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The Importance of Being your Best: Series

This is not a new idea, at all.

It’s so simple, do your best at all times and you should be feeling great. No?

Well… this is often where people who are perfectionists can get very stressed and the anxiety just builds too much. There is a secret, and I will let you know in a minute or two!

Why should I do my best?

What good will come of it? If anything, it could lead to dire disappointment! Think about it, you feel like you’re doing everything right until you realize it’s not good enough. Probably will never be good enough!

How depressing!

But, unfortunately, that’s what happens when we are human. However, if you can look back and think you were doing your best then that’s different!


How many of you have looked back at old pictures of yourself and thought like…

“What on earth was I thinking wearing my hair like that? Bangs belong on the face not feathered on on top of my head!”

“Yes, I completely believe that they need to bring back shoulder pads because looking like linebackers was always an alluring look! That’s when I felt my most feminine!”

“The grunge look should come back, the not showering and looking like you’ve never seen a washing machine is so sexy, not to mention the pungent smells!”


The most important secret is that if you were trying your best, it’s hard to put yourself down.


Because, if you were always making an effort all the time in every single thing you do then you will essentially have no regrets. Sure you might think you looked a little stupid (but newsflash, that is every single person on the face of this earth!)

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No Regrets

So terribly important!

But one sure fire way to prevent this horrible feeling is to be and do your best at all times. I am not living my life on purpose to have no regrets. However, because I TRY my best to live my life the best I can by putting in effort, the results are my regrets shrink.

It’s a good feeling.

I’m sure, like everyone, there are some regrets I have in my life, like not starting this blog a decade ago when I thought about it, but hey, better late than never I say!

However, it’s very true.


Prevents sad feelings

This is something that I have had to work on for a long time.

Tell me if this happens to you. So you’re talking to someone and you leave the conversation. It didn’t feel bad at the time but then as soon as you leave you begin to think about it. You feel that you might have said something insensitive or possibly embarrassing. You immediately try to replay the whole conversation in your head and see if you feel that you were rude in any way. Maybe trying to gauge their expressions and reactions to what you were saying.

It doesn’t end there.

You begin to think about it for a while until you finally forget about it. Only right before bed, you are reminded and then you only think about that the whole time while trying to fall asleep and the more you try to not think about it, the more ingrained it becomes.

That used to be me and still can be sometimes.

It’s terrible! How is that a way to live! So thankfully, I have started to stop caring as much but what has helped me greatly is doing my best at all times with everything.



What to expect in this series?

I am really excited about this series.

To be honest, I felt that this way of living has not only increased my quality of life, but also rid myself of so much anxiety. I don’t know about you, but being stressed is something I used to try not to be (funny story, the harder you try to be stress-free the worse you become!). 

In this series, there will be talks of dressing your best, eating your best, cleaning your best, sleeping your best, and much more.

Essentially this is so revamp your life and not change who you are at all, but instead make yourself a better, less stressed, less critical version of yourself.

Sounds good?

I think so!

This isn’t some fix quick and now my life is changed forever.

Nope, sorry.

Instead, you will see every single day as a way to do your best (and some days it’s better than others!) and you will eventually realize that those thoughts that once drowned you have disappeared.

Not because you are forcing them out of your mind, but more as a side effect from doing your best.


In Conclusion

This series won’t be every single week or on a designated time, but it will be often enough, at least once or twice a month. That way it gives all of us time to try our hardest to let it sink in and live that way.

Like I’ve learned before, you can’t change everything all at once or even too fast because it won’t stick. The best solution is to change a little at a time and let your body and mind get used to it. That way it will more likely stick for a very long time!


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