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How to be Feminine

How to be More Feminine

Embracing your feminine side will reveal to you the beauty that hides in your every day.

“You can be an absolute woman and also be smart and tough and not lose your femininity .”

– Priyanka Chopra

Being Feminine and How to be Feminine

How to Exude Feminine Energy?

Being an elegant woman truly meshes with being a feminine woman and allowing her feminine energy to guide her throughout her life.

It doesn’t mean that she only loves pink and frilly things, but that she connects to what it means to be feminine. And of course, like many things, it is subjective.

Some woman feel that their feminine energy is best when they are pampering themselves and giving them self love that they need to recharge for the next day.

More examples of feminine energy is getting on their running shoes and going for a run outside, allowing their thoughts of the day to melt away and they are able to truly feel their emotions and work through them, whatever they may be.

Living in today’s world is a wonderful experience because the boxes that were once in place to define who you were, are now changed. This change is a beautiful and confusing thing.

But one thing that does stay the same when describing feminine energy is that you feel full, satisfied, and lovely.

Femininity looks different. For some it is the dainty gestures and long flowing hair, but for others it can be pulling her weight and proving that she can do it.

Don’t discriminate and think you’re right or their wrong, because that only pulls ourselves down.

Then what is feminine energy?

How to be a High Value Woman?

Being a woman is a beautiful thing, but being a high value woman is even better!

Choosing quality over quantity is one way to ensure that you are a high value woman, but it goes much deeper than that. Being high value is by looking inward and seeing the real woman you are and becoming more you.

But not at the expense of others.

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