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Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

Christmas can be stressful

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

Being prepared is elegant. I’m here to help!

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.  

Charles Dickens

…But with a Christmas shopping guide it doens’t have to be!

So here we are, it’s the beginning of the holidays! Thanksgiving is over and now we are just trucking right towards Christmas!

This is my favorite time of the year, but I am sure you already know this! However, if you’re like my husband, he gets a little anxious because of the pressure of getting the right gifts.

And I am not going to lie, he’s right.

The amount of money that gets spent each year is getting outrageous, especially if you don’t have the extra cash.

But finding the perfect gift doesn’t need to be as hard as you think!

I’ve been taking notes and wanted to make sure I made a good comprehensive list that I could assure you that these gifts will be perfect for those ones on your list!

This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase anything on these links I may receive a small compensation.

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

For those that love self-care


I know that today we are all so busy, which means that we are most likely on our feet for most of the day!

This beautiful massager is a gift that I would love to get because it is heated, and provides deep kneading techniques!

I know some people who suffer from plantar fasciitis that would love this! It also can improve blood circulation which I know is always a plus!

To be honest, I don’t know one person that wouldn’t love this foot massager!


These masks make a great stocking stuffer! They are small, compact, but pack a big punch!

For the people that adore self-care and spa moments at home, then this is the gift for them!

I personally love getting these because they’re quick, they’re effective and they are mostly inexpensive.


I’m a pretty big fan of gift baskets.

They are simple, beautiful and can be really thoughtful!

This self-care basket is a perfect little gift for a teacher, for a neighbor, for a daughter, for almost anyone really!

Something perfect to go along with the self-care theme is a book exactly on self-care!

There are many books on self-care but this one is amazing because it taps into the older forms and sees them with a modern eye.

This is a perfect gift for someone who is interested in the idea of self-care and wants to continue learning about it!

Or, honestly, because so many people are into self-care, it’s a gift for really anyone!

The WOW Factor


I realize that this isn’t the most attractive self-care item out there. But holy cow, this is the gift that any woman or man would just love!

It fits on most chairs, I mean you could go from the living room, dining room, heck, even the car!

This gives the heat needed, it’s a Shiatsu massage that will take all the stresses of the days and melt them away!

You’ll be talk of the family with this gift! I’m even trying to hint this to my husband!

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

For the Baking/Cooking Enthsuiasts

Honestly, how cool are these?!

I bought these and I love them! I think they are so amazing and can make whatever baked donuts I want!

They are great for almost everyone because not a lot of people have these, so it’s a great gift!

It’s something different and so lovely!

Not many people would give cooling trays as a Christmas gift, but this one is an exception!

Like many people, we are all short on counterspace and to be able to do 3-layers high is smart!

Even for those that want to display the delicious baked goods you would be able to use this as well!

A great gift to bakers because let’s be honest, can you really have too many cooling racks?

Yes, the infamous Instant Pot.

I am adding this to the list in hopes that I get one this year! I realize this isn’t quite a new product but I hear they are life changing!

I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews on it and I feel that it’s as important as a crock pot.

This Instant Pot has many amazing features – besides cooking things super fast!

If you want an upgraded one, check this one out!


Simple, wow! Isn’t that just so beautiful?

What I think is so great about this gift is that it’s all stainless steel, so the quality is there.

For the people who needs everything to match, this is the gift!

It’s perfect for young couples just moving out, it’s perfect for people who are just getting into cooking or baking and will need some supplies.

Essentially, it’s perfect for everyone!

This is a great complete set.

The WOW Factor


Do you want to completely surprise someone this year?

Then this Vitamix is the way to go!

I have one, and I honestly use it every. single. day! I know that if I would have received one, it would have rocked my world! (Because it rocks my world now!)

You really cannot go wrong with a this because it does everything an average blender would do, but way, way more!

Gift them this blender and change their kitchen forever!

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

For the Tech Savvy

The tech savvy people really are in for a treat this year! I feel that everything all tech related is so beautiful and more reasonably priced than ever before!

I bought this for a gift for someone, and I can’t wait for it to come in!

This color is ONLY from Amazon and it’s so beautiful. But there is also a black and pink option as well.

It is such a sleek watch that will look elegant in casual, sporty, or business attire and keeps track of everything you would want!

This is a gift that is sure to please! At least I hope so because I’m so excited to give it away this Christmas!

The Chromebook!

You know, I’m ashamed to say that I used to not really like them too much, but that’s mostly because I didn’t understand them!

When I went and talked to somone about them, I understood why they are so wonderful! Plus, the later models have been getting really good!

This one is a bit on the more higher side, but they don’t need to be! I really love this one, not only because it’s more affordable, but really sleek too!

For the people that love technology, they probably want to have their whole house smart as well!

This new Amazon Echo will do exactly that and more!

What a perfect gift for people who love the technology and want to expand!

And if they already have this, you can surprise them with these smart plugs that will allow them to hook up devices to their Echo!

How cool are these?!

Sometimes I can’t believe that they finally came up with these, but it was only a matter of time.

This would make such a great gift for so many different people because everyone you don’t necessarily need to be tech savvy to use them.

There are also wireless airbuds that come with a wireless charger which makes it also a very high tech gift!

Very snappy!

And for the ones that are trying to become tech savvy, but haven’t yet got the television, this is the absolute perfect gift!

It’s very simple to connect and it works like a charm!

My husband had to buy one and it works really well! We watch Netflix, screen mirror, YouTube and Prime with ease! Plus we get many free streaming channels with it too!


The WOW Factor


This is QUITE the gift that I suppose anyone would be the happiest to receive!

Acer is a great company, I have had one for a few years and I find them to be working very well for what I need it for.

Perfect for a student, a parent, or someone that just needs a new laptop! This one is a bit pricey, but there are other ones here.

If there is a gamer that you would love to spoil, check out this wonderful one! I know someone who has a Predator and wow… it’s great! But let me warn you, it can be quite expensive!


Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

For Zero Waste


I’m not going to lie, I never quite understood these dryer balls until I heard someone explain them and how brilliant of an idea!

These can replace the dryer sheets that end up in the garbage anyways.

This is a perfect little gift for anyone with a dryer!

I had to stop using the face soap wipes because it was bothering me how much was going into the landfill, especially after a one time use.

But of course, someone thought of this and it makes a great gift. It also comes with a laundry bag to make washing them that much easier!

Perfect gift for anyone that is living a zero-waste lifestyle, someone who is interested, or really anyone who uses a toothbrush!

I bought wooden ones a while back and I can’t believe that I haven’t went wooden before!

There is really no difference, and I know that I am not putting more needless plastic in the landfill.

This makes a GREAT stocking stuffer!

It’s a matter of fact that plastic is on its way out! One way to better prepare yourself or others are these muslin produce bags.

Again, I have a few of them and I use them almost every time we go shopping. I love them. They feel great, they look great, and it’s funny because they make me feel like I’m doing something better for the environment!

You can never have too many of these bags!



I bought this book, and I still go back to it.

Personally, I really enjoyed this book because it gave me ideas, information and inspiration.

If you know someone who is on the fence, thinking about it, just starting out, or someone you want to give a hint to, this book is a great addition to their library!

If you’re looking for more books, I also have this one.

And I can’t help but include these water bottles.

This is another gift that everyone can use. Children, parents, teenagers, students… everyone!

I find that these bottles are so beautiful while also being eco-friendly and zero waste!

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

For Teachers


What an adorable mug to make any teacher smile! I think these are sentimental enough but not over the top either.

It expresses gratitude without being too sappy.


I know that if I was a teacher, I would be buying one of these in a flash!

Especially with the cold and dry weather coming, touching chalk makes your hands so rough and dry.

This very smart little contraption will make any teacher very happy to get!


Want a cute laugh?

This stemless wine glass will do just that! I think this is so adorable, especially if you know the teacher a little more personally.

Like, just how cute?!

I really like this gift, because it is so different.

It’s also just so adorable and actually quite useful that won’t just end up just junk.

And really, who doesn’t have the need for post its!

There are times when gifts are something not useful, but cute or thoughtful. And sometimes there are gifts that are practical.

These stamps will get a lot of use from the teacher and it’s nice to get something really different for your teacher!

Every teacher can use these stamps with ease, and have fun doing it!

These stamps are so much fun! It will make marking tests a blast! (Maybe!)

I know I can’t be the only one that adores these printable-ish notepads?

Being organized is a wonderful feeling, and an even better gift! This beautiful notepad is sure to inspire a lot this Christmas season!

If you have to buy for a female teacher (or one that you could see interested in this), then I think this makes one of the greatest gifts.

Teachers are all used to seeing the same gifts every year. Whether it is coffee gift certificates or chocolates, this bracelet is completely different.

That’s why I think this gift will be a gift that she remembers.

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

For Other Children

My kids are relatively young, and to be honest they very rarely play video games.

But when they do, they utterly love Minecraft. At first I didn’t understand the concept of this game, but really it’s just like legos but ones that defy gravity and you can really go crazy!

My boys love this and I think it’s not bad, there is no violence, no blood, and can be in creative mode  — so fun!

Now this game brings back memories!

It is such a simple game that anyone can play this game and really, it is so easy you can’t go wrong!

This game is perfect for family game night or even for children to play alone.

To be honest, this game is great for people of all ages because you match your card with what is on the board.

It’s simple, but so fun!

This isn’t exactly the typical kid’s toy, but my sister and I always wanted a set of these!

The amount of fun kids have with the most random items is amazing!

Let these walkie-talkies spark some imagination and play time this holiday season!

How do you feel about puzzles?

My three boys love them! I do too, but secretly I hate when they are just left because they are “still working on it”!

It’s great for learning where things go, and spatial awareness. It’s a wonderful way to bond and talk too.

Puzzles are always good old-fashioned fun!

I’ve heard so much about these that I needed to check it out for myself.

I love how every generation has their toys that they remember and look back. These Hatchimals will be one for sure!

This is a great gift for Christmas and it’s so darn adorable!

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

For Husbands

Sometimes having something playful is the perfect gift. We are always stuck trying to find the most expensive gift to show our love, but this game could be it.

You get to play with each other, spark conversation, in this game there are cards that ask questions for both of you to answer.

This great is perfect for the newer married couples or any one who just feels like connecting more!

Are you married or dating someone who loves survival?

Or maybe he is really into hunting and wants something portable. This kit  also would be something nice to have in the trunk of your car because in instances when something happens, you might need one of these useful tools.

I know my husband would love this so I’m just putting it on this list!

Is your husband like mine, and even my dad?

They just love comfortable slippers. I have bought my husband different kinds of slippers. Some being open in the back (which is my favorite!) but he prefers ones like shoes.

Slippers are a great addition to a gift because they usually are inexpensive and very practical!

He might find this one under the tree this year!

Does your hubby have a beard or mustache?

This inexpensive beard grooming kit is a great stocking stuffer, or a gift in itself.

I don’t know about your husband, but mine just loves when he gets different oils or products for his beard.

I guess it’s because us women have the chance to get so many good smelling lotions and moisturiziers while he doesn’t.

Maybe this makes him feel special, or maybe he just likes to smell good, regardless I’m sure any man with some facial hair would love it!

Here is a little bit more pricey one for a step up.

Professional or not, every man needs a good watch in his life. There are always some occasions that wearing a beautiful watch is warranted.

It doesn’t need to be wallet-emptying either! This watch is well made, simple, sleek and isn’t too bad!

Surprise him with a watch that he can wear every day, or add to his collection! IF he already has a brown watch, try this beautiful black band.

Wow, this is for all music lovers of any sort!

It plays 8 different kinds of forms of music. Bluetooth, CD, radio, record player, and more!

We bought the step down from this one for my father-in-law, because at the time we didn’t know this one existed, and it works so nicely. At dinner times with the family we play old records and it sounds perfect!

I highly recommend this gift to anyone who loves music! Plus this retro look is adorable and can fit into almost any decor!

Christmas Shopping Guide 2019

In Conclusion

Christmas shopping can be so much fun, when you’re not completely stressed out. Sadly this is how most of our holiday seasons are because we often wait until the last minute to do things.


Before, I used to leave everything to the last minute and that often ended up with me going crazy and was really not elegant in any way.


I hope that this list inspires you to start your Christmas shopping early, get many ideas that you need, and don’t let the pressures and stress weigh on you this beautiful holiday season.

Need inspiration?

Read this!

“Our character is not defined in the good times, but in the hard times.”

Paul Brodie