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Be Gentle

It can not only portray a woman who is a true lady, but it also can be something people notice and admire. In today’s world, as woman, we are taught at a young age that we are to be strong, don’t back down and be aggressive if need be. Don’t let anyone push you down.

These are not bad words to live by, but I feel that it is also taken out of context and being overly used. Respect has gone out the window, among other things as well, like being gentle.

You see, at least when I was growing up we were taught that being gentle and quiet was seen as a negative trait. Something that needed fixing. Being gentle and meek wasn’t acceptable. And to make it in the real world, it just wasn’t going to cut it.

It’s a bit misunderstood I feel. If you have children who are introverts, their parents try their hardest to make them become more outgoing. What people are failing to understand is that being an introvert isn’t a problem!

It does not need fixing.

Rather it needs to be appreciated and nurtured just like being a extrovert needs to be appreciated.

Back to being gentle

But getting back to being gentle.

Since this goes against everything young girls are being taught, it’s a bit hard to ignore it all and be that gentle woman. Not only is it something that we are teaching less and less, but there aren’t many role models available who are gentle. There is nothing wrong with a feisty and strong-willed woman. However, like everything else in life, there is a time and a place.

I can’t believe how insane (yes, I think that is an appropriate word) people are becoming.

When I watch social media and the famous reality “stars” (term used loosely)  it’s shocking to me how they act. Their expectations for their life is just as crazy and what they wear and how they act is so appalling. The terrible situation is that I see our young not have anything better to look up to and they see this entitled and flashy behavior as becoming normal.

This needs to stop or else I am scared to see what we will be like in the next few generations.

What does it mean to be gentle?

Being gentle covers a wide array of topics.

Yes, it’s easy to be gentle when quietly holding a sleeping baby, but can you be gentle when you are being yelled at by your husband or you’re driving in a terrible traffic jam?

To be gentle is such a wonderful trait because being gentle, especially in the most unlikely of situations, shows how strong you are.

It separates the girls from the women, the weak from the strong, the impulsive to the wise.

Being gentle doesn’t mean to be submissive to everyone and everything. It simply is about your demeanor and how you display yourself to others.

Some questions to ask yourself…

Do you talk fast and sharp?

Is your voice loud?

Do you stomp around when you walk?

Do you nag or bark orders?

Are you selfish?

When you move your hands, are they graceful and your gestures calm?

Are you always emotionally evolved and empathetic to others?


Be honest with yourself because that is the only way you can better yourself.

You see how there are so many different idea of being gentle, that it might seem a bit overwhelming. But if you look at it with a positive spin, it is easier to tackle one part at a time. And since there are so many parts, you can start with the easier ones and move your way through.

Gentle = Elegant

Why is it elegant to be gentle?

Because people notice the difference you are from the other women. It is elegant to be calm and in control. So when you are in control of yourself when there is a fight or some tensions are rising, it is a poised way to be, it is a gentle way to be.

How to be gentle?

This takes practice and reaffirming yourself verbally that you are gentle.

First after you answered those questions did you say yes to first five questions? Then you may need to work on it.

1.Slow your hand gestures and calm your actions. Pretend that everything you touch is glass or better yet, you just got a manicure done and need to be extra careful how you grab things. When you just touch with the lightest amount of pressure it is seen as graceful and gentle.

2.No fast jerking motions. When you touch the face of your husband, do so by ever so gently stroking his face. When you hold his hand, don’t yank it but slowly have your hand find its way into his.

3.Be intentional with every movement. Know where everything is at all times. Do not allow any of your body to just flop around.

4.Remember everything must be handled with care.

5.Don’t talk louder than absolutely necessary. When in doubt talk like you have a secret. (Use your judgement though, if you are a bit farther away – raise up your voice, you don’t want everyone saying “pardon?”

Here’s just a few, but I am going to go more in depth with this on a Tuesday post in the future.

Do you have to work on being gentle?

Any tips how you remain gentle in tough situations?

Until next time

Keep it elegant!


Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

What about men being gentle? Why do you assume women must have husbands? What about being single


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

I am loving your articles. Very informative. Thank you!

Jennifer Lynn

Friday 8th of April 2022

Thank you so much Odiline!


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

This is brilliant and useful, just want to ask a question hope I get answers. What if am not at fault, what if I was humiliated by someone I did nothing wrong to, what am I suppose to do

Jennifer Lynn

Friday 8th of April 2022

Thank you Ruth for reaching out, this is a difficult situation and you know the truth. Eventually, the truth will always come out and if you are able to stay composed, polite and graceful during the hard times then when the truth comes out people will notice how well you dealt with the problem. Always be nice, kind and polite and stick by your guns.


Thursday 2nd of December 2021

Hello! I love this page. Thank you for all precious information. I can't find the next post where you are talking about being gentle. Can you send me link? Thank you again! Best wishes!

Sunday 24th of October 2021

I really appreciate this article. Thank you for writing it!

Jennifer Lynn

Saturday 27th of November 2021

Thank you very much!