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Essential Accessories: Scent

This is one of my favorite series because I don’t have many accessories that I wear on a daily basis, which makes them very important and quite essential!

Accessories are something that enhance your beauty and also your style. You can never go wrong with accessories as long as they say what you want about yourself. Even wearing too many accessories can say something about who you are.

It’s what really can make us feel like individuals and can help us on our “off” days.

I know we all have had those days where we don’t look our greatest, perhaps your hair is doing that weird curl thing again or you woke up with a huge pimple smack in the middle of your eyes. (I’ve done both!) And you need something to make you feel beautiful, well here comes the accessories.

Today I’m talking about smells!


What’s your scent?

We all have them.

Our signature scents.

For some, they change every season and for others, they are a one-and-done. I am more of the latter girl. I have picked one about a decade ago and I have never strayed.

You could call me boring, but really it’s for two reasons.



My close family knows what to buy me if they are stuck and they will know that I will truly love it.


And two…

I don’t have to worry about it not smelling good on me. I can be completely confident that it embodies who I am and what I want to portray to the world.

Try it first

There’s a reason that you can go to department stores or the actual store and test out the scent first. Not because we think that we are getting something free out of it, but rather one scent that smells beautiful on one woman might smell foul on another!

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Why you ask? Well according to this article, they really have not done too much research into it, however they believe it has to do with your pH level and other individual factors, such as oily or dry skin.

So, when you saw that commercial with Julia Roberts or some other fancy celebrity and think, “It must be great!” Try it on yourself first because it could smell awful!

Plus, there’s always something that makes you feel sexy. Even if all the scents smell delicious on you, you need to find that one (or two) that you utterly find irresistible on yourself.


What makes it a signature scent?

Just like anything that is signature, it will remind people of you when they smell it. It is something like the cleavage of Sofia Loren or white pony tail and sunglasses of Karl Lagerfeld. It is something that is unmistakably you.

How can you achieve this?


Wear it as much as you can. To make something “yours” you need to embrace it and make it a staple. This goes with anything.

I really like the idea of a signature anything, but for this purpose we will talk about scents, just because I find smells can really bring you back to a wonderful memory and my reinforcing that with yourself (as long as you’re good to people) will always bring back good memories of you.

Make it a habit. Wear it all day every day without fail and it will become yours. But please! LET ME REPEAT: Please do not tell anyone “Oh this is my scent” or “I love this perfume I think I will wear it every day!” or even “Smell me!”

It will become yours naturally, don’t force it because it will do the opposite. Be subtle, always.


Can’t decide

This can happen, especially now with so many different options out there! They are also concocting so many beautiful aromas every day!

Try these few tips.

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1) Keep it classic

If you only want to stick to one scent and that’s it, pick something that is good all year round. Make sure to choose one that has been around for many years, even decades, to ensure that the probability of it existing in the future is greater.


2) Wear it for one whole week

If you’re able to get a little tester, than wear it for a week and see how you feel afterwards. During that week you have probably been upset, eaten foods that you normally eat, done things that could cause you to wipe off the perfume and other natural actions. Maybe you’re even a bit dirtier than you were when you initially tried it on!

Do you still love it?


3) Try all its products 

You must try the eau de parfum (or toilette), the cream, the real perfume (if you can afford it!), and any other products that they offer with that scent.

It’s not necessary to purchase them, but if you know for a fact that they all smell wonderful on you then it’s easier down the road when you want other options.


Still can’t decide!

Then think of it this way…

You don’t need to pick something right away. Let it be a fun journey that you go on and test out ones especially at different times of the year.

Spring: Try the traditional floral, or go completely crazy and do something different like cinnamon or ones that are naturally for fall or winter. It’s always fun to do something not expected — that’s also why it can be so sexy! (So long as you own it!)

Summer: This is a season where as long as it is light, you are safe. Some people I know just want something that smells like fresh air, or remind them of a summer breeze at the beach. Don’t quite know how that would smell, but all I know is that it is a feeling that it gives them which is so important. That’s why I asked you to try it for a week and see what frame of mind it puts you in.

 Fall: Heavier scents are making their way back and vanillas and cinnamon are a great choice. Ones that make you think of cuddling up and just staying warm is all great choices.

Winter: Anything goes. Really it does. Heavy scents, light scents, spicy ones that might almost burn the nostrils, ones that are pungent and linger. It doesn’t matter. For some reason people are more forgiving in the winter and possibly long for beautiful scents since it’s cold out and the only thing you’re getting outside is frostbite!


“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

-Christian Dior


In conclusion

Go through your scents that you already have and if you don’t know which one to pick, then don’t. Try one every week and see how you feel in it.

Let it come naturally because that is when you know that it’s truly yours. Don’t feel that it is something to rush either because than you are blinded by time and that could make you choose the wrong one. And it’s not usually a cheap fix!

The perfume scent is for no one other than yourself. You need to feel beautiful in it. The fact that others catch your aroma is only the added pleasure.


Have a great day!




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