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11+ Spring Outfits You’ll Want to Wear This Season 2024

Spring outfits for women

Spring might be one of my favorite seasons!

It’s starting to warm up and the flowers are blooming.

Dressing your best can change from season to season and even in different seasons of your life. But looking at inspiration and gathering new ideas or wanting to try something a little different should always be something you’re experimenting with. The most important tip is to dress to flatter YOUR body!

When the trees start turning green and more plants start coming to life – I get so excited to change my wardrobe over from winter to spring!

What better time then to get some inspiration then to see what is trending this spring!

Light Jacket and Knee High Boots

Spring outfits - boots and light spring jacket

The classic beige spring jacket with knee high boots give country vibes but really is a classic look for the cool days of spring.

Flowy Blouse and Linen Shorts

Spring Fashion - classic shorts and blouse

Not only do these light pastel colors scream springtime, but the light fabric is perfect during those warm afternoons. This is the ideal of spring outfits! I love the loose look in both shorts and shirt. It is perfectly paired when you are doing physical activities outside, it allows you to move and stay fashionable.

Shorts with Pantyhose and Blouse

Spring Outfits with shorts and tights under with a beautiful blouse

When it’s not warm enough to wear bare legs, the pantyhose allow the fashionable shorts and stay warm. You can play with colors or remain elegant with neutral colors.

Flared Jeans and Blazer

spring outfit inspo

I’m not a big fan of flared jeans on myself, but on others, especially the taller women. They are coming back into style and it can help a woman who wants to show off her curves. The tailored blazer adds sophistication to the whole outfit.

Flowy Skirt and Pastels

spring inspiration

The longer skirt makes the whole outfit be more playful and the pastel colors make it perfect for springtime. The loose fit makes you look comfortable and relaxed.

Long Off the Shoulder Dress

cute spring outfit ideas

If you’re on the shorter side, such as myself, the vertical stripes can be helpful to elongate the body. The off the shoulder look also elevates the simple spring dress. The cinching at the waist is a perfect touch of femininity as well. It gives structure to the dress and accentuates your curves.

Monochrome Outfit

outfits for spring

A monochrome outfit is always a classic look. It never goes out of style and looks elegant. This look isn’t just for spring outfits but for any season!

Spring Dress

best spring outfits

This is always a classic. You can never go wrong with a summer dress. When the days are still a little too cool in the springtime, you can pair it with a jean jacket or a knit sweater.

Striped Shirts and Jeans

woman spring outfits

The nautical stripes have always been in style thanks to the French sailors and Coco Chanel.

Jean Jacket

Spring styles

For a less formal look, the jean jacket is the perfect casual look that is perfect for the cooler spring days.

Bold Colors

spring styles for women

When you want to make a statement, the bold colors are perfect. Only stick to one bold color per outfit and it is best when the article is a jacket or a purse. It looks so elegant and playful!

elegant spring fashion