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Madame Chic Series Box Set Review

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This is my first book review and I decided to start this with a few of my favorite books. I hope you will find my review helpful and if you were wondering or not to purchase them, I hope this sways you the right way.


This review is split up in three big sections, one for every book.


Lessons from Madame Chic:

20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris


This book is based on her blog a few years ago. She has since changed her format to video blogging and if you haven’t seen her blog yet, I strongly suggest it!


This book is a nice read when you are looking at enhancing your habits. From food to clothing to even your inner woman, it covers many topics.


It includes little tips for your clothing and how to begin your ten item wardrobe, which is hugely successful. This is something that she talks about religiously and it clearly works for her.


She gives tips to prevent snacking, and even when you can’t help it (because let’s face it, we are only human) she gives examples of a “high-quality snack”.My favorite section is her last which is called “How to Live Well“. I think this is what sold me over because it goes more into detail about how to live better.


I feel that it is not so superficial either. Some of her chapters that I re-read when I am needing a reminder is “Cultivate an Air of Mystery”, “Practice the Art of Entertaining” and “Find Simple Pleasures”.


One great reason why I love to read her books is because she tells stories that I can very much relate to. In chapter 14, “Cultivate an Air of Mystery” she recalls a time when she was trying to keep her mystery as she was talking to her neighbor. She narrates how the conversation went, with lots of pauses and how she tried her hardest to not fill the silences with awkward laughs or blurt out words to just talk.


That honestly made me laugh out loud because I am the same way. It’s just nice to know that she even needs to try sometimes. No one can be perfect all the time.


I think what I love so much about this book is that she isn’t trying to be someone she’s not, she is just a normal woman who is on a journey to live the best she can. She doesn’t talk down to her readers nor does she think she is always right. I find this refreshing because it is easier to read and not feel belittled.


Who should buy this book:

I think this book is best suited for a woman who is trying to better herself and is wanting to grow. This book is ideal for the one transitioning from teenager to young lady.


My favorite piece of advice from this book:

To live a passionate life.

“Every detail of life can become exceptional if you allow it to be so.”

This is my favorite because I find that it can be related to everything. It does not cost anything extra, but the reward is a much more fulfilling life. You change your demeanor and all of a sudden life has so much to offer. It can be practiced through any sort of circumstance you’re going through and at any age. To live a passionate life is one worth living.


This is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything extra, but I may make a small part of the profit. I greatly appreciate it!


At Home with Madame Chic

Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life


If there is anyone who doesn’t want to buy all three, I will tell you that this one is the best one!


I love this one! Perhaps it hit me at the right time of my life, I just had moved out with my husband and we were starting our life together and I had little clue to running a home. I found it inspiring, useful, and always keep it handy.


This book is filled with lots of tips, tricks and again funny stories. She really knows how to write and feel like you’re just chatting with a friend.  When I am sitting there reading it, I can’t help but laugh because you can completely picture that happening. A good example is when she is talking about being exhausted, cleaning and chasing the kids all day. Making food and cleaning up after food and she can’t go on, until she looks at the clock and its only three in the afternoon!


Jennifer taught me how to fold towels, and now I don’t fold them any other way. She explains to look at routines and to adjust your daily life to them not the other way around.


The book is organized out beautifully. With pleasures of the morning, afternoon, and evening. In the beginning she has a chapter to fall back in love with your house. She gives examples of music to play at certain times and candles to burn. Advice to beat the afternoon slump and ways to unwind in the evening.


I have honestly read this book so many times that it looks like it went through a war. It’s great to always look back to when wanting to make your day run more smoother.



Who should buy this book:

One new or one looking to improve on making a house their home. Ideal for women just moving out for the first time to a place of their own. Ideal for newly married women and young mothers trying to make it work at home.


My favorite piece of advice from this book:

There is so much to choose from in this book, it was hard to pick one. However, something that I learned that helped me stay at peace while dealing with others was that, you can’t change others.

“If you accept that it’s not your job to change other people – that you only have control over yourself – life becomes a lot easier.”

This is sound advice. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. You get excited to make your life better, you do change things around and try to fix everything but someone isn’t on board. Then you think that it wont work anymore, so you force it. It never works, you can’t change others.

This is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything extra, but I may make a small part of the profit. I greatly appreciate it!


Polish your Poise  with Madame Chic

Lessons in Everyday Elegance


This book is again, full of so much advice, this time on everyday details. I enjoyed reading this one because it has many relative tips on being elegant. And obviously I love elegance. That is partly why I knew I would really like this book.


One of my favorite chapters is “Presentable Clothes” and it is something that I still try to employ today. It’s kind of funny but after I read that chapter I went out and bought myself a couple sets of presentable pajamas! She’s very persuasive!


I felt like this book had a lot of offer in terms of daily elegance. It includes details of the everyday from saying no to eating different foods the proper way. It covers a vast amount of topics that everyone can brush up on.


I appreciate that it helps to guide what to wear in special or not so special occasions. How to tie a scarf and how to accept compliments like a lady.


This book is great to have around so you can read anytime you might want a refresher. I really like the fact that you can just pick up the book, quickly read a chapter or two and put it down.


It is just missing a glossary.


Who should buy this book:

This book is perfect for any woman wanting to brush up on her etiquette and enhance her elegance. So practically every woman!

My favorite piece of advice in this book:

The one piece I chose was that once you changed your perspective, it gives you other alternatives you ever thought before.

“Changing one’s perspective is like magic because it opens up a whole new world you didn’t even know existed.”

Like she mentions in the book that it can bring you back down to ground. It helps to see how others see things because perception is their reality. If maybe you can see why they think that way about something, and you can’t doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re wrong.


“Take Pride in Everything You Do” was a very CLOSE second!


This is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything extra, but I may make a small part of the profit. I greatly appreciate it!


If you’re interested, might I suggest the box set! That way you actually save yourself $10.00 AND you get all three books! It’s a win-win!


This is an affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything extra, but I may make a small part of the profit. I greatly appreciate it!

In Conclusion of Madame Chic Series…

As you can tell, the Madame Chic Series had inspired me to change my life and live more passionately. Jennifer really writes very well and therefore, makes it enjoyable to read. I might be a bit biased though because I love the topic of living elegantly and embracing one’s poise, hence my blog!


I just want to remind you ladies that this was not a sponsored post, that I bought these books with my own money throughout the years and this post was my own opinion.


But don’t let my opinions speak for you, try them for yourself and see how you like them.


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Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Hi Jennifer, great review! I too have been a big fan of these books as well as Jennifer's blog/vlog for years. They are so inspiring, easy to read and easy to relate to. I enjoy her perspective as a mother of three in particular. Whenever I'm in need of a boost, I sit down an re-read favorite chapters.

Jennifer Lynn

Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Yes, she does give a great perspective on motherhood and also running a home. She really inspired me to find the joy in housework as well. It's funny because I do the exact same thing you do, I could re-read my favorite chapters over and over!