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Slow Things :Why You Should Live a Slower Paced Life –

Slower Pace Gives You a Chance to Improve Your Life

What is your moment of joy? Are you too busy to even notice?

“If people just took it a day at a time, they’d be a lot happier.”

Richard Bachman

Richard Bachman, a.k.a. Stephen King said this and it really does resonate with me. He wrote this in the book “The Long Walk”, it made as much sense in 1979 as it does today. If anything, it’s worse now than before. The way we go through life is just too fast. I know I’ve done this countless times where all I am focusing on is the upcoming weekend or a certain task that needs to get done. Usually what I have to do, not what I want to do.

When I think back to when I was a child and how I would never think past dinner time, life was better. The days seemed longer. There was so much we could do in the day although it might have been boring or I didn’t leave my backyard. It felt like it was full of adventure.

I’m not saying that we go back to living like adolescents, because now we are adults and sadly, that just won’t work. But what would be nice is to embrace a little extra time to not feel the need to squeeze in everything. A little time to just live, to just exist. To simply enjoy the moment we’re blessed with.

Being productive is an important quality when living an elegant lifestyle but so is knowing when to stop and smell the roses. The one thing I’ve learned is that if you don’t take these little moments of pleasure, your day will start to seem too structured. Not allowing any creativity or spontaneity to happen. It becomes mundane, and not the good kind either.

Slower Paced Life is A More Productive One

But it is possible that when you allot moments for slow time to enjoy simple pleasures then you will become more productive. Not only will you get more work done, but you will also be happier about it. One method I started using is the Pomodoro technique and this has helped me tremendously.

Being too rigid leads to frustration. Things never happen the way you want them to but also the most amazing things happen when you least expect them.

I find that this time of the year is perfect for slowing down, it’s warm and sunny. Nature reminds me to take a break and to slow down. It makes me feel more alive. The world is starting to come to life! The little seedlings are sprouting, the tulips and daffodils have come out and splash the earth with colors. Spring is truly remarkable.

The rain has a distinct smell and it makes the grass so green.

There is just so much to see and notice and it almost commands you to slow down and acknowledge it. One of the best ways to take it all in is to go for walks. A purposeful walk. The one where you notice all the changes.

Another reason why I think springtime is the best time to start slowing down is because you can comfortably sit outside for hours reading, writing, talking to a friend, or just existing.

Many of us have things to do and that we need to get done, but if you can squeeze in time to sit outside and enjoy the weather and just be there in that moment of pleasure — then you will find yourself craving these moments. You inevitably will schedule them in on a daily basis.

How to Take Things Slow as an Elegant Woman

Being an elegant woman, helps to recharge you, ground you and elevate the rest of your day.

My favorite thing to do is sit outside on our deck. This year I planted some wild flowers and lavender. I know I won’t be seeing much this year but hopefully for years to come! I go out there with a good cup of coffee and a book. It truly gives me more pleasure doing this than anything else.

Find what brings you this feeling. Life is too short to always be busy. It’s being lost in the moments that make life fun.

What do you like to do for simple pleasures or the joys in life? Take note, collect them, and use them often.

These little moments help to slow down your life and bring you utter enjoyment.

That “little something” that most elegant women have, that spark of joy or zest for life comes from these moments!

I find that when I don’t do this, I get stressed and frustration always happens and it usually stems from not prioritizing my simple joys. Stop the distractions and slow down.

No matter where you are or what season you’re in — by slowing down you will reap the benefits. It will start to open other doors to thoughts and hobbies that you didn’t think of before.

Make it part of your day. Find your mini escape. Your mind, body and soul will thank you!

Here are 5 Ways to slow down the elegant way.

Slow things down

How to Slow Things Down [the Elegant Way]

1) Find your simple moments of pleasure — and truly make them exquisite and elevate them

The talk about simple pleasures has been around forever, mostly because they really can make all the difference in your day. Without them we are just working with no reward at the end.

They’re usually inexpensive, fun, and desirable.

Finding those moments of pleasure will put that smile on your face and make a hard day become more bearable and exciting.

What I am referring to when I say elevate it is, for example, take a coffee break and have something delicious to eat with it. Something that compliments the beverage, and puts you in a better mood. Or set the table with fresh flowers. Do something that lifts you up in that moment.

See how it makes you feel, how this little pause in the middle of the day (or a few times a day) can give you a boost of energy and put a pep in your step.

You can elevate it by using to your advantage your five senses and trying to touch all of them with each special moment.

This adds to any experience and slows it down.

2) It’s okay to be a little bored

It has become commonplace to be always doing something. Even when it isn’t necessary.

If you’re feeling bored, you grab the phone and start looking at the news or watching a video. When you feel the slightest tinge of uncomfortable silence you fill it with music or television. The funny, or sad thing, is even though there might be people close to you but you would rather not interact with them but be on your phone.

How does it slow you down though to stop looking at your phone or being entertained every minute? When you watch a video, it could be five or ten minutes. Well that time goes by pretty fast because you are immersed in something. And most of the time, when we are bored we aren’t watching anything productive or learning anything that will help us improve ourselves.

Next time, allow yourself to be bored. You might start to daydream. Not being entertained by outside devices will force you to find entertainment within yourself, or you can talk to those around you and start connecting with them.

Being bored helps you slow down the time and potentially fill it with something that is more fulfilling.

3) Spend time on self-care

Or do something nice for yourself every day.

This could be as simple as washing your face and listening to some relaxing music as you prepare for bed. Or as elaborate as a long steamy bath.

Do something every day that makes you feel beautiful, relaxed and comfortable in your skin. This slows down time because instead of hurrying to get to bed and start the day over again, you allocate a few minutes or an hour to something that makes you feel beautiful.

These moments make you enjoy them more and you don’t usually want to rush through them. You forcibly take notice of these pauses and because of that it slows down your day. It brings you to the present.

And what more perfect way to slow down your day as an elegant woman then one that makes you feel radiant!

4) Make more meals from scratch then you go out for

This doesn’t mean that you have to cook gourmand meals for you and your family. But cooking from home really does make the moment last longer.

When you are eating at home versus out in a restaurant, you don’t feel rushed to finish eating so the next people can sit. There is no waitress giving you hints or forgetting to refill your water. There aren’t any loud patrons annoying you or ruining your eating experience.

It’s is a process when you make meals from home. It starts with cutting, chopping, washing and preparing. Plating the dishes so they look appealing and exciting to eat. There are the smells that permeate the house.

The cute apron that you get to wear and the clinking of glasses that put you in the mood to dine.

You get to be creative when you set the table and use a centerpiece.

The whole thing becomes an experience. Even if you’re eating alone there is still a process that slows down your day and makes it more remarkable then stopping at a drive-thru.

This not only makes you eat a little healthier, and know what you are putting into your body but it slows down your day where you can focus on the meal instead of something else rather stressful.

5) Revisit Your Hobbies

Most of us when we get older, we find that our hobbies don’t fit into our days. We are busy with work and family and life asks too much of us.

But if we are able to find hobbies that we truly love and ones that we look forward to then it does slow time down. While we are writing, reading, knitting, scrapbooking, painting, or whatever hobby you choose, we are allowing our creative side to take charge. It can awaken the child inside of us and life can be exciting. We get lost in the fun.

Hobbies not only give you something to do to pass the time, but it also makes you feel productive. It allows you to feel that you are getting work done, and the best part is that it’s work that you genuinely love!

How do you like to slow down time? Is there anything you do that I didn’t talk about? Leave it in the comments below, I love to hear how you’re keeping elegant! 

Is there anything that you like to do when you feel that you have been rushing around lately?

Thank you so much and I’ll see you next time on The Elegant Podcast, live today with elegance and passion. 

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