and you are just about to do something, say, drink the rest of the milk out of the cereal bowl, you would have to stop because imagine doing that in front of someone else? Most likely you wouldn’t.

The reason it is so important to truly ask yourself who the real you is and who you want to be because if you are consistently faking, then eventually it will get too difficult and you will quit. You need to be authentic and true to yourself. Sure, there are times when you need to fake it or fluff it up a little, but the core values are there. Who you want to be and you think you can be are two very different ideas.

Take some time and find our your core values and by embracing those plus trying to enhance them is how you can find who you truly are. The real you.

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How to be your best self everyday

It can be a little different for each person, but it is equally important to find what it is that makes us great.

However, there are a few points that every woman can and should take.


Treat your body right

I talk about this often but that is because I find it so important on so many different levels.

I like to talk about self-care. It can be a wonderful way to add love into your day. From taking a healthier snack to getting an extra half hour of sleep, even spending a few minutes stretching. Every single good thing you do for yourself is self-care and treating your body right.

I can understand and empathize if you’re a busy mom with hardly any time to go to the bathroom in peace, but the beauty of treating yourself right is that even the smallest and most insignificant moments can be huge and monumental.

Only have minutes to spare while everyone is playing quietly? Give yourself a little hand massage with some cream. Maybe drink a big tall glass of water and feel every cell in your body being bathed by hydration.

Out in public and waiting until they call your name? Read something inspirational, sit quietly and think about how lucky you are. There are so many ways that you can enhance every minute and make yourself better. It’s easy to be your best when you’re taking care of yourself.


Start with a morning routine

It really doesn’t need to be much of a routine, but one that helps you start your day off in a great mood. It is not necessary to be up hours before your household or even be incredibly productive the first 20 minutes your up. Instead, it is about seeing what you truly need and then doing it.

As women, we often want to make sure that everyone else’s needs are met and then we look to ourselves. While this may be just the way it is, we can’t neglect ourselves. Our sanity is our family’s sanity. If we start to pay more attention to our needs, it will help us greatly and it will be easier to be your best.

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Put in all your effort with everything you do

Sounds like it might be too much work.

And it might possibly be. It gets exhausting to be trying all the time, but let me tell you a little secret… even if you’re not trying, you’re trying.

We are always doing something, even if it is nothing, and it is up to us to make every moment count. When we go out to the store to pick up something and we are in our house clothes or pajamas, we can decide to dress up or not. We are always making the decision to be our best or not to. .

The same goes with friendships, cooking, cleaning, careers, pretty much you can fill the blank in with anything here! It will always work out that way. Do your absolute best, put in all the effort you need to, and you will be repaid in full and more afterwards!

If we try to put in a positive effort in everything we do, only positivity will ensue and of course, that means you will be your best and who can deny that?!


Plan out your day

Everyone always has things that need to get done.

Sometimes they slip your mind, or if you don’t want to do it, you’ll keep pushing it aside. We’ve all done this, but there’s something about putting it down on paper that makes you not forget! It also prevents you from procrastinating too much either.

Planning out your day actually gives you the freedom and the time to get more done. This helps you be your best self because you are more productive which gives you such a wonderful feeling at the end of the night.


But… Be flexible

I know I just said to plan out your day, but you can’t be too rigid. It’s off-putting and can cause you more stress. To be your best  you need to be able to be flexible.

Nothing can put a damper on someone’s day than a nagging person who is complaining that things didn’t go as planned (I should know, I used to be one of those!) For your own sanity, may I suggest trying to go with the flow and see that sometimes plans get shifted for a reason. Try to enjoy it and take every minute as it is.

It’s a very charming quality to be able to be spontaneous and allow things to not go as planned.

In conclusion

Be your best at all times and eventually it will come natural. By acting as if someone is watching, then you will never feel like a phony or a fake.

Also, some terrible habits that can form when alone may sneak into your day when you are around someone. It just gets incredibly exhausting to always be thinking of what to do and what not to do depending  on who your company is.

Just be yourself, but be your best self and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to be yourself all the time. No trying hard when people are around and letting it all loose in front of your family. No.

By following a few of these tips and also the drive to want to better yourself every single day, it should not be that difficult to be your best self, the effort is minimal but the pay off is huge!

I truly believe that by being a woman who doesn’t change her behavior whether she is with people or alone can allow you to feel like you really are the real deal. An elegant woman in and out.

If you can act as if someone is watching, you may never do anything you’ll regret. That is a characteristic of an elegant woman.

10.    Acts as if someone is watching, even if no one is.

How to Be Elegant – Be Your Best


Saturday 29th of September 2018

I love this. My mom used to always say act as if it will be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow. Of course it was the early 90’s and she had no clue that society was actually headed that way, you do one thing caught on video and it will go viral!

I also like how you speak of treating our families. I think a lot of times I try to hold in my emotions all day and then I unleash it onto family- definitely need to change that!

Jessie Your Story Matters.

Jennifer Lynn

Sunday 30th of September 2018

Thank you so much Jessie!

I am so bad at directing other problems on my husband but as of lately, I have been working on it! :)

I love how your mom would say that because it was so real to say that! And now the repercussions are worse, like you said going viral!

Thanks for the comment and have a great day!

Bailey Armitage

Thursday 12th of July 2018

I love this post, it’s so different and original x

Jennifer Lynn

Saturday 14th of July 2018

Thank you so much Bailey! I appreciate it! :)