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This is not a stuffy place where you need to look a certain way or have oodles of money. Etiquette school here is about refining your life in ways that will make you feel like a better woman, and improve the lives of those around you as well.

You can never be too old or too elegant to learn new ways of having good modern etiquette. It changes throughout the times and if you’re still stuck in the “old ways” then you run the risk of being rude without actually wanting to be rude.



“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

– Clarence Thomas

How to be a Classy and Sophisticated Lady

How to Properly React to Nosy People

How to Properly React to Nosy People

Why are people so utterly nosy? According to M.Farouk Radwan, MSc. at 2 Know Myself, it is for a few reasons, but mainly surrounding around insecurities. That is why it is so imperative that when you talk to someone who can’t help but dish about others,...

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How to Deal with Rude People

How to Deal with Rude People

Is the world getting more and more rude? I honestly think so. Or is it that we just aren’t as empathetic as we used to be? Our patience is always wearing thin. Our feelings for others are often spared. The fact that we don’t even have time for ourselves, let alone for...

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7 Tips to Mastering the Art of Small Talk

7 Tips to Mastering the Art of Small Talk

I Hate Small Talk You might be wondering why I start off with such a negative attitude towards small talk And this is why... We’ve all been there. You are stuck in an elevator with one other person, staring intensely at the elevator doors hoping they open soon to...

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What are the rules of etiquette?


Honestly, it slowly evolves over time and what was once proper might not be anymore. The lines can be a bit more fuzzy now because some people might be offended with a man opening the car door for their date, while others expect it and enjoy the chilvary.

With this confusion alone it shows that it is more than ever to be accepting and let things roll off your back. Never take things too personal, but also use these moments to show others that etiquette shouldn’t be seen as an insult to their humanity, but something to lift it up.

Simply put, etiquette is a form of respect.

Respect to you and to others around you.

Rules change from place to place, but the main rule that should never be broken is

“do unto others as you would like done to you”

By living to this rule, all the rest will fall into proper place.

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