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Elegance in Frumpy Clothes

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How many of you have been there?  Where your clothes are in the laundry and all you have left are some mismatched clothes that don’t fit properly, but yet not bad enough that you haven’t thrown them out.


You read different blogs and how-to guides and they all say to wear your best clothes. To always put your best foot forward. To always look the best you can at every given situation. Because you may never know…


Okay, I very much agree, it’s pretty good advice. I even give it here on E-L-E.


I think by doing your best it is the only way to prevent you from regretting anything in the future.


However, it is much easier to be elegant and poised when you have your most flattering dress and your hair is styled  and walking around with the nicest shoes. Well… there are always exceptions to any rule and today I am talking about when you you need elegance in frumpy clothes. Because let’s face it, it happens to the best of us. 


Elegance in Frumpy Clothes – is it possible?


Well I am here to say yes, and actually, I endorse it once in a while!


Crazy I know, why would someone who wants everyone to live an elegant life and be as poised as they can, want you to wear less than flattering clothes?


Because it is good practice! That’s why!


The other day, I was in the middle of gardening and I was wearing my appropriate clothes for just that, gardening, when my husband needed something from the store really quickly.  I just put on better shoes and took off my floppy hat and gloves then I got in the car and drove away. When I got to the store I felt a wave of embarrassment roll over me.


I hadn’t changed my clothes. I looked so ridiculous, and was mortified of going in the store. There was a second thought of going back home and getting changed!


But my husband was in desperate need and I had to go in.


So I “fixed” my hair, put my sunglasses on top of my head, grabbed my wallet and went in.


Some rules ALWAYS apply no matter what


I remembered a few things of being an elegant woman in any situation, like hold your head high, shoulders back, smile, and be approachable. Try to not think too much about what I am wearing, and focus on my demeanor. Is it gentle? Am I speaking too fast or marching instead of walking gracefully?


Although I looked like a bum I guess, it was obvious that I was working outside. It wasn’t like I had my pajamas on, but this was not something I would usually wear. However, they didn’t know that!


But then it hit me, I had a eureka moment, and realized that we all believe in not judging a book by its cover. So why would I judge a woman solely based on her clothes?


And it’s even good practice for me because sometimes when I see people out in ripped pants or pajama pants, I think why? Why not even try a little bit?


Someone could have thought that way about me completely. I was just in dirty, sweaty clothes, easily someone  could have judged me and thought “Wow, why not try a little?” I could have been dismissed at first glance.


After I went in and I got what I needed, I kept my composure and pretended that I looked my best. I made eye contact, I was friendly, and I wasn’t hiding behind anything. Perhaps no one noticed how terrible I looked?…


Let your inner elegance shine through


But take this opportunity to let your true elegance shine through.


Those beautiful clothes that we use to be elegant can sometimes hinder us in terms of not trying as hard because we at least look the part. Don’t allow an ensemble to be your shield and hide from people.


Sometimes by making yourself feel a bit uncomfortable and vulnerable, it can really test your limits on your elegance and poise.


Do you hide?


Are you making eye contact?


Do you even try to spark up a little conversation with the sales clerk?


Or are you just staring at the ground and acting invisible?


I guess you can ask yourself the question, “If I looked my best today, would I have the nerve to talk to those strangers?” And if the answer is yes, then I suggest working on it because in the bigger picture, your clothes and belongings have nothing to do with your elegance. You could always lose them, but no one can take your personality away from you.


Practice it once in a while!


It’s great practice to go anywhere with your head held high in self-confidence and allow your beauty to come from within. Even someone wearing the perfect outfit, if she is nasty on the inside, she will never be seen as an elegant woman. But if a woman who was wearing dirty clothes, walked with poise, spoke with confidence, and was approachable… what she was wearing would not matter and soon be forgotten.


Her inner elegance would outperform anything she was wearing.


Take note and next time you are feeling a little frumpy, think of it as a challenge and see how you do. Stop hiding behind those beautiful clothes and let your true beauty come through! I know you can do it!


Has this happened to any of you?

Do you find yourself using your clothes as your shield?

When you are self-conscious about the way you look, do you let your personality hide until you leave because you are embarrassed?


Until next time


Keep it elegant!


This is not a sponsored post


Tuesday 12th of May 2020

I don't know if you will read this; since it's an older post; but I had to tell you that I found your site last night Jennifer; and I am blessed by it. I shared it with a family member and she too is blessed by it. I have not yet looked to see if you have recent posts; and I do hope that you will continue to keep this site. Your topics are not ones that are spoken of enough in most churches today; all women, especially the younger women and girls need to be taught more about these things. Thank you for taking the time to share them. God bless.

Jennifer Lynn

Tuesday 12th of May 2020

Hi there! Thank you so much for the sweetest comment! That absolutely brought joy to my heart to hear that you appreciated my post! I do plan on new posts for sure. I've always been interested in living life as beautifully as possible so sharing with all of you is one of my favorite things! I hope you enjoy the reset of your day and we will talk soon :)