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I love how in Rome anything goes! As long as you wear it with confidence, your style can be as simple or as outrageous as you would like. There were many times I caught myself turning back intrigued how people would pull off something I would never consider fashionable! This post will answer how to dress elegantly, but also in your own style!   I was repeatedly asking myself, “How do they do it? How do they pull it off?”   I’ve dissected this over and over and have come up with what I think is a solution!  

The Secrets To Looking Good In Anything + How to Dress Elegantly


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  This goes for both men and women.   I always thought that Europeans had a sense of style that is hard to reduplicate. It’s been a topic of conversation for a very long time! It is no secret that they have some sort of upper hand when it comes to fashion.   Depending on where you live, you are deeply immersed in the culture. However, even in the smaller towns or where you would never think to travel, they still have that same sense of style that is admirable. I wanted some of this, I wanted to know how to dress elegantly, but keep it my style!  

It depends where you live!

  My husband and I would go shopping and then I would show him something or he would catch his eye on a piece of clothing and say that he would never be able to wear it back home in Canada. At first I was thinking he was being dramatic, but after some thought, it’s true.   Some of the coats, the tights, the pants, the shoes that people wear so effortlessly in Rome would be mocked and scrutinized at home. Especially for men, I just don’t think it would go over well.   Perhaps if you live in New York it would be a different experience because fashion is everywhere. People are more experimental and open to anything.   But you see in Rome, it is not just high fashion, it’s also crazy fashion and people just accept it and love it. They embrace it and like to break it down. Fashion here is fun and experimental. There is a rhyme and reason, it is not random.    

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

Rachel Zoe

  I have seen the tightest pants on a man who was sporting it, to the baggiest shirt and dress on a woman that I couldn’t find her body. But they were equally just as “cool”. What I love is that people of ALL ages can wear what they want. There are men who are classic in fedoras and three piece suits, then there are older women who from the back look like they’re 25. But not in a desperate way, more like a stylish-and-don’t-give-a-damn-way!   This is something that I would like to bring home, but we will see. I don’t know how it will be perceived.  I like that as long as you are confident in it and love it, then you can wear it with ease!   Remember, being elegant is not always how you look, but it is the essence of who you are!  

4 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Turn Heads

[How to dress elegantly – but in your own style!]


1)  Believe in what you’re wearing.

Be confident. It really is as simple as that! You need to truly believe that what you are wearing is something that you love. That you know you look good in. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel that you are on top of the world. It doesn’t matter if you are following any trends or anything like that. But when you see what you look like, you feel like you couldn’t dress better! When you think and honestly believe you look good, you send off an air about you that people can sense.  

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2) Tap into your own creativity.

This is where fashion becomes fun because it is very personal. Be sure that you are not being influenced by others too much and that you still allow your own style to shine! This is one way how people really enjoy dressing up and can experiment with different trends. When you allow your creativity to really be free, you will  be surprised as to what you really like. The best part is that if you are more conservative dresser, it is not like you will start dressing provocatively. No, but you will refine your style and possibly start wearing brooches with all your outfits. Seems a little small and pointless, but it’s not! You may be a little nervous in the beginning, but since you are dressing true to who you are, it will become so easy and eventually second nature!


3) Find what colors flatter your face and body.

We all have different shades that really can be flattering on us. What you see on someone may make you look drab and unappealing but, for every face there is a palate of colors that fit just perfectly! It just takes a little bit of time and experimenting to find the colors that not only speak to you but also bring out the best you. Start with the clothes in your closet and work from there. A good tip: When you are trying to find the right color, take the article of clothing you are testing, stand in front of a mirror with natural light (that is best but any light will do) and hold it underneath your chin. If it shadows your face or does nothing for you – then you know the color is not for you! However, if it makes your face bright and you gleam then there you go!


4) Follow your gut not the magazines.

How many times have you listened to your gut only to be happy you did! Your gut really is the answer to all your solutions! It never lies! So when you put something on and you sense that you love it, your gut is probably right! You probably look amazing!! But you know what I am talking about when you put something on that is trendy or you have seen it in magazines a million times and you just feel that something is off. Respect that and take off the clothes. You will never be able to persuade your gut that it looks good and most likely you will never wear it again. The magazines are fun to look at and get ideas but it doesn’t have to be the answer to your style woes. But they are not the answers knowing how to dress elegantly!    

Remember to have fun!

Answering the question, “How to dress elegantly?” doesn’t need to be intimidating! Fashion is not supposed to be serious! Use accessories! Experiment with textures and different fabrics.  Test out different styles of shoes. Even try painting your nails a color that you wouldn’t normally! Elegance is not about standing out or blending in, it really is about bringing out the best you.


In the end…

Being fashionable isn’t really only in some locations on the map. It’s a mixture of listening to yourself, having fun, being truly who you are and accepting what looks good on you. After you follow those 4 easy tips, then you really can pull anything off that you want! It’s all in the confidence! I believe you can wear anything you want! So don’t be shy, be true to who you are! Have some fun this week and go through your closet and find something that you haven’t worn in a while or never did because you were nervous or too scared to. If you love it, wear it! I bet you’ll get more compliments then normal!   Be elegant – be adventurous!  

Have you ever been too nervous to wear something you loved because you didn’t want to be embarrassed?

Let me know in the comments below!     Until next time! Keep it elegant.          

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