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Finally, no more excuses!


 To my amazing readers,


I hope everyone is doing well these past few weeks (or what seems like months). I realize that I haven’t posted regularly in a while and for that I can only hope that you forgive me!




 It’s been a little crazy for me. (Oh my goodness — another excuse! I’m terrible!)


  Perhaps for a few reasons.




 The main reason is just trying to figure out exactly what I am suppose to be doing and who am I suppose to be. To be completely frank with you, I am still trying to figure out how to do everything I want. That might be the problem because I have this idea in my head of who I want to be and with every attempt I try I fail.




With every fail it brings me down more and more. It constantly reminds me that I am not who I truly want to be (or think of who I want to be)




It does sound a bit ridiculous but especially after becoming a mom, my “old self” needed a little revamp I suppose. I realize how funny this sounds and it might not even make sense for some people but I am sure there are many people like me out there so this is for you!




But to be completely honest, I am adjusting well, seeing as it has been 7 months already!  When I look back, yes there are moments where I need to relax a bit more and accept who I am and that I am doing the best that I can.



To all the mothers out there, you are amazing!



Timing is everything!


There were many times where I just decided to stop writing, or even contemplated quitting my blog altogether. Seeing as this is a very enjoyable hobby of mine, I really didn’t want to give it up. But I really needed to adjust my scheduling.


 I feel like it comes so natural for others, and then there are some who struggle such as myself. But I don’t want to feel like a victim of time anymore.

 I know that can get so much accomplished if I stop taking the little moments and waste them.

When you really think of the day and how much time you have, it is unbelievable how much I waste my idol time. These precious minutes are in between activities or while you are cooking dinner and have a spare few minutes.

I really want to focus in on these idol minutes and take full advantage.

Also, waking up earlier and/or going to bed later will help me be able to find more time to do the things that I need to do. I realize that I am tired and I know there are so many successful mothers who wake up around 5 am and just get the job done. Although it sounds incredibly tempting, I might have to work on my discipline a bit (or a lot!).

This brings me to the next point — quality time!





Quality is also everything!

There’s more to just regular time. It isn’t just about how much time you have. Now, it’s whether the time I use is valuable to myself and to others or is it simply being wasted away.

Let me tell you how easy you can “waste” your time!

It can be tricky too because you might feel as though you are doing something productive, but at the end of the day, nothing got accomplished!

For example, I could be looking up recipes to make for dinner. Well, as fun as it is to see what I could make and to make my family happy — nothing got cooked! This happens to me quite often and I am taking a pledge to not fall into this trap anymore.

What trap am I talking about?

The perfectionist trap!

It’s funny because when you know me personally, I am no where close to a perfectionist! But when it comes to certain areas of my life, I either want to impress myself or push my limits to be as perfect as I can. It’s so counterproductive and nothing ever gets done.

I usually end up disappointing myself which then makes me fall into a terrible rut. And there the life cycle of rut renews itself. Only to repeat!

Sounds so depressing when you write it down like that!



Relax, it’s not a race

Sometimes, when I want to better myself I do probably the worst thing.

Does this sound like you? You get excited about something different or new in your life and you want to just change everything at once to make it right? That’s me in a nutshell.

I try to change everything all at once! Which inevitably ends up with me giving up and feeling incredibly overwhelmed. To the point of frustration and I give up.

I am sure I’m not the only one because I know so many people who are all-or-nothing kind of people! Well, let me just say, if you are, take it easy on yourself!

Lately, I have found if I do something a little at a time and only incorporate a few new habits into my week — it truly sticks much better. I do this for my children and it works wonderfully.

I know it doesn’t sound so alluring because frankly, when we want to be better or change, we want it done now. We are after all part of the generation of instant gratification. Can you blame us?

But whether or not you want it fixed in an instant, you must know by now that something good takes time.

Anything fast never lasts!

What are my plans?

Well, I have a video coming up soon on January 2nd which goes into my resolutions and this is a major one that I plan on working on for the whole year! It is really important to me because I feel like it is something I need to do not only for myself but also for my loving family.

I sincerely give every single mother out there all the credit in the world! The simple fact that you can do all this for your children, run a business/blog/job/SAHM, you are truly amazing!

I look up to every single one of you out there for inspiration and motivation!

Let me know in the comments below if you struggle with this! You are not alone!

Have a great day and until next time ??



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