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Spring Clean Your Life – How to Live a Quality Life

How to Live a Quality Life

Living a wonderful life is more about how you can add little moments or make your life easier then it is about living with an abundance of money. A lot of people confuse the two together, that having a quality life must mean that you need to have a good paying job in order to pay for everything.

That is simply just not true! You already know how to live a quality life!

In the video below, I talk about how I make my life a quality life by making little improvements.

When I do this, I am able to focus on other more pleasurable things. It prevents me from wasting my time and also helps me move more smoothly throughout my day.

Living a good quality life is subjective, and every single person reading this has the ability to do this! And it doesn’t cost extra, it just is about making smarter choices.

What Makes Your Life High Quality

That depends on what interests you.

If you love to go for walks, then not only going for them helps — but experiencing each one and seeing their subtle differences will add to it. When you adopt an elegant lifestyle, I find I want to see and feel all the little moments that can deepen the moment.

Not only does this make me realize how special each moment can be, but also helps to awaken my senses and feel pleasure in more ways than one.

By doing this, I don’t only seek fulfillment from eating or drinking. You can get the same enjoyment out of a good, sensible and present walk as you can a slice of pizza. But the walk will do you more good and leave you feeling lighter and healthier.

how to live a quality life

Some frequently asked questions about how to live a quality life

What do you need for a good quality of life?

Of course there are the essentials that is needed, such as food, water, heat and safety. But if you already have those, then thank God. You also need a good heart. Which means that you are generous with our belongings and your time. Not that you are overstretching yourself, but elegant women know have faith that they know what they put out comes back in one way or another.

To surround yourself with beauty, and not always the typical beauty but things that you find beautiful. Something that makes you happy when you see and feel it.

A good quality life is subjective, which means you have the power to make your life as high quality as you want it to be.

Making your life easier is just the beginning.

What 3 habits will improve your life?

  • finding happiness from within
  • seeing the good in everything
  • being compassionate with yourself and others

Honestly, I’ve seen exercise, meditation and other self improving practices but when you break it down, all it simply is trying to do is help you enjoy the moment and a lot of self reflection. But what I find most effective is always helping others. When it comes to myself, anything from within (which is ALWAYS harder) is a life changer.

Not happy? It’s not your life circumstances that need to change (usually) it’s your attitude towards them.

Not feeling loved or wanted? When was the last time you made someone else feel loved or wanted?

Learning how to live a quality life is taking those feelings and breaking them down, because often when you are resistant or reluctant on something — that’s what you need the most.

How do you enhance your in daily life?

There are many ways to do this, and it is all very personal. But if I had to pick a generic couple tips would be to always drink more water, wake up earlier than before, and fit in something that makes you happy.

Enhancing your daily life is when you are able to see every moment as a possibility to feel that moment. Good or bad. Life is about living through experiences — being elegant is about seeing those experiences as beautiful, even the painful ones.

This helps to put everything into perspective as well.

How is this Related to Spring Cleaning your Life?

You might be wondering how is improving your quality of life related to spring cleaning your life, and that answer is simple. Since we want to live better lives and spring cleaning our our life is all about improving what is around you, then this is a no-brainer!

When you spring clean your life, it’s more than the physical attributes, the real life changing moments happens when you change the inside and what you’re thinking.

Spring Clean Your Life Series:

Preparation Day

Day 1: Goals

Day 2: Clutter

Day 3: Wardrobe

Day 4: Meal Planning

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I hope you have been enjoying this series so far! I have been loving my spring cleaning journey and hope you have too! Bettering yourself truly makes all the difference to living the life you want.

Talk to you tomorrow,

How to Live a Quality Life