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How to Make an Elegant First Impression

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How to Make an Elegant First Impression

  There are a few aspects to this that I want to look more deeply into.   First there is the looks, how the common phrase is the first seven seconds they look you up and down and already making a thought about you before you even speak.   Second is how you speak, I have already written a little about sounding like an elegant woman, but I want to stress how vital this is to whether people think you’re a interesting person or someone who has nothing good to talk about. For example, someone who is nosy or gossips a lot.   Third is your gestures and how you come across. Are you gentle or rough? Will people remember you as a lady who is kind and thoughtful or possibly would think you’re rude and inconsiderate? These are all reflective of your demeanor.   Sounds a bit harsh, I know. But it’s the truth. You do it. I do it. Everyone makes decisions of what they think of others in the first few minutes of meeting someone new. It could be right, or wrong but in their head perception is reality.   How they perceive you to be is the person they think you are. It is truly imperative to remember how delicate the first time meeting someone is and why being elegant isn’t something you can cherry pick. You either fully embody elegance or you don’t.  

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  So let’s get on it with… starting with the looks.  

How to make an elegant first impression: Look the part

  Before you leave the house always do a once-over. Are you satisfied with what you see?   You should come up with a mental checklist that you quickly go through before you leave your house or your car, pretty much before you go out in public.

This checklist should include:

Hair – Is it the best you can get today? Does it flatter your face and your outfit? Does it need any touch-ups?   Face – Do I need a quick touch-up with foundations? Are my eyelashes curled and lipstick on?   Teeth – How is my smile? Is there any food left behind that could lead to a very embarrassing moment?   Clothes – Are they soiled or stained? Should I change? Do I feel like this outfit flatters me the best? Is there any dog or cat hair I need to take off? Do these clothes make me feel elegant and want to embody the ladylike woman I am?   Nails – Do my hands looked groomed? Are my finger nails dirty or in need of a filing? Is my nail polish chipped and need to be taken off or fixed? Are my hands flaky and dry looking?   Shoes – Do my shoes compliment my outfit and who I am? Can I walk in them confidently? Are they cleaned and polished?    Purse – Everything I need inside? Such as breath mints? Does my purse look great with what I am wearing? Does it need to be cleaned? Can I hold it without looking awkward?   It doesn’t need to be so extreme.  

It could really just be how does my hair look and do I have anything in my teeth that will distract from my smile? Done.

  The main thing to remember here is how you look will make a statement. Whether it is something you like or don’t. So why not try to always make an effort to make that statement as true to you as possible. We all have bad days where our best is getting out of bed and putting on clothes. But always make an effort and people will remember you for that.   If you are rushing and don’t have time I find the most important features to pay closer attention to is your hair, face, clothes.   Your hair doesn’t even need to be in any special up-do. As long as it is neat or in some kind of controlled style, you’re good.   If you’re face is clean and glowing, anything looks good on you.   Your clothes make the statement if you put in any effort or not. Are they wrinkled? Dirty? Stained? Just please wear something else.

How to make an elegant first impression: Speak eloquently and don’t ask too many questions

  No one likes a nosy neighbor.   Whatever you do, don’t come across as someone who wants to know too much. By asking too many personal questions is a great way to get that reputation. The fact that you most likely just met this person means you don’t need to know anything personal about them besides their name.   Even if you’re trying not to pry, avoid it because once your reputation has nosy on it, it is very hard to take off.  People won’t trust you. It is not very elegant to be too personal too fast. That goes with you as well. Don’t let people know too much about you either.  

Frankly, it is no one’s business. Keep it all to yourself.

  Speak eloquently, using appropriate words and if you don’t know what it means, don’t use it. There is nothing more snobby and off-putting then someone who just wants to use complicated words to make themselves sound smarter. It usually backfires.   Sounding smart is important, but trying to sound like you’re above them is always disastrous. Remember that being elegant is more about them then it is about you. You want everyone around you to feel at ease and comfortable and that is hard to do when you are making them feel lost or stupid.   When meeting someone for the first time, try not to speak very much at all. But do so without looking like your not interested or condescending. This is a very fine line to walk but leaving them wanting more is always a nice touch.   Make sure to smile and keep your eye contact. Don’t just look interested in what they have to say (because most people can see right through your phony expressions) but actually BE interested.  

Remember their name so at the end of the conversation you can politely leave saying…


“It was so nice to have met you     (name of person)    , it truly was a pleasure.”


“I am glad to have met you    ( name of person)    , I hope to see you again sometime.”

or…if you didn’t care for them

“Nice to meet you (name of person).”

  **Shake hands and keep eye contact. Remember to smile gently and be genuine! Even if you didn’t care for them, doesn’t mean you can’t be nice.

Stay as far away of gossip as you can

  Don’t fall into the gossip trap either. Sometimes people just love it and can’t get enough. When they meet someone new that means it is potentially someone else they can get dirt from. Don’t let that person be you. Stay away from it at all costs!   Nothing good ever comes out of talking bad.   Always remember the golden rule. So, if you don’t like people talking badly about you, don’t you dare mention anything remotely gossipy to anyone else.     And last but not least…

How to make an elegant first impression: Gestures and how you are perceived

  Your gestures speak a lot about who you are.   They can make you seem more intriguing and enticing or they can turn someone off.   Are they big and attention-hogging? Do you even move your arms or are you stiff? You need a bit of movement to appear that you are interested in the conversation, but not too much that you are trying too hard to be noticed.   Just like everything else, it is an art form that takes time to perfect. But I have all the confidence in the world that you can do it!  

Keep your gestures in your own personal space.

  Use both hands and do so gently. When you laugh, don’t be too boisterous flip your head back. Remember to channel your inner elegance and remain poised. You are to be yourself but also hold back just a bit. This is someone who doesn’t know you.   This isn’t to say you can’t show them a bit of who you are. However, you are remembered how you are perceived, keep that in mind before you let yourself loose. A close friend may think nothing of your loudness or constant touching, but a stranger may feel that it is inappropriate.    Try to think of yourself in their shoes. Would you like this?   Be empathetic and kind. You will be perceived this way and therefore, remembered that way.     

In the end…

It is so important to make a great first impression.   The person they met there, even for a minute, is who you will be in their heads forever. It is so imperative that you try to remain true to who you are, and also leave them wanting to know more about you.   You are an elegant woman and it is rare these days to find women like you. Remember that next time you are meeting someone or talking to a stranger.   Leave them with the thoughts that you are different, you are kind, you are elegant.  

How important do you think first impressions are?

      Until next time   Keep it elegant!   This is not a sponsored post     [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.27.4″ column_structure=”1_5,3_5,1_5″][et_pb_column _builder_version=”3.27.4″ type=”1_5″][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column _builder_version=”3.27.4″ type=”3_5″][et_pb_image src=”” _builder_version=”3.27.4″ hover_enabled=”0″][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column _builder_version=”3.27.4″ type=”1_5″][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]


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