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You Look Beautiful: How to Look Good Without Makeup

How to be Pretty

Learning how to be pretty is simply just knowing your strengths, turning your weaknesses into your strengths and embracing who you are.

How to be pretty? Accept who you are first and the rest will follow.

This post will be telling you how to be a natural beauty, but first, you need to be able to look in the mirror and know that you are pretty.

Being pretty is a choice, you have the power to be as beautiful or not as you want.

How to look good without makeup is easy

Are you one of the three women that absolutely refuse to leave the house without any makeup on?

Or maybe you belong to the 44% of women who feel ugly or unappealing when they are not wearing any makeup.

How to be naturally pretty is easy when you truly love yourself!

That is such a sad number because that is almost half of women who are not confident in themselves nor are they willing to let their own selves be free.

I want to show you that you can and will be beautiful without makeup. Not to never wear it again, but to have the flexibility that if you want to go without, you know that you are as beautiful as you are with makeup on.

It’s the freedom I want to give you.

As you read on, this post will not only explain the different beauty ideals around the world, but tips on how to be beautiful without any makeup!

First, let’s explain beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That old Greek Proverb may be over used but doesn’t make it any less true.

What I believe to be beautiful might be completely different from your idea of beauty. This is a wonderful thing because this doesn’t put beauty in a box. If anything, this proves to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I want you do to do something for me. I want you to take a second and answer a few questions (remember the answers while you read this post)

What attributes do you love most about your face?

What characteristics do you wish you could change?

Notions of beauty around the world.

Beauty has no boundaries.

What we attributes we find attractive in North America and differ greatly in Europe or Africa or even Australia!


One example is tanning. In North America and even Europe, it is considered alluring to have a healthy glow, even just sun-kissed (no sun worshiping here!)

However, in some Asian countries, even having a bit of a tan is seen as working class. The paler your skin was the higher society you belonged to.

Although it is still not necessarily like that anymore, the ideas still remain.


The “double tooth” is so popular right now, that women will go to the dentist to actually get crooked teeth! Korean women find it endearing and innocent to have an imperfection like your canine teeth sticking out. If you want to see how it looks, you can see it here.


French women, who are always seen as beautiful, are not typically beautiful. There is a term that I am sure you have heard, called jolie laide. There is more of a natural and easier approach to beauty. If one has a big nose or small eyes, even a receding hairline, it is not hidden or changed. It is embraced.

But again, this also goes with the confidence of the women.


In South America, the focus is not entirely on the breasts, but it is the larger bottom and wider hips with muscular thighs.


Whitened teeth is popular in the States, but go to England and they don’t put the same emphasis on white or even straight teeth.


In the African country of Mauritania, there are food farms to feed their women because they love bigger women. The idea that a woman who is full figured is also higher in status and is seen as attractive.


Small noses is the norm. It is actually considered “normal” to go through a rhinoplasty surgery for men and women!

It’s unbelievable because there are so many more countries around the world and while most are all becoming more westernized, they all still see beauty. Now that there is some evidence that not all see only one view of beauty, let’s carry on to see how it evolved in North America.

Beauty changes with each decade

The beauty ideal of women changed so much throughout the decades, with factors like fashion and what was going on in the world at the time.

The reason I want to bring to light how much the ideal body changes is because frankly, we can’t make up our minds!

One day it’s skinny the next is curvy. But the part that never changes is your self-confidence. As long as you can maintain that strong sense of self, to know and feel sexy, then you will become that.

Let’s see how much it’s changed from decade to decade!

In the 1920’s  

Androgynous  – boyish – very little curves.  Women were trying to work and be in the work field.

In the 1930’s to 1950’s

Women were curvy and very feminine. Bigger breasts and waists were seen as a much sexier ideal. (That’s why when Audrey Hepburn came to film, people were not used to seeing her as a sex symbol, unlike Marilyn Monroe)

1960’s to 1970’s

Return to skinny. With the way of supermodels like Twiggy, Naomi Sims, and Jean Shrimpton, being slim was in.


The era of spandex and fun aerobics! This brought on women who loved the ideal of fit woman. This was to be the athletic build. Not skinny, but slim and a bit muscular. Elle Macpherson, Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford were the popular models at the time.

1990’s –

The ideal look was very waif-like and terribly skinny, even to a scary extreme. Some people coin it “Heroine Chic”. Kate Moss was very popular at this time.


Healthy and slim. As long as you are comfortable in your skin and healthy anything goes. As long as you are happy. There are so many sizes and shapes now that are deemed beautiful and it is the perfect time.

If you want to see more about women throughout not just the decades, but centuries, this was a great site to see how the ideal woman changed.

I find that the evolution of beauty to be remarkable how much it changes. As of lately, I feel that we have become more open to what we consider an ideal beautiful look, but as I mentioned before, it is all in what you consider beautiful. If you think you are attractive and radiant beauty, then it will come off that way!

Think beautiful – Be beautiful.

Fairy Tale

I can speak of experience that when I was younger, our ideal of beauty was through what we would see in our heroes, which at such a young age was our Disney princesses.

There is an actual feminine ideal that it portrays and let me tell you, not too many women fit it!

Usually the women’s proportions would be highly impossible (without falling over all the time) with small features (like nose and lips) with huge eyes.

The ideal beauty they were portraying was to be of Caucasian descent and tall. So that is probably less than 10% of people!

Come to think of it now, those princesses were not the best ideal bodies. They were practically unattainable and until recently, they were all white. Luckily, we were young and probably didn’t really catch on.

All I know is I loved Cinderella’s dress and shoes, I wasn’t really watching her hip to breast ratio!

A scientific perfect body??

This topic is such a hot topic that even schools have an opinion about it!

Apparently, a study at the University of Texas has come up with the perfect woman.

In the article, it explains that the perfect size is 1.68m tall (5’ 5”) and her measurements are 99-63-91 cm (39-25-36 inches)

I don’t know about you, but I found these measurements to be a bit extreme.

But all I find is that doing a scientific experiment on something so subjective and personal is rather a waste of time.

Beauty and ideal images have so many different factors, and ones that are not so black and white.

Technically then, I am not the ideal size and never will be. But according to the article, even the model who they found was to be deemed the “perfect woman” was teased and bullied in school, so I guess no one is safe!

All these ideas, which one is right?

My point to show all these different ideals of beauty is to show that it doesn’t matter! There is no absolute ONE idea of beauty. It’s all completely subjective and it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or skinny or full figured or white or black or brown or purple… everyone is beautiful.

I want every person reading this to know that you are capable of being drop dead gorgeous.

It’s all in your mind and how you portray it. Be confident, be strong and know that you are the only one that looks like this and you should be proud of it!

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

– Kahlil Gibran

Why do we wear makeup

To not wear makeup, we should understand why we wear it in the first place.

I read this and was so intrigued by it that I knew I had to put it on here. I was looking up why we wear makeup, not just the simple reason to look better, but a more detailed explanation and on Psychology Today had a quick article about it!

1) Red lipstick

Women who wear red lipstick are more attractive to men. According to the article, there was a test done where at a bar they had women wear different colors (like pink, brown, and none) and the women who wore the red were approached earlier!

2)  Wearing Foundation

Wearing foundation is to make us appears healthy and young. When we don’t wear makeup, that is what we strive for, to look even toned. They did an experiment where they asked men what they liked best on a women. They showed women wearing different levels of makeup and their favorite was the one woman who was just wearing foundation, nothing else.

3) Eyes

Wearing eye makeup to make the eye appear larger is very popular. But in essence, the eye appearing larger is just another characteristic of youth.

4) Blush

Although we like to have a nicely even toned face, we also like to have a bit of redness to our cheeks. This is for other reasons besides showing off our cheekbones. There is actually a primal reason, and that goes to our menstrual cycle and when we are most fertile.

So by applying blush we are signaling that we are ready for some love and men understand that without even knowing it!

5) An overall healthier look

Wearing appropriate makeup really has the ability to make you appear healthy. By evening out your glowing skin tone and brightening up your eyes. But does anyone ever think that possibly we can do this without actually depending on makeup to do it?

It seems that in the end, we wear makeup to look young. To try to encapsulate the youth, but if we are no long young does that seem that we are chasing something that we will never win?

Is it possible to be beautiful without makeup?

Of course it is!

Let’s see how we can do this…

Beauty from the Inside First

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.”

–  Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

What a brilliant man, even hundreds of years later he is still right about this. If you fill up your body with terrible quality food and junk, then you know that your skin will establish that.

It isn’t necessary either to go on to one extreme and only drink green drinks with wheat grass and whatever is the new and latest fad.

It is simply eating a healthy (read: balanced) diet that consists of more than enough fruits and vegetables.

Don’t forget to drink water either!

With your body mainly composed of it, it is so imperative that you replenish it throughout the day. According to UWHealth, drinking water is crucial because skin is just like another organ in your body. It is made up of cells that need water every day. Without even knowing it, we lose so much of it through our daily life and what we do. If it is not replenished then our skin (and other organs) will suffer and will not properly function.

Also to add, that our skin isn’t the most important organ in our body either. Just as when we get cold, the body warms up the core of our body and leaves the extremities until we can warm up properly, the nutrients and water will go to more “important” parts of our body.

But it is not only water that is so important to our skin. We need to be eating vitamins and minerals daily as well.

Just like when most of us go to college, we start to break out a bit more, and fast food, high fat, low nutrient food is the culprit!

We are all very guilty of trying to do the lazy thing and rub creams and soaps all over our skin in hopes to work miracles. That sadly is only a band-aid if that even does anything different.

Exercise to healthier skin

Getting your blood pumping is one of the best ways to get that rosy glow on your skin. It’s not only great for your heart and your circulatory system, but it removes toxins and gives you more energy.

Even moving and doing simple exercises can help you benefit with smooth and radiant skin. Pick up a daily walk and with every step watch your face become brighter!

So, for your health and your face…

Water, fruits and vegetables and all the rest is just nice.(It also helps to slough off dead skin cells too!)

I started to drink more water, and it’s funny because the more I drank, the more I wanted.

I am not suggesting to go plant based for your skin, I am suggest to eat more fruits and vegetables and lay off the processed as much as you can. We have a rule, if it comes from a box or plastic, we don’t eat it. ( Or not to make a habit out of it)

By eating healthier, it really has improved my skin where if I don’t wear makeup, I don’t even notice the difference! (And we are notoriously our harshest critics!)

Beauty is from the graceful and sweet

“Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn’t help if your ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Being beautiful is more than just wearing your hair nicely and applying some lipstick. And for good reason!

Not only does speaking highly of others make you appear more attractive, but even thinking good thoughts of others on a regular basis can and will soften your look.

When you speak kindly of others, it is an outward perception of how you think as well. When you can see the good in people, it is evident and others will take notice.

Do you remember when we were younger how our mothers would say if we make a funny look our face will stay like that?

Well, there is a little truth to that!

When you spend your life being angry at people or stressed out there will be more lines that appear in places you don’t want there to be lines.

Let’s just go ahead and say this together. Lines are inevitable, it’s perfectly normal and even alluring. Okay, now that we know we are going to have wrinkles – we can always try to have happy wrinkles, not frowning ones.

Being a humble and happy person will leave that twinkle in your eye that is so intriguing and admirable. Think and say only good thoughts of people and you will be surprised at the results!

Grooming Must-Haves and Beauty Tips – How to Look Prettier Without Makeup


Don’t wash it, just splash some refreshing water and wash the sleep from your eyes.

Facial massage to stimulate lymphatic system and bring blood to your face

To make my eyes appear more awake, I curl my eyelashes. That is it. No mascara, but just curl them a few times to make sure they stay. I also carry it around with me. But you would be surprised after you curl them, how people often think you look more awake (and even wearing mascara!)

Read more morning tips here!


Spritz some water on your face. If you want to buy those water in those spray cans, those are very nice. However, it can be an unnecessary expense. I suggest going to the dollar store and buying those tiny travel size spray bottles and filling it with distilled water. Then you can spray whenever in need of a refresher.

Because you are most likely out in public, anything would be inappropriate, but a quick rubbing the lips together will get the blood rushing to the lips and make them red.

Same with a quick few pinches of your cheeks to get that rosy glow.

Rest your eyes even by accentuating your blinks to keep your eyes from becoming dry and red.


(this seems to be when most of the grooming takes place!)

Tweez at this time to be able to let your face cool down and rest. Pay attention to your eyebrows, sideburns, chin, and upper lip. Get the brightest light, if your don’t have one, your phone light is surprisingly very good.

Wash your face every night. Use the most gentle soap, you want to keep those harsh chemicals from your face. To be honest, there are times I just warm water and wipe. Sometimes, your face will love the little break.

Exfoliate as much as your skin can handle. I do this every other to every 2 days. You will be able to tell if your face is irritated or very dry.

Learn how to keep your hair healthy. Wash your hair as much as necessary. I can go every 3 days to wash my hair. Even 4 is possible if I need to. Clean hair is a sure fire way to look simple elegant, no matter your hairstyle. I enjoy washing it at night because it gives my hair time to air dry and no heat needed.

Take care of your teeth! A confident smile says a thousand words!

Be sure to go to bed at a reasonable hour for your beauty sleep!

Love yourself without the mask

This may be the hardest thing in my whole post.

It is easy to not wear makeup, because that means you’re naked and naked in front of others. But when you can become comfortable being completely yourself, it is a very freeing feeling.

If the thought of not wearing any makeup scares you, you’re not alone. We are all very insecure beings and we feel that if we can cover our faces that people can’t see the real us, and that is very wrong.

If you haven’t tried going bare before, start tomorrow!

Wear one less piece of makeup, it could be eye liner, mascara, eyebrow filler – anything!

Keep practicing this daily. After a week goes by, eliminate another layer. I recommend doing it this way because when you see yourself from all or nothing it can be quite a shock. Even by not having blush can seem like drastic difference, that is why slowly doing it over weeks can allow yourself to get used to what you see!

Some affirmations are:

I am beautiful, I am radiant, I am perfect the way I am

A smile is the fastest way to be beautiful

I am beautiful today.

I will never be more beautiful than I am right now.

Remember the questions that I asked you earlier?

Now that you know how different everyone’s ideas are different and can develop some better habits to improve your appearance, take what you don’t like about yourself and showcase it. Be proud of your large nose or your wrinkled eyes.

What do you love most? Use those attributes give you the confidence.

What about acne?

We all go through breakouts from time to time and I know there are times in our life that we might have acne or blemishes on our face and the scariest thing would be to go out without any covering.

There are times when we have to either face the consequences of bad habits and have breakouts. But for the teenagers or other women and men who face blemishes while even eating healthy, I know first hand how hard it can be. But let me tell you, the idea that people are “staring” at it or pointing it out, is usually all in your head.

It rarely is as bad as you think.

I know that when I broke out and it was in an obvious spot, I would cave and put some cover up on it. But not the thick foundation, just a light dusting of powder. I still wanted it to breathe and I didn’t want to cover it up too much. Sometimes, that is more obvious that then pimple itself!

To reduce the redness

  • Stop touching it!
  • Spray cooled water on face.
  • Ice or frozen spoons can really help to cut the redness.

To reduce the swelling

  • Ice always does a fantastic job at bringing down the swelling
  • I know that people always stress to NOT pop it, however, when it reaches the certain point, that a simple squeeze to drain it out always helps.

To prevent

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Wash your face often (but not over washing!)
  • Don’t eat late at night.

In conclusion

Don’t depend on makeup to feel beautiful. You are beautiful naturally!

Keep your body healthy and the rest will follow!

Remember, I want to give you the freedom YOU deserve.

There are as many different ideas of beauty as there are woman. I want everyone reading this to become comfortable in your own skin and the best way is to accept yourself in it’s most honest state.

Makeup is just a way to cover our true selves, and when you can liberate yourself from it, you will begin to feel a weight off your shoulders. And it is a very freeing feeling.

Remember, you are so beautiful just the way you are!


Tuesday 30th of June 2020

Hhhmm, Strange that in your depicting portraits you did not talk about the black queens!

Saryan Sha

Saturday 17th of March 2018

Habits begin with denial and end with acceptance. When people begin accepting themselves for who they are, they won't hide anymore.

As time passes, everyone, eventually, becomes beautiful. It just that - when you want to become beautiful - you just feel that you aren't.

The simplest way to look good without make-up is to wash your face and feel fresh and smile.

Jennifer Lynn

Tuesday 20th of March 2018

I completely agree with you. That the simplest way is to be clean and have a smile. Everyone is beautiful in their own way!


Tuesday 6th of March 2018

This is a WONDERFUL post. I'm a huge beauty advocate and really love the heck out of some makeup. That being said, I fully support being comfortable in your own skin and doing minimal makeup if any at all. That's my typical beauty routine in the mornings... less is more. I love the breakdown of what is considered beautiful in different countries and at different times. I think we get too caught up in trying to be perfect that we forget our "flaws" make us who we are. I also 1 million percent agree with your ways to promote beautiful skin/confidence. Exercise, water, eating right. I'm here for it! Can't wait to read more of your posts!

xo, Kristin


Jennifer Lynn

Wednesday 7th of March 2018

Thank you very much Kristin. I really love your idea of less is more because minimal makeup always looks the best in my eyes. And I completely agree with our flaws is what makes us! And when I was younger my "quirks" and "flaws" used to make me feel so insecure but it wasn't until I grew up that I realized that they make me who I am! I loved your comment and I hope you enjoy my other posts! Have a great day Kristin!


Saturday 3rd of March 2018

An amazing post. It was interesting to read about the definitions of beauty in other countries and also over decades. I am from India, and most of the people there relate fair skin to beauty. So, most of my friends used fairness creams. I would wish for them to see how beautiful they are and stop trying to change themselves. But since the elders promoted the notion that fairness is important, it was tough to convince them. But things are changing now.

I rarely wear makeup, reserved only for extra special occasions like weddings. I totally agree with you we should feel more comfortable in our own skin as we are beautiful just the way we are :)

Jennifer Lynn

Sunday 4th of March 2018

Hello Megha, I am so happy to have been introduced! And it's so sad that people try to change their color of their skin. I guess because I dye my hair I am a little guilty of it. But when notions have been in place for generations, it is so hard to change the mentality. I am so happy you rarely wear makeup because that means you are so confident with yourself and there is nothing more beautiful and elegant than a woman who can do that! Your air of confidence is admirable! Thank you so much for commenting and I hope your day goes well! :)

Carol Taylor

Saturday 3rd of March 2018

I never wear makeup now and am happy with that...White skin is very much coveted here where I live and many beauty products contain skin whiteners which is such a shame as I love the natural colour skin which my grandchildren have. Many Europeans pay money to get that colour skin or subject their skin to sunbeds etc.

Jennifer Lynn

Sunday 4th of March 2018

Hello Carol! It is so nice to meet you! And yes I do find it sad that people want to change their skin color and they are so beautiful just the way they are. It's frustrating because it's essentially a losing battle. You clearly are very beautiful without makeup too and I am so happy that you are confident about it! It's like a sense of freedom! Thank you so much for the comment Carol, have a wonderful day!