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Is Elegance Dead?

It is easy when you look around to just assume that elegance no longer exists.

It is not an attribute that we deem worthy anymore. Or do we forget how to be elegant?

There are women who are supposed to be role models that don’t understand or respect the idea of boundaries. We consider the social merit with how much alcohol you can hold down. And brag about the adventures of the bedroom that once were kept between the two involved.

Even our modern idea of beauty is not from within, but how much you can reveal. The question is not whether or not you need a breast augmentation, but it’s how big would you like? It seems no one is happy with what they have so they need to always be “improving”. Unfortunately, they are almost always focusing on improving their physical body than their minds.

So is it fair to assume that just as the way chivalry went, elegance is quickly following behind?

Have we killed elegance? 

Is there no room for grace and poise in a world full of violence, anger and hatred?

I am willing to put myself on the line and say YES!  I am refusing to admit that elegance is no longer relevant, but rather just clinging onto life, desperate to be brought back.

I know that many women feel the same way as I do. We want to see more of the classic beauty, poise and deportment. I know there is a group of us and if there is anything we can do to help it, (to loosely quote Justin Timberlake)… we are bringing elegance back!

How are we going to do that?

Easy. We are not going to yell or demand.

Actually, quite the opposite.

I find that the most effective tool is neither scolding nor forcefully correcting. But just simply BEING elegant. But like the overused yet highly accurate quote from Ghandi, “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”

People learn much better from what they see then what they are told. Women will want to have that aura of confidence that you have, it’s only natural. You know exactly what I am talking about.

Let me give you an example of one that we all know so well, the great Audrey Hepburn! She did not need to preach elegance. She did not need to point her finger at one’s mistakes. Never. But when she talked, moved, walked, practically did anything, you could just sense her graceful actions. You wanted to be just like her! It was obvious she was poised and she didn’t need to do anything more than smile.

That is exactly what I am talking about. By her just being elegant made so many others want to be elegant too. Many women wanted that allure that she had! It was and still is quite infectious!

Why is being elegant so important? 

Elegance is so important in my life, not only because I blog about it every week, but because it is a way of life that I feel empowers you. It makes you feel like a better person by helping others around you.

It elevates your day and makes it worthwhile. It adds the little extras that make life not only bearable, but exciting. It really enhances the mundane daily grind of life. But please, don’t me wrong, once you adopt an elegant life you won’t be living la dolce vita.

No! It will still be your life. Still boring, still mundane, but you WILL enjoy that!

Being elegant is two-fold 

First there is the look.

Audrey Hepburn, Angela Bassett, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, and Catherine Deneuve just to name a few.

When you think of elegance, there is an image that pops into everyone’s head. I find it fascinating because everyone’s idea of the ideal elegant woman is different. Which I find is perfect because we all have the potential to be elegant. There is no cardboard cut out for this!

But, there are the few common rules:

  • Be neat and tidy
  • Have excellent grooming skills
  • Don’t show off too much skin
  • Make sure your hair is not messy
  • Don’t wear too much makeup
  • Less is more

Second there is the mindset.

This one is the one we all can improve on! And to be frank, this is the most important one.

Actually it is more about others than it is about yourself.

The true essence of elegance is to make sure that others around you are comfortable and feel good about themselves.

When we think of elegance in a mindset idea, it is about a feeling. A feeling we give others and ourselves.

When we can make others feel good about themselves, then we are elegant. If you can have a person smile for even a moment, you are practicing elegance.

Once you can let go of the idea that elegance is about brand names and flashy homes, then you can embrace the true meaning of elegance. It is about making others enjoy life, and then in turn you enjoy it.

Selfishness and elegance do not belong in the same sentence as each other.


Every woman out there regardless of age has the potential to be elegant. Has the potential to change the world by choosing poise. Can make someone’s day a bit better if she adopts a more refined life.

You can start the revolution! Be the reason for bringing elegance back! 

If you held the door open for someone else, if you made someone’s day a bit brighter, if you let someone in traffic, then you just did something elegant.

Elegance is not about money, it’s about attitude and mindset.

Now that we understand a little more of what true elegance is, what do you think?

Is elegance dead? 

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Sunday 25th of November 2018

phew! I passed your elegance lists. I hope elegance never dies. It does enrich life, I feel, and teaches all sorts of standards, just by example.

Jennifer Lynn

Wednesday 28th of November 2018

I agree!! I hope that people will adopt the lifestyle because it truly enhances your life! Thanks for the wonderful comment! :)