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17 Habits of a Classy Woman [ +8 Elegant Personality Traits to Cultivate]

Being a classy lady will not only enhance your life but you can improve those around you too! This post goes into detail about how to be a classy woman.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • What is a classy woman
  • Habits of a classy woman and how you can learn from them
  • Qualities of a classy lady
  • … and more!

What does it take to be a classy person? Try these habits of a classy woman

The classy woman is a successful and confident lady. Doing her best in everything, she always tries to be humble about it- a true example of the phrase ‘ humility goes before honor.’

A classy woman is conscious about her decisions, dressing well, and taking care of herself. She also takes great looks at how she comes across to others and always makes an effort to be kind towards others. She knows how to dress more feminine, but can be casual, she’s ready for everything.

Being classy is an admirable life goal. It’s difficult to achieve With a little hard work and dedication, it can be attained. The first step you need to take is committing yourself to be polite at all times. No matter the circumstance or who you are speaking with. No one likes dealing with rude people, so maintain your dignity by always speaking in thoughtful tones and using courteous words.

When speaking eloquently on the phone, make sure that you are not using too many “um” or “ah” sounds between words at any point during the conversation. They will come off as awkward-sounding filler that has little meaning for others listening in on your call. Maintaining eye contact is also important when having a confident conversation with others, it shows that you are confidently listening and focusing your attention on them.

Being a classy woman means taking conscious decisions about your image. You must always try to look your best, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going to be. It’s not just the clothes that make a great impression on people- it’s also about avoiding certain actions that might be considered unacceptable. If you’re going to a dinner party, there’s no need to put on your highest heels- classy women know how to tone down their outfits for different occasions.

A classy person might have a number of qualities, but one characteristic is especially important. 

The most important factor in being a classy person is to know your worth and not allow anyone to make you believe otherwise or invade your thoughts with negativity. 

In this article, we are going to explain each of these points in more detail, and hopefully give some insight into what it takes to have the characteristics of a classy woman.

classy woman sets the table

Elegant Habits of a Classy Woman

Why are elegant habits good to cultivate?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple but often overlooked by most people. When it comes down to the basics of life, the way you act in any given moment will greatly affect your happiness and well-being. Elegant habits lead to better social interactions and mental health.

Though it may seem like the end of days when someone spills something on their clothing or shoes, such small things can be handled elegantly with a relatively lighthearted attitude. 

1) A Classy woman always dresses well for any occasion.

-Takes care of her physical appearance.

-Maintains a healthy, active lifestyle with exercise and dieting.

-Is always conscious of how she presents herself in public

– Wearing a classic wardrobe that is appropriate to dress code standards where necessary, speaking clearly and eloquently while never resorting to profanity or slang words, etc.

– Chooses quality over quantity clothes

2) A classy woman is ambitious and always tries to improve herself.

-Continuously seeks out new experiences and different ways of thinking and learning about the world.

– She has a positive attitude, doesn’t complain or gossip negatively behind others’ backs, always does her best to lift morale in any way she can.

-Is humble about any success and always tries to learn from her mistakes: never expecting praise, but expecting to always grow as a person and be better than the day before.

– She knows that elegance is an attitude that takes time to perfect.

3) A classy woman makes conscious decisions about her actions and image.

-Knows that how she presents herself is just as much a part of who she is as it is an act, so she takes time to think about her actions and make sure they are appropriate.

-Is hyper-aware of social cues and knows when to speak up or stay silent in conversation.

-Never gives off the wrong impression with what her body language may say.

4) A classy woman is kind and considerate of others.

-She is caring and always tries to help people out with their problems, even if she is not the best equipped to deal with them nor has enough knowledge about a particular area.

-She knows that no task or problem is too big for her, but also that it’s okay to ask for help from more experienced individuals.

-She is kind and willing to listen to everyone’s stories, even if it’s just a polite way of passing time.

5) A classy woman does her best every day and looks for opportunities to improve herself more and more with each new day.

-Treats others’ opinions of her as valuable feedback, recognizing that she is never perfect and always has room to improve.

-Always tries her hardest at everything she does, whether it is on the job or in her personal life.

-Tries to set an example for others by doing what is right.

6) A classy woman is open-minded.

-She doesn’t let her preconceived notions about others or situations stand in the way of making the right decision.

-She is willing to give anything a chance because she realizes that there is always something to be learned, even if it looks like an act of foolishness at first glance.

7) A classy woman is confident in herself and her decisions without being arrogant.

-She never doubts herself, instead, she focuses on the task at hand and has faith that she will accomplish what she sets out to do.

-This allows her to get things done without the need for praise or recognition but also helps her keep a positive attitude while listening to feedback about anything she may have overlooked in regards to her work.

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Daily Habits of a Classy Woman and to Improve on

1) The classy lady is always on time

She will never keep her date waiting because it shows disrespect for their time. She will always be organized and prepared.

2) The classy woman will give herself enough time in the morning to get ready

If she has work in the morning or getting ready to go out, she always gives herself ample time to get ready. She understands that this is part of the process of her feeling and looking her best. This is the foundation of being elegant.

3) The classy woman won’t be glued to her phone

It’s not just when she is with someone either. This is not just a matter of being rude (which is when you are not paying attention to the people you are with, but to your phone). It’s also good to not be addicted to looking at the phone every time it chirps. The sense of freedom from the phone, whether it’s messages, scrolling on social media, or the news, makes her a stronger individual.

4) The classy lady truly listens to people

She knows that most of the time, it’s not what people are saying is important, but it’s the simple act of being listened to. The classy woman will make it a habit to listen to each person as best as she can. She asks questions and can engage in a meaningful (or not) conversation. Part of being classy is making others feel better, this is one of the most important habits to practice!

5) The classy woman doesn’t swear compulsively

It happens from time to time, but a classy woman doesn’t use swearing in her everyday conversations. She finds better words to describe what she wants to talk about. As normal swearing has become in our society, doesn’t mean that it sounds good or ladylike.

6) The classy lady doesn’t overshare

The classy woman doesn’t like to give too much of her private life away. If she does, it makes her feel naked and vulnerable. Instead, her confidence comes from knowing that she has her private life. Not only does it protect her, but others might not want to hear about it either. Many people fall into the trap of a nosy person just prying for information. Don’t fall victim to it. (Confidence is your secret weapon!)

7) The classy woman is who she is

She is unapologetically herself. Meaning she won’t be rude to someone, but if she likes a certain style then she goes for it. A true classy woman doesn’t feel the need to conform to everyone else to be labeled as classy. She is classy because she is her true self.

8) The classy lady makes time for the people she loves

This habit is essential because a life without loved ones is not really a good life. Those people who she cherishes are the ones that help her out of problems, share her happy moments, and are always there. An elegant woman will never take that for granted! She always makes time for the ones she loves.

9) A classy woman spends time on her faith

She makes time every day to spend it with God or what she believes. This helps her to feel connected to something bigger than herself. It gives her purpose and the fortitude to be a better person, even when it seems impossible. Her faith is a big part of why she is so effortlessly calm and can find joy in everything.

10) A classy woman practices restraint and gentleness

Nothing shows more strength in a classy woman than when she is able to say no and walk away. This prevents her from lashing out to overeating and feeling terrible. She always tries to be gentle with everything in her life and that is exactly where her calm demeanor comes from.

how to be a classy lady

8 Personality Traits of a Classy Woman

1. Humble

A classy woman is humble and she handles compliments well. She sees her success as a mirror on the talents of others and not necessarily on her own talents, abilities, or assets. Women who are always bragging about themselves tend to sound arrogant and unappealing. They also give off an air of untrustworthiness because they don’t appear to be grateful or happy with their success.

2. Calm and Poised

A classy woman is always calm and poised. She never gets worked up over minor issues, pet peeves or events that she can’t control. A classy woman knows how to handle problems effectively and never lets her emotions interfere with the task at hand.

3. Stylish

A classy woman is elegantly stylish. She takes pride in her appearance and always looks presentable. Her clothing is well-made, fits perfectly, and is either brand name or custom-made to suit her figure. She wears accessories that are both well-made and tasteful.

4. Enjoys Herself

A classy woman knows how to have fun but she never drinks too much or does anything that impairs her judgment. She is creative and always keeps an open mind towards new experiences.

5. Values Herself

A classy woman values herself, she avoids confrontations at all costs and doesn’t get into petty fights with people of lower or higher rank than her. When it comes to the workplace, she respects authority figures like managers, bosses, and co-workers.

6. Knows What She Wants

A classy woman doesn’t play hard to get but she does not let people take advantage of her kindness either. She isn’t afraid to confront someone if they have done her wrong or have crossed a line with her.

7. Loves Self-Improvement

A classy woman is always trying to improve herself and never settling for mediocrity. She is always reading and learning new things to add to her ever-growing brain bank.

8. Chooses to be Happy

A classy woman is always positive and happy. She has a lighthearted outlook on life and she never lets her problems hold her down.

Classy tips for classy women

How to be a Classy Woman – Conclusion

Developing the habits of a classy woman will help you be more successful in life and cultivate joy. Start this by being humble, kind to others. Be always conscious about your actions and how they affect other people. When it comes down to it, these attributes are essential for anyone who wants to live an admirable life that is filled with happiness- which we all deserve!

Habits of a Classy Woman

Characteristics of a Classy Woman

Monday 16th of January 2023

I enjoyed learning how a classy lady conducts herself in the company of others through fashion, communication, and mannerisms. I think the advice would work for men as well and if both genders practiced these concepts we would have not only a society of classy women but also a society of classy men. With both genders educated and practiced in ways of classiness, the whole would contribute to building a society classy people. Thank you very much for the lesson and reminder of things we need to work on to become better selves.


Monday 17th of October 2022

I would like to read this book and hopefully I can learn a thing or two.

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