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How to Be Sophisticated

How to be Sophisticated

Looking is only one part, but the majority of living an elegant life is just living it. Knowing how to and when to do something, why to do it and of course, how to do it elegantly and beautifully. Being sophisticated and elegant are so very similar that it is worth it to understand and live both.

The only real elegance is in the mind; If you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.

– Diana Vreeland

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What is a Sophisticated Person Like?

Being a sophisticated woman is about being one that chooses the higher road when fighting or chooses to talk people up instead of bringing them down. You have enough confidence in yourself that you don’t need to hurt others to make you feel better.

Being gentle with others helps tremendously.

Learning new ways of having patience with the ones you love or complete strangers also can make you the most sophisticated and elegant woman.