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How to Look Classy


How to Look Classy and Elegant

Being an elegant woman, looking classy all the time makes being classy a little easier. It is the same concept as “fake it ’til you make it“, and it doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive jewellry and couture clothes!

This page covers how to look classy tips, how to look more refined, how to dress professionally and stylish and to put it simply, how to look classy and fabulous!

How to be sophisticated covers the woman on the inside, how to look classy is sure to cover all the visual part on being a classy woman.


A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

– Coco Chanel

How to Look Elegant and Classy Everyday


What makes a person classy?

If you have read any other posts on this site, you would understand that being classy is about how you make others feel.

It’s about being remembered as someone who lifts others up, regardless of how it affects you and being wildly generous.

However, being classy is also about looking the part. Whatever that means to you.

So, to make it easy, one important variable that makes someone classy is do you make others feel good? Do you make them laugh and enjoy themselves when they are in your presence?

Do you take pride in your appearance? Not taking it to a point where your looks are more important than cultivating your mind, but that you have respect for yourself and others around you.

What makes a person classy is their demeanor. Are they trying to always get ahead of you in your corporation? Or perhaps they send you a little birthday card and taking time out of their day to show a little love.

There are many things that can show how classy they are and it always surrounds others.

You might dress up as much as you can, wear everything perfectly. But if you’re doing it out of selfish desire to be classy, rather than do it to respect yourself out in public, then it loses the elegance.

Be classy not for yourself, but for others.