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Why you need a positive attitude in life

I am sure by now, you are all familiar how your mood can affect your life and the people around you. It’s been talked about countless times by many people trying to make you life better, myself included!   For the last few months, I have been talking it a little more seriously and researching it with an eager mind. To think that by slightly manipulating your thinking, you’re able to get a different outcome, it honestly marvels me.   Maybe that’s because I found it hard to believe. I used to live my life under the impression that what was happening to me was completely unrelated to my thoughts or actions.  I used to anticipate that things just happened to me and I had absolutely no control over it. To clarify, my behavior or attitude was irrelevant to my life.   Doesn’t that just sound a little ridiculous?   Well, now I have come to understand the power of your mind is much greater than any muscle in your body.   I personally know a lot of people that live the way I used to, and I bet you know some as well.  But this article is not to throw facts at you about how you can live positively. That will be another article, but this is just to explain how living positively can enhance your life. The situations that you are in, the life that you are living now, did not just happen. It did not just transpire this way for no reason. Whether you like to acknowledge it or not, you had some effect..   In this post, I plan on explaining the domino-effect of positivity and why you can’t live without it either!

My negativity story

You could call me a typical skeptic when it came to manifesting.   The idea that I could “wish” my way to what I wanted in life seemed too easy and I was no naive gal (or so I thought!). The law of attraction wasn’t something I had read too much on and because of my ignorance, I simply did not understand it.   But once I became aware of this, I started seeing it everywhere, almost the same as when you are interested in a car and you start noticing it everywhere you go. At first, I just ignored it, being the stubborn individual I am, labelling it as coincidence. But as time went on, it was becoming alarmingly more than coincidence and I forced myself into looking into it. So I did…   It all started about a month ago, where I was constantly thinking how nice it would be to reach a goal for my blog. To be more personal and specific with you, it was how many people visited my blog daily.   I used to come close every so often, so I knew it was attainable, but I had no idea it could be long term.   Well, one day, I reached the goal! Then came the second and then the third. Next thing I realize it’s been three weeks and I am surpassing my numbers almost every single day! If you are a fellow blogger, then you can share in my complete shock and excitement!   The funny thing is, when I was doing well, my thoughts continued to be positive effortlessly! I had the confidence that I could reach my goals and I did. There was nothing that could get in between my goals and my blog.  

Little did I know, it was my mindset that would put a halt on my achievements!

  Almost a month into what seemed like blissful tenacity, where everything just seemed to click and my numbers were proving that, something changed. My blog that I had worked so hard for was finally just making sense.Then, my wonderful husband and I had gotten into a fight.   Nothing major, nothing important at all, and it was over within a couple hours. To be honest, I don’t even remember what is was about.  But, as we worked quietly together without even uttering a single word, I do what most women do. We start overthinking!   This had started me on a path or more like a downward spiral that deflected any achievements I was reaching.   My pointless and completely irrelevant negative thinking created a monster of doubt, that whispered evil reminders that I was never good enough to write. I was completely undeserving of the numbers I was attaining, and that all of it was unsustainable.   Guess what happened.   You probably already know!   My numbers started dropping, which of course only cemented the doubts. If before I couldn’t believe what I was reaching, well of course that was just a stroke of luck.   It was a terrible domino effect. The poorer my numbers, the more I thought I wasn’t good enough, which also seemed to keep bringing down the numbers.   My certainty of being a writer was being questioned and I had even considered stopping this blog.    

Negative thoughts will beat you up and spit you out

This might sound innocent enough.   Yes, I had a bad couple weeks. There is no denying it! But to give up on something that I am truly passionate about? It’s ludicrous.   But that is the power of negative thinking. It can take something you are deeply in love with and persuade you that you aren’t good enough. The doubts and apprehension it creates can stop you in your tracks and make you rethink everything you thought you knew.   This is where the idea of manifesting and how your thoughts and beliefs can alter your future came more and more clear.  

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Channel that little train

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”   Do you remember this little life lesson?   And now, how many of us actually still live according to this mentality?   Probably not many. It seems to have slipped our minds as we get older. Or perhaps we find it unrelatable? But regardless, it’s important advice that needs to make its way back into our life!   For some reason, I feel like if something doesn’t come natural to us, we think that it’s just not “our thing” and we instantly give up on it and move on to the next thing. I am so guilty of this, just ask my poor husband!   We have bought knitting needles, crocheting needles, different cooking and baking paraphernalia, and the list goes on. I am so happy that nothing ever gets thrown out because I know that one day I want to do it, but time is a resource that I don’t have much of and need to work on what’s most important first. At least, that’s what I tell myself.   What I need to reassure myself constantly, is that I am not great at everything. Maybe not even good at most things, but like everything in life — you need to practice and tell yourself that you are able to do it.   The beauty of that old story is that the little engine was the least one to be able to complete the task, but because he had heart and the will, he did the job. It’s something worth thinking about!    

Practice makes perfect

This really matters in all aspects of life, which even means living with a positive attitude. Even though my negativity story is something that has hurt me, I know it will only be temporary (if I make sure of it!)   The number one motto in life that we all need to work vigorously on is, don’t let anything get us down. Although our brain is on our side, sometimes it can play tricks on us and make us feel like we don’t deserve what we’ve worked hard for!   Every thought that lingers that makes us feel unworthy or unsatisfactory, practice a method of eliminating it. Trust me when I say it takes practice because it’s a strong and convincing thought and it is relentless. It will try its hardest to persuade you, and if you’re not careful, you can become the next victim.   Practice everything that you want to succeed in life.   If it’s becoming a great knitter — practice.   Maybe you want to be a great writer — practice it!   Perhaps, it’s living a more positive life — you guess it, you need to practice it daily!   Do yourself a favor and start practicing now! Tell yourself how you can achieve something you’ve always wanted. Positivity will breed more positivity.  

YOLO – Well kind of

Being happy is easier when you are doing things you truly enjoy, but let’s face it, we are all adults here with endless responsibilities and a never ending to-do list.   The idea that we only live once is great when we want to do exciting things, but sometimes we need to also realize that life is full of not-so-fun chores and boring times when we need to make lunches for school and drive around in our cars.   But if we can alter our minds into seeing the positive in every single moment then we will be able to succeed in whatever we want. Like my story, the negative thoughts really can interrupt our life and put whatever we want to achieve on hold.   I won’t lie, when things are going great and you’re doing everything that is exciting and enjoyable, it does make it easier. Do things that make you happy, especially when you’re down in the dumps.   It will help. Trust me.

Have you ever seen a bitter successful person?

I know I will probably get a “I-told-you-so comment” but please allow me to generalize, but it will be very hard to be bitter and successful simultaneously.   That might be because it is nearly impossible to be living out your goals and dreams and also be terribly negative about life. Just rarely happens that’s all.   The next time you are feeling that sensation where you can’t do anything right, nip it in the bud and start changing your tune! It’s clear that being a bitter person will do nothing for your life other than bring yourself down and others around you.   Avoid being the black hole.   As hard as it may seem at the moment, do what you can to start creating a more positive atmosphere where you can thrive in. All that is needed is just one single action to change the path you are on.   Like my story, the negative thoughts really can interrupt our life and put whatever we want to achieve on hold. If you are strong enough to be able to think good thoughts even in the lowest moments, that is when great things will start to happen.  

Positivity breeds more positivity

This has something to do with laws of attraction.   Like attracts like.   I will be going into further detail about manifesting and laws of attraction, but not in this article! All we need to know is that if you able to be positive, then you will more likely surround yourself with more positive people.   There is more to it, but let’s just put it simply that what you put out in this world is what you will get back.    

Positivity nurtures confidence

When you are exuding positivity, it spills out as confidence and people begin to notice it. Whether you fake it or not, when you seem very sure of yourself, the confidence seems very real.   The confidence that you feel when you are being positive is intoxicating because of how strong it is! I can’t describe it because when things were all going my way, I felt that finally I knew what I was doing.   I understand now how naive that is because frankly, anything in life is never fully figured out. Ever. How cute!   It’s hard to describe this because it is more of a feeling. Try it out yourself, give it time and the results will be pleasant!    

Positivity sustains happiness

  Whether or not you are succeeding in everything that you thought you would, the positivity you embrace in life will lead you to happiness, even if you doubt it.   Happiness is a wonderful emotion. It makes us feel good and gives a reason why the agony of life is worth living! (A little dramatic 😉 )   I guess it makes a lot of sense that positivity is happiness, but we all need reminders. Positivity is more than just a reminder though. It needs to be a lifestyle that we embrace and want to live out.  

In conclusion

  To answer the question why you need a positive attitude in life has many answers with just as many benefits.   Life is all about making the best of it and that is why it’s so important to make sure your attitude matches the outcome you want.   Choose to see the positivity in life and you will be rewarded with good thoughts.