The Elegant Black Friday Shopping Guide [2019]

The Elegant Black Friday Shopping Guide [2019]

Shopping made easy with your Black Friday Shopping Guide!


It’s that time of year again, where Thanksgiving is over for Americans and is a long distant thought for Canadians, but something exciting happens! 


I love making shopping lists, so I was excited to create this black friday shopping guide to help you out on starting your shopping because…




Honestly, this is probably the best time of the year! Family and friends gather. Food is great.


People are feeling a little extra generous and us elegant women, we like to be on the ball!


How so?


We start our Christmas shopping early this year!


I know we say this every year! You probably have said something along the lines of “I won’t wait until the last moment!” or “I will be done all the big gifts before December, so I just need little stocking stuffers!”


Been there done that!


BUT, this year I have made a goal in mind that I will and I mean it! I WILL start and end my Christmas shopping early so that I have a wonderful peaceful season without any frantic quick stops to the store where I wander a little aimlessly for the hard-to-buy family members!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means, that to no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase.

The Beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season starts with this Black Friday Shopping Guide!


I love going out shopping at this time of the year.


Everything is all beautifully decked out with the holiday cheer and there is still so much time to get the perfect gift! So much potential!


I never have been a big fan of online shopping, but after Amazon has made things simple, and I bought a few books online, it’s hard not to do some of the shopping online.


I guess you can say it is a little form of delegating. You don’t need to actually be out in the store to get some of it done!


So, let’s get a head start today! Just think, before you even step into the store you will have already got a leg up!


That’s what I call elegance!


One trait of being an elegant woman is about preparing yourself so that you need not to be a ball of stress in an already hectic season. You want to be serene, appear calm and under control. It is possible, even with little children, but you MUST start early.


Not only start early, but also have a plan!


If you are stressed, this post will give you over 40 ways to calm down!


So grab your coffee, get out your notepad or get ready to click on the links and add to cart because you are going to start your Christmas shopping today!

Elegant Black Friday Shopping Guide 2019:

To buy for the readers…



The Forgotten Garden is a beautiful book about three generations of women and although it is a little long (being over 500 pages), I adored it!

At the end, I actually cried because it was so beautiful.

This book is great as a gift or even for yourself! Great read! Inspirational, loving, and just an all around good book!


Filled with a lot of great advice that I like to read, French Women Don’t Get Facelifts is written well and is lovely for any woman who wants to become a little healthier and happier!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a light read, but one that is completely worth its money!


From the lovely Daily Connoisseur, Jennifer Scott has some really good tidbits in this book.

Polish Your Poise, is one of my favorite of her Madame Chic series, and you will love it too!

I’ve read it many times over because I feel like it applies very much to today and will help you remain elegant when times are a little tougher!



Did you ever just want a small quick but beautiful read?

The Four Agreements is exactly just that!

I really loved reading this book, it was insightful, made me feel good and also was one that I could take a little inspiration from.

This book is a great stocking stuffer, or honestly, a great book for yourself to read from time to time.

This might not be the most elegant book of them all, but my goodness it was a good one.

You are a Badass is a great book for reading in spurts because each chapter is only a few pages long. But there are many chapters, over 20 of them!

This book also dishes out some great advice and encouragement if you are starting a new venture or doing something that be a little out of your comfort zone!


For my Christian ladies, this one is for you!

I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if it isn’t – I understand! But for those wives that want to follow a biblical way of marriage, honestly, I really love The Excellent Wife!

It is one of those books that you can read over and over again. Or if you just want to pin point one section at a time, you can do that too! You can use this as a nightly read or a reference book.

This book has made me look at my job as a wife in a different light, more than what anyone has explained to me before!

I highly suggest this book for all Christian wives and wives-to-be!

Elegant Black Friday Shopping Guide 2019:

For the accessory lovers!



I agreed with Audrey Hepburn where diamonds look best reserved for older women, so I always feel safe wearing pearls!

The best about these pearls is that they dangle and have just the right amount of gold.

It isn’t too flashy or distracting but add that hint of elegance we all long for! This is great for a women of any age! Young or old, it’s simply elegant!

Honestly, there is no better accessory than a simple watch! I used to think of them as a more utilitarian accessory than something of beauty.

But the elegance in a simple watch can be enormous!

What I love about simple leather bands is that it is subtle and also versatile. Although I know people who swear by the metal bands.

Whatever you choose, just a few tips, make sure that the head isn’t too large and it helps that it is not digital.

I am not completely sold on the smart watches yet, but a lot of people adore them. For the time being, I love this watch!

I am a strong believer that every Christian woman should have a cross necklace. These are part of a classic piece.

They can be worn anywhere and will complete any ensemble if going to a church or anything related to it.

I also wear one almost every single day. It’s beautiful, simple, and elegant.

I especially love this one because of the subtle sparkle in the middle. A very feminine touch.


Another classic piece here is this beautiful bangle bracelet. I feel that this is yet, another statement piece that every woman should own.

It’s funny because I have to still own one, and I am actually looking at this exact one!

Whether you love the yellow or white gold, they both are beautiful. However, I adore yellow, but sadly my skin tone tends to favor the white gold.

This is particular bracelet is not too badly priced for what you are getting.

A win-win!


And last but not least, is an adorable charm bracelet.

They can be accessorized wonderfully and although are thought of as more casual, they can also be worn quite elegantly.

This charm bracelet is especially nice because it has the same colors and are seen as more mature, which is why you can wear them in many places and not look underdressed.

If it is not “your thing” this makes a great gift for other women!

It can be very personalized as well, making the gift even that more memorable.

Elegant Black Friday Shopping Guide 2019:

For the bag lovers


There is not a more elegant feeling then when you are feeling on top of the world, and you are carrying around something that you just love.

This little adorable wallet does exactly that!

It can act as a clutch and carry this gem around, or you can stash it in your favorite purse.

This wallet is a must to have in your collection,.

Who doesn’t love a little structured bag?

I think this bag is so adorable for the everyday purse. The flap and the nautical stripes really give it that little boost of character and attitude.

This over the shoulder and across the body purse is perfect when you are running errands and need something stylish and elegant.

Yes, another adorable clutch!

I would have a million of these if I bought all the ones I want!

Clutches are so incredible elegant. Kate Middleton swears by them, Audrey Hepburn always looked stylish with them and honestly, they prevent you from carrying too much extra clutter!

This clutch has such a cute color, and I love these small accents because  you can get a loud clutch and it will never be overbearing!

Elegant Black Friday Shopping Guide 2019:

For the ones who adore stationary



When you need something to lift you up and also to keep you a little organized this notebook is perfect!

It’s great for the elegant woman who wants a little more inspiration on a daily basis!


Have you ever wanted to have a nice pen, but didn’t want to pay the price of a luxury pen?

Then this is the pen for you!

There have been a few times when I wish I would have a better pen, you know, when you want to feel a little extra special! But they can be a little too expensive where it feels a little wrong!

This pen allows for luxury at a decent price!

The classic notebook is a must for every elegant woman, not only to write down important notes to not forget anything, but also for numbers and dates to remember.

I love these for writing out anything I want, such as notes for this blog or stories that I have thought of, pretty much these books allow for room of imagination. 


For those who love freebies…


Sign up here for your FREE eBook!


A comprehensive guide explaining how to start living your life elegant RIGHT NOW!


Check out the sneak peek here!

In Conclusion


Living an elegant life is about preparing yourself for everything and Christmas is no exception! Using this Black Friday Shopping Guide, I am hoping to give you some ideas and inspiration to the beginning of your holiday season!


It works out really well if you take some time now and write down what you want to buy people or if buying something isn’t what you’re looking for, then making.


Whatever it is that you choose, the best way is to always start early.


Get an idea, write it down, be prepared and organized and this Christmas season will go smoothly and elegantly!


Essential Accessories: Scent

Essential Accessories: Scent

Essential Accessories: Scent

This is one of my favorite series because I don’t have many accessories that I wear on a daily basis, which makes them very important and quite essential!

Accessories are something that enhance your beauty and also your style. You can never go wrong with accessories as long as they say what you want about yourself. Even wearing too many accessories can say something about who you are.

It’s what really can make us feel like individuals and can help us on our “off” days.

I know we all have had those days where we don’t look our greatest, perhaps your hair is doing that weird curl thing again or you woke up with a huge pimple smack in the middle of your eyes. (I’ve done both!) And you need something to make you feel beautiful, well here comes the accessories.

Today I’m talking about smells!


What’s your scent?

We all have them.

Our signature scents.

For some, they change every season and for others, they are a one-and-done. I am more of the latter girl. I have picked one about a decade ago and I have never strayed.

You could call me boring, but really it’s for two reasons.



My close family knows what to buy me if they are stuck and they will know that I will truly love it.


And two…

I don’t have to worry about it not smelling good on me. I can be completely confident that it embodies who I am and what I want to portray to the world.

Try it first

There’s a reason that you can go to department stores or the actual store and test out the scent first. Not because we think that we are getting something free out of it, but rather one scent that smells beautiful on one woman might smell foul on another!

You will love-  How to Gain your Secret Weapon: Find your Elegant Secret Weapon

Why you ask? Well according to this article, they really have not done too much research into it, however they believe it has to do with your pH level and other individual factors, such as oily or dry skin.

So, when you saw that commercial with Julia Roberts or some other fancy celebrity and think, “It must be great!” Try it on yourself first because it could smell awful!

Plus, there’s always something that makes you feel sexy. Even if all the scents smell delicious on you, you need to find that one (or two) that you utterly find irresistible on yourself.


What makes it a signature scent?

Just like anything that is signature, it will remind people of you when they smell it. It is something like the cleavage of Sofia Loren or white pony tail and sunglasses of Karl Lagerfeld. It is something that is unmistakably you.

How can you achieve this?


Wear it as much as you can. To make something “yours” you need to embrace it and make it a staple. This goes with anything.

I really like the idea of a signature anything, but for this purpose we will talk about scents, just because I find smells can really bring you back to a wonderful memory and my reinforcing that with yourself (as long as you’re good to people) will always bring back good memories of you.

Make it a habit. Wear it all day every day without fail and it will become yours. But please! LET ME REPEAT: Please do not tell anyone “Oh this is my scent” or “I love this perfume I think I will wear it every day!” or even “Smell me!”

It will become yours naturally, don’t force it because it will do the opposite. Be subtle, always.


Can’t decide

This can happen, especially now with so many different options out there! They are also concocting so many beautiful aromas every day!

Try these few tips.

You will like – An Elegant Minute: Perfume

1) Keep it classic

If you only want to stick to one scent and that’s it, pick something that is good all year round. Make sure to choose one that has been around for many years, even decades, to ensure that the probability of it existing in the future is greater.


2) Wear it for one whole week

If you’re able to get a little tester, than wear it for a week and see how you feel afterwards. During that week you have probably been upset, eaten foods that you normally eat, done things that could cause you to wipe off the perfume and other natural actions. Maybe you’re even a bit dirtier than you were when you initially tried it on!

Do you still love it?


3) Try all its products 

You must try the eau de parfum (or toilette), the cream, the real perfume (if you can afford it!), and any other products that they offer with that scent.

It’s not necessary to purchase them, but if you know for a fact that they all smell wonderful on you then it’s easier down the road when you want other options.


Still can’t decide!

Then think of it this way…

You don’t need to pick something right away. Let it be a fun journey that you go on and test out ones especially at different times of the year.

Spring: Try the traditional floral, or go completely crazy and do something different like cinnamon or ones that are naturally for fall or winter. It’s always fun to do something not expected — that’s also why it can be so sexy! (So long as you own it!)

Summer: This is a season where as long as it is light, you are safe. Some people I know just want something that smells like fresh air, or remind them of a summer breeze at the beach. Don’t quite know how that would smell, but all I know is that it is a feeling that it gives them which is so important. That’s why I asked you to try it for a week and see what frame of mind it puts you in.

 Fall: Heavier scents are making their way back and vanillas and cinnamon are a great choice. Ones that make you think of cuddling up and just staying warm is all great choices.

Winter: Anything goes. Really it does. Heavy scents, light scents, spicy ones that might almost burn the nostrils, ones that are pungent and linger. It doesn’t matter. For some reason people are more forgiving in the winter and possibly long for beautiful scents since it’s cold out and the only thing you’re getting outside is frostbite!


“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

-Christian Dior


In conclusion

Go through your scents that you already have and if you don’t know which one to pick, then don’t. Try one every week and see how you feel in it.

Let it come naturally because that is when you know that it’s truly yours. Don’t feel that it is something to rush either because than you are blinded by time and that could make you choose the wrong one. And it’s not usually a cheap fix!

The perfume scent is for no one other than yourself. You need to feel beautiful in it. The fact that others catch your aroma is only the added pleasure.


Have a great day!




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Fashionably Chipped Nails??

Fashionably Chipped Nails??

Fashionably chipped nail???

Why yes!


Long story short, this was going to be an informative post about something fun, like a Thanksgiving lasagna — so…


It didn’t happen because when I thought it was working, it wasn’t and I cried for a while :P. But the REAL problem is that procrastinated and waited to edit the video. That is when I realized that I had made a mistake and now I needed to film a new one!


However! It worked perfectly fine because I had watched earlier a video about chipped nails and I just couldn’t believe it! Please let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂


If you can’t watch the video — try it here!


If you have more time, why not watch another one of my videos?

4 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Turn Heads [How to Dress Elegantly]

4 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Turn Heads [How to Dress Elegantly]

I love how in Rome anything goes! As long as you wear it with confidence, your style can be as simple or as outrageous as you would like. There were many times I caught myself turning back intrigued how people would pull off something I would never consider fashionable! This post will answer how to dress elegantly, but also in your own style!   I was repeatedly asking myself, “How do they do it? How do they pull it off?”   I’ve dissected this over and over and have come up with what I think is a solution!  

The Secrets To Looking Good In Anything + How to Dress Elegantly


Give this one a read >>>> Dress to Flatter Your Body

  This goes for both men and women.   I always thought that Europeans had a sense of style that is hard to reduplicate. It’s been a topic of conversation for a very long time! It is no secret that they have some sort of upper hand when it comes to fashion.   Depending on where you live, you are deeply immersed in the culture. However, even in the smaller towns or where you would never think to travel, they still have that same sense of style that is admirable. I wanted some of this, I wanted to know how to dress elegantly, but keep it my style!  

It depends where you live!

  My husband and I would go shopping and then I would show him something or he would catch his eye on a piece of clothing and say that he would never be able to wear it back home in Canada. At first I was thinking he was being dramatic, but after some thought, it’s true.   Some of the coats, the tights, the pants, the shoes that people wear so effortlessly in Rome would be mocked and scrutinized at home. Especially for men, I just don’t think it would go over well.   Perhaps if you live in New York it would be a different experience because fashion is everywhere. People are more experimental and open to anything.   But you see in Rome, it is not just high fashion, it’s also crazy fashion and people just accept it and love it. They embrace it and like to break it down. Fashion here is fun and experimental. There is a rhyme and reason, it is not random.    

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

Rachel Zoe

  I have seen the tightest pants on a man who was sporting it, to the baggiest shirt and dress on a woman that I couldn’t find her body. But they were equally just as “cool”. What I love is that people of ALL ages can wear what they want. There are men who are classic in fedoras and three piece suits, then there are older women who from the back look like they’re 25. But not in a desperate way, more like a stylish-and-don’t-give-a-damn-way!   This is something that I would like to bring home, but we will see. I don’t know how it will be perceived.  I like that as long as you are confident in it and love it, then you can wear it with ease!   Remember, being elegant is not always how you look, but it is the essence of who you are!  

4 Easy Tips Guaranteed to Turn Heads

[How to dress elegantly – but in your own style!]


1)  Believe in what you’re wearing.

Be confident. It really is as simple as that! You need to truly believe that what you are wearing is something that you love. That you know you look good in. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel that you are on top of the world. It doesn’t matter if you are following any trends or anything like that. But when you see what you look like, you feel like you couldn’t dress better! When you think and honestly believe you look good, you send off an air about you that people can sense.  

Give this one a read >>>> Anticipate Elegance: Overdress for Success


2) Tap into your own creativity.

This is where fashion becomes fun because it is very personal. Be sure that you are not being influenced by others too much and that you still allow your own style to shine! This is one way how people really enjoy dressing up and can experiment with different trends. When you allow your creativity to really be free, you will  be surprised as to what you really like. The best part is that if you are more conservative dresser, it is not like you will start dressing provocatively. No, but you will refine your style and possibly start wearing brooches with all your outfits. Seems a little small and pointless, but it’s not! You may be a little nervous in the beginning, but since you are dressing true to who you are, it will become so easy and eventually second nature!


3) Find what colors flatter your face and body.

We all have different shades that really can be flattering on us. What you see on someone may make you look drab and unappealing but, for every face there is a palate of colors that fit just perfectly! It just takes a little bit of time and experimenting to find the colors that not only speak to you but also bring out the best you. Start with the clothes in your closet and work from there. A good tip: When you are trying to find the right color, take the article of clothing you are testing, stand in front of a mirror with natural light (that is best but any light will do) and hold it underneath your chin. If it shadows your face or does nothing for you – then you know the color is not for you! However, if it makes your face bright and you gleam then there you go!


4) Follow your gut not the magazines.

How many times have you listened to your gut only to be happy you did! Your gut really is the answer to all your solutions! It never lies! So when you put something on and you sense that you love it, your gut is probably right! You probably look amazing!! But you know what I am talking about when you put something on that is trendy or you have seen it in magazines a million times and you just feel that something is off. Respect that and take off the clothes. You will never be able to persuade your gut that it looks good and most likely you will never wear it again. The magazines are fun to look at and get ideas but it doesn’t have to be the answer to your style woes. But they are not the answers knowing how to dress elegantly!    

Remember to have fun!

Answering the question, “How to dress elegantly?” doesn’t need to be intimidating! Fashion is not supposed to be serious! Use accessories! Experiment with textures and different fabrics.  Test out different styles of shoes. Even try painting your nails a color that you wouldn’t normally! Elegance is not about standing out or blending in, it really is about bringing out the best you.


In the end…

Being fashionable isn’t really only in some locations on the map. It’s a mixture of listening to yourself, having fun, being truly who you are and accepting what looks good on you. After you follow those 4 easy tips, then you really can pull anything off that you want! It’s all in the confidence! I believe you can wear anything you want! So don’t be shy, be true to who you are! Have some fun this week and go through your closet and find something that you haven’t worn in a while or never did because you were nervous or too scared to. If you love it, wear it! I bet you’ll get more compliments then normal!   Be elegant – be adventurous!  

Have you ever been too nervous to wear something you loved because you didn’t want to be embarrassed?

Let me know in the comments below!     Until next time! Keep it elegant.          

Let's Keep it Elegant!

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Dress to Flatter Your Body

Dress to Flatter Your Body

We are told to do it, but sometimes if you don’t know where to start, it can be awfully hard to dress to flatter your body!


It’s important to learn because the fashion industry just gives you all these clothes and expects you to just figure it out. Well this leads to many women confused and wearing the wrong things! Myself included!


A good example is the short shorts! These are not meant for really anyone over the age of 20! (There are always exceptions though!) Even myself I look just so terrible in them and I refuse to be seen with one in public. My poor pasty legs!


I thought I would come up with some examples or rules that could help anyone in their journey to wearing more flattering, and age appropriate clothes.


Six Rules to Think To Dress to Flatter Your Body



1.Draw attention to the smallest parts of your body.

This is a great way to appear smaller than you are. It’s all about tricking the eye. You should know where you are bigger and smaller and where you should be focusing on your body. Pay attention to hem lines and see how they measure up to the parts that you are trying to flatter. Your wardrobe needs to work around YOUR body, not the other way around.


I have always been a big fan of cigarette pants or capri pants because of the fact that the hem line shows off your ankles. Which if you are trying to be subtly sexy, this is a great way!


Some other tiny parts to you are:

  • ankles / calves
  • wrists / forearms
  • waist (the natural waist)
  • neck


The goal here is to always be accentuating the littlest parts.


2.Find something that you love about yourself

This one can be quite hard. You will need to be honest with yourself, but this also builds confidence. If you aren’t already, you will become confident in yourself because you will know you’re beautiful!


It can be brutal, but once you have found it, you will be so proud of yourself and who you are. Sometimes you might think you love something, for example your bust. But after you take a deeper look at yourself and see that your long sleek neck is something of beauty you will begin building a wardrobe around your neck.


It doesn’t have to be the breasts or derriere. Those are obvious but there are more!


Subtle sexy parts on a woman’s body:

  • collarbone
  • elegant long neck
  • arms (upper and lower)
  • smaller waist
  • beautiful hips
  • little ankles
  • calves
  • upper legs
  • feet

Don’t necessarily take cues from the media. Look at yourself and see where you love it the most. What part of you right now are you most proud of? Don’t forget, it changes throughout the seasons of your life, so embrace who you are now!


Since I am rather flat-chested, I tend to focus mostly on my collarbone. Purchasing shirts which necklines are mostly boat necks. I tend to steer clear of V-necks because there is not much to fill out the shirt. Not only do you want to accentuate what you have, you don’t want to make what you DON’T have obvious either!


An Elegant Minute: Let Strangers Inspire You –You can find inspiration everywhere.


3.Find colors that suit you

When I was younger I used to wear a lot of bright colors. I loved it so much! I would mix and match and I didn’t care. Now, I tend to stick to a darker palate of clothes. I feel more confident in my navy blues, blacks, greys, beige and my brightest color is red. But not a whole red shirt, more like little details. Recently, my husband bought me a salmon pink shirt and he says it looks good. It’s a bit out of my comfort zone, but it is rather subtle.


There are a couple reasons why.


I work in a very hot environment, especially in the summer time. So to avoid the drenched-look I apt for the darker colors to hide all those marks. It can be rather embarrassing to be talking to customers or other people and have a soaked shirt. Your work environment should have a bit of say of what your wardrobe will look like. Unless you’re retired then you can do whatever you want!


I think dark flatters my skin tone right now. Perhaps when I get older, I might steer clear of the dark hues at least on my shirts. The tip is usually the darker colors are very stark on older women and can bring out the wrinkles. Not too sure if that’s true, but as for now, it’s working for me.


A great tip to see if the color suits you or not is to take the shirt or piece of fabric, go to a mirror that is well-lit (natural light is always best, but we don’t always have a choice) then hold it up to the bottom of your chin or neck. If the shirt darkens your face or just doesn’t flatter your face then the color is no good for you. If the color brightens up and glows on your skin, then you know you must buy 5 of them!


4.Pattern or no? All you need is confidence!

This one is a bit tough for me.


I am a simple gal and sometimes the patterns for me are too much. The craziest I’ll go are stripes. However, I see other women wearing polka dots or floral and they look wonderful! I do believe that any woman can wear patterns, it is just how you wear it really matters.


You can trick anyone that you’re wearing something amazing if you wear it with confidence. The second you doubt yourself and your body language changes, that is when people notice.


Patterns can flatter the body if they are the appropriate patterns. A 50 year old woman wearing little kittens all over her sweater might not be the wisest choice. Try and stick to the basics of patterns. Stripes, dots, chevrons, and there are so much more.


They are great at distracting away from a part of your body that you don’t like too much and focusing on what you love. Experiment with the ones that excite you. Remember, when you are wearing something that others might doubt, and you wear it with the utmost confidence, then you can persuade anyone that it looks great!


I tend to focus patterns mainly on my pants and wear a solid shirt. There are the exception when I wear my striped shirts, but then I go solid on the pants. Always stick to only one pattern per outfit!


14 Ways How Being Elegant Changed My Life – And How Yours Can Too — It’s not only the clothes!



Fabrics are really important when choosing a wardrobe.


How does it fit on your body? Is it tight? Too baggy? Is it supposed to wrinkle?


It can bring a shirt from looking crisp and neat to sloppy in a second. Usually the rule of thumb was to stick to natural fibers because they held out the longest and they looked great. Now, it’s not so one-sided anymore.


As I do agree, that natural fibers are usually softer or better feeling, polyester has made such advancements that it is to rival with! It doesn’t wrinkle if your sitting in it for a long time. The look isn’t that plastic look like few decades ago. Its washing instructions are easy. And many clothes are made with it now!


Paying attention to washing instructions is very important before you buy a piece. Some of my shirts are hand wash only and I know that I have that setting on my washer, but it just can be something that drives me away from wearing it because I don’t want to ruin it or it get all stretched out.



6.Always be re-accessing every few years

Every few years you will have to be brutally honest with yourself. We go through many life issues in a few years that can change how clothes look on you. Sometimes even your attitudes change and your clothes don’t reflect that. Perhaps you are wanting to dress more modestly and your spaghetti straps are no longer the look your going for.


Hemlines usually get longer, shirts don’t plunge as deep as once before, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Look at yourself and see where you want to change and where you want to stay the same. But don’t be blinded by what your comfortable with because that can make it much worse for you.




In the end, always dress to flatter your body…


… and not the runway.


Wearing something that really flatters your body can be difficult. But as time passes and you begin finding the clothes that really are you, it becomes easier. It can be overwhelming when you want to change your whole wardrobe but that is really expensive and really scary to think all the clothes you were wearing are garbage. When looking at new clothes, try to look at these six tips and that might help!


Be gentle and slowly change until all the clothes are to your liking. But the crazy thing is, you will never be happy with all your clothes. You will always sway to a few items and choose other ones. Your taste is always evolving.


Just remember to have fun and you are what makes you who you are, not your clothes. They are just accessories that compliment you!



Do you find it hard to find clothes to flatter your body?


Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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Bras as Shirts Now?

Bras as Shirts Now?

Call me old fashioned.


Call me a prude.


But don’t bras belong under your shirts?


I don’t know where this “shirt” that look just like a bra or bralette has come in style. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination?


Apparently, I am very behind on the times. With every passing few years, I feel like people are daring to see how much skin/body they can show and appear normal. The fact that this is seen as normal casual wear, seems like this is going to be a big problem one day.

Bralettes are the new leggings


Almost as bad as tights or leggings are, now I am seeing young women and girls wearing this bra as a shirt. Sure, some people could say that it is a bralette and it covers as much as a bathing shit. Well that might be true, but if you’re not at a pool or a beach, I don’t see the need for it. There’s always a time and a place for everything. It would be like me wearing my silk robe out in public… it covers as much as one of my dresses. Just not appropriate.


I remember back in my high school days, that showing your mid-drifts were all the rage. You were seen as quite the rebel!. Even when they were bare, schools and parents all had problems with this. This were seen as too scandalous for girls our age.  So,  what is going on today? Why do I see girls as young as twelve, wearing these clothes out in public?

Who buys them these clothes?



What I don’t understand is that obviously at that age, parents are still bringing them shopping. So why are their parents allowing this to pass off as regular clothes?  I can only imagine telling my mom that I want to wear a bra as a shirt… that would have been an interesting conversation.


I understand that bullying is a huge topic these days, and if you are not dressed in style or what is expected then you face the consequences of getting bullied. It’s a terrible way to  pressure people into looking a way they don’t want to. This is a wonderful time to teach your children about standing up for what you believe in.


Teach them about how it is refreshing to see a young girl with class.



Evolution of clothes



This is the same evolution as leggings are now. They were meant for the gym and yoga. Then after yoga you have to run to the grocery store, so you show up there with the leggings. Soon, you had no clean clothes or you just wanted to be comfortable, so you wore the leggings out in public.


Not too long after that, it started to become acceptable to wear them everywhere.


Well, I am quite scared that this is going to happen with this bralette shirt. It starts off wearing it only around your special man. Then some women start wearing it downtown to some bars. The next day when they go shopping, it will still be on. It’s not a big deal.


Well, now at the mall ever girl is wanting one or buying one. It is now deemed as casual wear.



Lead by example



I see some celebrities wearing them and in a matter of weeks, they are sold in stores now and marketed to young girls.  I just don’t understand why this is just such an incredible look that so many want to emulate. Even before, bralettes were pretty popular, but they were worn with shirts underneath as to not look too revealing.


Ladies, please. I have seen women older than me wear them. Okay you say, that’s fine, they are mature older woman who know what they are wearing. They can do what they please. As much as I do agree with this, I also think that we need to lead by example. If a younger girl sees another woman wearing one and looking good in it. It’s only a matter of time until she wants one for herself. 


I am so against this becoming a fashion statement and perhaps I am just out of it now, but I still think that any elegant woman, no matter her age, would like to look respectful.It is pretty hard to be taken seriously when  you have your bare abdomen showing. It just makes you look like you’re trying so hard for attention. Very not elegant.


Please, just lead by example and wear clothes that actually flatter you. Not what everyone is telling you which is flattering.



I would love to know what you think about these bralettes as shirts.


Would you wear one? Or no way?


Let me know!


Until next time


Keep it elegant!


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