Feed Yourself Well with These 4 Simple Tips

Feed Yourself Well with These 4 Simple Tips

Feed yourself well

Elegance is being well rounded

Be elegant: Feed yourself well. If you are looking for other ways to improve your life, keep reading!

You are easily influenced by what you surround yourself with on a daily basis. I am sure you’ve heard the saying “You are the average of your five closest friends.”

But if that’s true then shouldn’t the same apply with what you eat? Or what you find entertaining? 

When I was a younger (and albeit, stupid) girl, I would ferociously stuff myself with my childhood vice, sour patch kids, to which I would immediately regret.

Not only would my stomach be in agony but my poor tongue! Anyways, there was no way I could be an elegant girl when I felt so rotten. 

Even now, think of when you overeat something whether it is savory or sweet, you feel exhausted.

The rest of the night is ruined and you can’t do much else. Plus the next morning, you are still feeling the effects.

It’s terrible! (All this talk might be showing my age!)

But what about feeding yourself in other ways?

Like mentioned earlier, through entertainment? Now with streaming services, binging shows has never been easier.

That means that not only are we are able to be, dare I say, even lazier but we are enabling this past time, allowing it to be socially acceptable!

I’m sure you’re not learning too much watching Punisher!

However, I can hear most of you moaning, “But Jennifer, I’ve worked hard all day, I need a break and I deserve this!”

To which I would respond, “Yes, you did work hard, but it would be like giving someone who lost ten pounds a tub of ice cream to celebrate!”

It will set them back and make them feel terrible.

Everything they did was for essentially nothing.

When you worked hard all day, being the elegant woman that you are, finish the day strong and do something elegant by feeding your mind something that will help you grow. 

So let’s work together to be elegant, feed ourselves well!

Feed yourself well

The Guilty Pleasure

What about guilty pleasures you say?


I do have quite a few of those. One being YouTube, which we know could either make you feel stupid for wasting so much time or it could improve your knowledge by watching something educational.

This is a great time to develop a habit that will enrich your mind by taking advantage of videos that can teach you something.

Take your guilty pleasure and turn it into something positive or that doesn’t “waste your time”. 


Other ideas to “feed” yourself in a positive way is to surround yourself with beautiful music.

There are many times that we listen to music or some form of audio entertainment and not think too much about it.

However, it is potential growth time.

When you become more aware of the time that you have and how you can spend it wisely, after many years it can seriously amount to something huge! 


Sometimes, I wish I would have read more every day. The amount of books I could have consumed would have been amazing. 


Practicing something on a daily basis can seem pointless, but I’m going to save that for another post. 

Feed yourself well

What are other ways?

What’s left then?

We’ve talked about watching, listening, eating, what about touching? How to feed yourself well when it comes to touching?

What am I talking about?

Well to answer your question, I mean the quality of fabrics that you are putting onto your body. 

This sounds a little weird, but bare with me. 

Is it not true that when you dress up a little nicer, you actually feel better? This is not anything new.

People have been talking about this for awhile. “Dress how you want to portray to people.” kind-of-attitude, and honestly it does work.

So, I am just going to quickly bring it up here. 

The idea about feeding yourself well is about consciously surrounding yourself with anything that can improve your life.

If wearing something of quality and beauty makes you feel like the elegant woman that you are, then it is working.

But it’s important to keep in mind that the elegance always comes from within. 

Give yourself some love

Feeding yourself well is a wonderful way to show yourself the love and respect that you deserve.

That is what can elevate you from being just a woman, to being the woman you desire to be.

It’s these little touches that those women who have that “look” use as their secret weapon.

Now, you might be wondering, how can you implement this in your daily life, and luckily it’s quite attainable if you’re willing to work for it.  

The ultimate…

How to Feed Yourself Well

Eat Well

Let’s begin this with the most obvious of all. Eat well. 

Now, this is no food or diet blog and I know just how personal this conversation can be, so I will keep it light.

Eating well does so much for you. It lets you wake up early (in a better mood), you feel light in your body.

And best of all, it takes that little nagging voice and quiets it. 

If you think back to yourself how many times that  you eat something “bad” for yourself, that you regret it and feel a little stupid.

Either because of your lack of discipline or that you didn’t prepare something else.

That little nagging voice can start quiet and escalate to an ongoing stress that is constantly on your mind. 

It can be time consuming and tortuous.

So, prevent the whole vicious cycle of eating junk, feeling bad for yourself, feeling guilty, then mad so you eat something you know you shouldn’t. 

Avoid the whole fiasco and eat well. 

Listen Well 

Another form of entertainment that’s older than television is radio.

Or, perhaps more modern, music, audiobooks, talk radio, anything that needs you to listen.

We spend a lot of our time listening because we are driving, preparing food in the kitchen, running or walking, cleaning, or even just getting ready in the morning.

If you think about all those waking hours where you can do something to better yourself, it’s amazing.

Give yourself the gift of education and knowledge in anything that merely interests you.

It doesn’t need to be traditionally “educational”.

Make yourself feel happier and improved as well.


What medium is best?

Try to find a medium that best fits with your lifestyle.

I know that at the moment, with three boys I don’t watch much television, but I do listen to YouTube often.

I haven’t really listened to many podcasts yet, but I know they can be very exciting.

If anyone has any recommendations please let me know in the comments below. 

If you know that you could accidentally get sucked into YouTube’s rabbit hole, which I admit can easily happen if you’re not careful, music is a wonderful option.

Music has a way of relaxing you, pumping you up, making you feel happy, lets you cry out your emotions.

No matter what, there’s a song for you at any moment.

When you feed yourself well with music it can open you up to different thoughts and feelings. It can make you feel beautiful and arouse inspiration.

But what kind of music is defined as “well”, when it comes to feeding yourself? 

It depends. 

There’s the classical music which can make you smarter, or at least inspire you to do things for yourself like read a book.

For me, I love listening to foreign music, especially older ones from the 40’s.

This being after World War 2, and their countries being so happy that they won the war and they get to experience freedom, they are also trying to rebuild their cities and fix the damage.

But regardless, the music has such a powerful way to inspire you! Don’t get stuck only listening to one kind of music either.

Expand your horizons and keep an open mind. 

I bet that at some point today that you listened to music, you felt inspired and bettered yourself because of it! 


Watch Well 

Mentioning guilty pleasures, watching “bad” shows used to take up my down time that I almost gave up television.

I feel like there really isn’t much on that can make you a better person.

I know that some of you will beg to differ, but I find that true for me.

I always find myself gravitating towards the junk. (it’s terrible!) 

Now, with all the different methods of watching entertainment, it’s almost impossible to escape it!

That’s why it’s so important to choose something that will feed your mind in a positive way.

While some people can argue that there are too many options, I can say that now more than ever before free education is so easy to ingest!

It’s just a click of the internet.

Whether that’s learning a new language, cooking any ethnic culture’s recipe, or reading about the history of the universe. 

In reality, there is so much knowledge out there for the taking.

If you choose the right material, you can make yourself a better person.

It’s in your hands. 

If watching isn’t your thing, reading is vast.

Like I mentioned before, you need to find what really speaks to you and it also depends on what season of life you are in.

There are times where reading is much easier and more enjoyable, like with older children or when you can take half an hour out of your day to sit down and devour a beautiful book.

The whole idea here is to take what you’re doing already and replace it for something that will benefit you.

You aren’t getting much out of a gossip magazine but if you switch from one of those to learning how to (insert something that tickles your fancy) then think of a year later and how much knowledge you’ve collected!

Even if it is only ten minutes a day, it would be 60 hours a year of learning!

Use your eyes to enrich you, not waste your time and turn you into a zombie, because that is what happens. 

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Touch Well 

This one sounds a little funny but has just the same amount of impact on your life.

Why do you think that the importance of fabrics is held high?

Isn’t it funny when you wear something made of wool your day is ruined, unless you wore a cotton shirt underneath? 

Simply because when something makes you feel nice, your attitude reflects it.

Think of this example, so you are feeling extra bloated today and you rushed out of the house and put on the first things you saw.

Which happened to be thick jeans that are always on the snug side and a shirt that rides up (and to make it extra annoying, let’s pretend it is made of cheap polyester!)

How do you think that day is going to be like? 

Probably terrible! 

So whatever touches your body needs to make you feel amazing! 

You feed yourself well by buying clothes that make you feel more “you” and by wearing makeup that enhances your natural beauty instead of wearing a mask.

It’s very easy to find ways to cover yourself up with clothing, makeup and accessories.

Especially ones that scream so loudly that people can’t see the real you.

Stop hiding!

By paying attention to the little details, such as how something as trivial as these pants make you feel, you can make the rest of your day better which will affect every aspect of your life. .

It really is all connected. 


Feed yourself well

In Conclusion

Feeding yourself well will change your life and they really are just the simple switches that you can do on a daily basis.

It might take months to implement all of them in your life and allow time to take place. 

If you get really excited and try to change too much too fast, it rarely sticks, plus you’ll get burned out and then the guilty feelings come over you like a heavy blanket.

Trust me on this because it has happened to me before (more than once!)  

Try and think of this as a way to get to know yourself better.

Develop hobbies and perfect the ones you have already.

Think of all that free knowledge at the tips of your fingers and how most of us (myself included on this), we just let it go to waste and we spend our time doing something that won’t ever make us better. 


By bettering yourself well in all parts, your body will reap the benefits.

Start today and switch out one thing you think is wasteful and find something that you can learn from to replace it. 


Let me know in the comments below if you have something that feeds you well!


Need inspiration?

Read this!

“Change is your friend not your foe; change is a brilliant opportunity to grow”

-Simon T. Bailey

I would love to keep the chat going and leave a comment! Once you’re done, let’s connect on social media!

Let’s stay connected!

I Overindulged… Now What?

I Overindulged… Now What?

Are you like me?

Did you eat too many cookies, heavy food and too many rich desserts?

I did, and it’s funny how I justify it because,

…it’s just the season. 

…everyone does it this time of year. 

… as soon as January 1st hits, I’m going back to eating healthy.

It’s terrible because when you allow some time to do this, you almost always end up worse than you began and this rut that you’re now trying to scrape yourself out of is just so much more disheartening.

But luckily, we are not alone. So many people put on some weight or at least get knocked off their schedule for eating and exercising.


First, it’s perfectly okay

Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Really don’t because you end up just wasting more time and feeling bad for yourself which gets really annoying really fast!

 It’s also hard to get yourself moving in a more positive light when you’re repeatedly feeling stupid for “letting yourself go.” 

There is nothing wrong with indulging and even overindulging at times. Although I don’t think it is ever really elegant to overindulge, it still happens on occasion. The most important factor is to learn from it and try not to make the same mistakes again. Meaning, after you over do it, how many times do you regret it?

If you’re anything like me, you regret it every single time!


Don’t be discouraged

Trust me when I tell you that I know how hard it is to get back on track after you’ve slid off the tracks and fell down a cliff! It’s so terrible and I never can understand why it has to be so hard! But the good news — is that it is possible with a little hard work and perseverance.


Whenever you feel the doubt setting in, you must begin with why you started. What was the original motivation? Was it to fit into an outfit for some celebration? Was it just in time for a reunion? Perhaps it was to just feel good about yourself.


Whatever it was, remind yourself. Have pictures, have the outfit, have the invitation. Do whatever you need to do to bring back those excited feelings of why you wanted to do it in the first place.

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Let go of the guilt

 I can be terrible at this.

It’s almost like just repeatedly telling myself how shameful I am at the lack of control I had. Well to be honest, that is one of the worst ways to sabotage yourself and most always make things worse.

You might think why are you doing this to yourself?

Because it’s easy to blame yourself, which makes it worse and you usually continue to do the bad thing… also because it’s super easy to not change!

I know it’s hard to forget the feeling of being disappointed with yourself, but it’s terribly important to be gracious with yourself and let it go.

It happened.

Can’t change the past so stop focusing on it and let it go!

Now! Let’s move on!

Have a plan

This can be fun!

We tend to waiting to start. If you’re like me, you’ll probably say things that sound similar to:

– “Oh I’ll start at the beginning of next week, no sense starting on a Tuesday!”

– “Well, I’ve already had a little chocolate, I might as well just let it all go out and give into every temptation because why not?!”

– “Life’s too short to not eat that!”


It was even hard to write those, because I know I’m wrong — but why do I continue to self-sabotage?

It’s crazy and I need to delete those words from my vocabulary!

Having a plan will help you on the most critical time of your journey. With a plan in place you will be armed with everything you need just in case you did have some extra chips or chocolate you weren’t supposed to have. To prevent an all-out-bender, the plan will help you ease back onto the tracks with minimal damage!

Always a good thing in my books.


What kind of plan and how do I make one?

Very good question.

Since it is all very different, because we are all very different — you will have to take the first steps and sit down and create back up strategies when these certain circumstances arise. But having a plan in place will be incredibly helpful and I promise you that.


I can’t make the plan for you, so after reading this, sit down and think to yourself different places you will be and what kind of situations will you be in that you know will probably create a problem for your discipline and motivation.

Promise yourself change

This is the vital step.

Why you ask?

Because this is when the magic happens! This is when you are able to start the wheels in motion, which could be difficult but once you get going it always gets easier!

It’s almost like a catch 22. It feels almost impossible to begin, but once you go it just feels so much easier.

Give yourself a date and time that you will change. You will stop overdoing it.

The hardest part is setting a time and actually sticking to it.

Once that date rolls around, get prepared. Make sure you have all the tools and materials you will need to achieve success and it will happen.

For us, it’s naturally at the start of the week but sometimes we need to remind ourselves and reset ourselves in the middle of the week.

Do what works best for you.

“The weak thrive on indulgence.”
― Dan Groa

In conclusion

It is very normal to overindulge over the holidays, but it is very important that you take action sooner rather than later.

It’s never fun trying to play catch up, but even if that happens (which it most likely will), doing something about it is always a great feeling!

After you feel like you’ve overindulged, first acknowledge it and then make a plan. Make a plan that will work with your life and what you are doing at that moment. If you are a new mother to a baby, you can’t expect to have too much time on your hands to cook for three hours a meal.

Do what you can and be gentle on yourself. The most crucial part is that you are doing something about it!


Have you overindulged lately? Let me know in the comments below!


Talk soon and have a wonderful day ???



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How to be Patient: Tips to wait elegantly without frustration

How to be Patient: Tips to wait elegantly without frustration

Being patient.


It’s a funny thing. The more you want it, the less you’ll have.


I swear!


How do you think you fare when it comes to being patient?


When I tell myself in the morning, “Okay, today I will not get too angry too fast and I will not be quick to anger.”… What happens?


I let my emotions get the best of me!


It’s definitely something that I need to work on because I don’t want the boys or my husband to see that I cannot control myself. It is very not elegant to do so.


There are moments that I give myself a little more leeway and if it happens I don’t get so upset, but that shouldn’t be the case. Although I might be having a bad day, I should never make excuses for bad behavior.


Learning to have patience takes time…(isn’t that funny!)


Remember that patience is a virtue so therefore, it might not be easy to obtain but once you have it, it is very rewarding!


In this post, I will be sharing some tips that I use to make sure that I remain as elegant as possible when my patience is being tested (and with 3 boys it gets tested often 😉 )

Are you impatient?


Some signs that can show that you are losing your patience or that you just need to work on  your patience is:


  • Fidgeting
  • Imagining that you are somewhere else
  • Thinking wherever you have to be is more important
  • Feeling yourself getting angry for no reason other than you feel like your time is being wasted
  • Tightening of the muscles (clenching your fist or jaw)
  • Quick to answer that isn’t a thoughtful answer
  • Rushing them or yourself
  • Saying “yeah” for the sole purpose to hurry them up


There are many ways that you can tell if you’re being impatient. I don’t think I need to tell you because we all know those moments when they happen. For me, it’s when I am trying to get some cleaning done and I have to hear for the 100th time that one of the boys “blew up” another Lego structure I might blow myself up! ( Just kidding, I love them 😛 )


There are times when it may or may not be a problem, because there are people who are chronically impatient. This is not exactly what I am talking about, I am mostly referring to people like myself who on occasion (and sometimes more frequently) will let their emotions get the best of them and instead of stopping to smell the roses, they react quickly which isn’t very elegant.

Patience and your health

It is practically common sense that waiting with a good attitude can do wonders for your health.


When we are calmer it is good for our heart because it doesn’t put a load of unnecessary stress on our body. It’s hard to deny that when we are going about our day with a slow attitude, we feel better. We feel happy.


According to Live Science,


“In a 2000 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that young adults who had high hostility levels were predisposed to plaque build-up in their coronary arteries.”


So something so simple as getting irritated on a regular basis because you want to hurry up can lead to unwanted heart issues.


Even according to the Washington Post, impatience can lead to gaining too much weight, which it may or may not be true. However, if you think about it, impatience leads to instant gratification and therefore will make you gain more weight and lead to unhealthy eating habits.


Adopting a more elegant lifestyle and letting things roll off your back and take time to smell the roses may help you live longer, healthier lives.


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How to be patient


1) Slow down

You are not going to implode if you are running a little late or if you are stuck in a conversation that you clearly are not interested in.


For the people from the 80’s… do what Frankie says and relax!


It needs to be said that if you cannot take a few minutes of your day to chat with someone or wait behind someone else, perhaps you are a little high strung or take too much on your daily plate.


Life is so much more fun when you slow down and take in every second as it is.


2) Focus on giving and maintain eye contact

This one is so hard when you are just starting out. But mastering this is so vital because eye contact is a key indicator that you are actively listening. It shows respect which is what we all essentially want.


By forcing yourself to give eye contact it will also make you listen to them. Regardless of what it is on your mind, by doing this act will help you to rid yourself of the impatience. It reminds you what is important.


3) Put yourself in their perspective


You know when you’re so excited about something and you don’t care who you tell, but you just want to talk about it. Well now imagine this is how the other person feels and you could care less.


Sometimes when I think about that, it makes me a little sad that I would rush other people when they were just simply excited to tell me about their story.


Follow the golden rule, if you want others to listen to your boring stories, you must do the same for them!


4) You’re not that important

If you’re stuck in line waiting to check out your groceries and there is someone up there trying to price check (I always seem to pick these lines!) and it’s taking the new cashier (because why not?) fifteen minutes to figure out how to do each


It’s vital to get off your high horse and come to the realization that people will not rush or go fast because you are there. The sooner you can come to terms, the easier it will be on you!


5) You can see so much beauty in waiting

When I used to talk to mothers of young children and they had to wait in line or wait for something (even when they were getting their license plate renewed) they would say that this waiting was like a vacation.


It’s true when you think about it.


You cannot do anything while waiting. You are stuck there and all you have at the moment is time. Time to think, time to not think, time just to relax and be in the moment.


6) Make yourself wait, even if you’re not in a rush

I love doing this.


There is a time when you are following someone driving slowly and instead of passing them, stay behind and make yourself wait it out. It just takes time and lots of it too because our first reaction might be to get far away from the slowness of people, but don’t. Even if you have nowhere to go, do this.


Allow yourself to feel the frustration of waiting. If you get irritated, and you’re not in a rush, this gives you even more of a reason to question yourself and why you feel the need to not be patient.


Practice makes perfect.

7) Embrace the moment and enjoy it

You never know, this might be the last time you might talk to this person.


This might sound a little harsh but in all honesty, we really never know. And wouldn’t you just hate yourself if the last time you talked to someone, you were annoyed or just didn’t feel like talking to them so you were short?


It matters, people matter.


Enjoy the conversation. Try to learn something new from them and that might make you listen more intently to what they are saying.


Patience is not the same as waiting


It’s all in your state of mind.


If you’re waiting but being a pain in the butt about, you’re not being patient — you’re just being annoying!


In order to become that elegant woman who waits with poise, we must practice that as well. I suppose the first step would be to wait. Just wait. If you’re able to wait that is the hardest part. But once you can at least physically wait, now we can work on the mental part.


It’s time we start thinking that waiting is not a nuisance but a reminder that life isn’t about us. Life is about serving others and that might mean being a shoulder to lean on, having an ear to listen or not tailgating because we want them to get the hint to hurry up.


Learning and embracing the art of patience can lead to a lifetime of happiness and serenity. It will only hurt ourselves to act like it doesn’t exist in our lives. Practice it daily.


“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

Saint Augustine


Don’t feel guilty


Don’t forget, you are human and it will happen. No matter who are you,  you’re never going to be perfect!


To be honest, I feel that women particularly, have a great way of making themselves feel guilty because we can never measure up to our own ideals. So please, do not let this be another thing that we can use as a way to either shame ourselves or make us not feel good enough.


There are times when we are truly in a rush and don’t have time for that small talk chit chat that our neighbor might want to talk.


But I promise, being more patient can help you in your life and your health.


When you begin to feel guilty for not being the most gracious and poised person, remember the situation and try your hardest to learn from those mistakes.


What were your triggers? What caused you to feel anxious or hurry up others?


Think of each one of your “failures” as something as experience to gain more insight.


Don’t allow the mistake again and you will not let these moments be in vain.


Practicing patience starts with being patient with yourself.


In conclusion

Patience is a beautiful trait to always be working on.


It shows compassion and love and to be honest, patience can get you so much farther in life than many other elegant woman attributes.


Be elegant, be patient and you will see how it can improve your life and your well being.


Be Elegant and Listen Carefully to Your Body

Be Elegant and Listen Carefully to Your Body

Listen carefully to your body and what to you hear?

Is it thirst? Is it exhaustion? Maybe even a bit of everything.

An elegant woman knows that what her body is saying has more merit than you think.

I know people when their body tells them enough is enough, they keep pushing it. What usually happens is a broken body and trying to repair that can be much harder than just easing up a bit.

I think it’s the feeling of that we can have it all. We are told that we can do everything and have it all and to be honest I don’t think we can. It’s not possible! This is an emotional problem as it is a physical one.

This is time where we need to make better decisions and choices.

Listen carefully to your body and prioritize


As I am writing this post, it is almost summertime and the weather has been just so beautiful. School is just about getting out or already has for my American friends and we all couldn’t be happier with this!

When the warmer weather starts coming we start to make more and more plans.

We live with a weekend to weekend mentality which I think is just so wonderful, it actually reminds me of being a child again! It’s fun because every weekend is packed with something fun and exciting and as we work we impatiently wait for the weekend. Ah, to be a child again!

It’s a completely different feeling than in the winter.

However, as we like to think, with the laying around near the pools and enjoying the sun, we actually start to do more than we plan on. People are inviting you over for a barbecue, then there are drinks with the girls. Next thing you know, it’s a family reunion and you definitely can’t say no to that. What about the beach and you also promised your parents that you would spend a weekend with them at a cabin.

You see what easily happens?

We over schedule and overwork ourselves.

With a summer that was originally planned for taking it easy has become a busy season and we are secretly muttering under our breath that we can’t wait for September.

This is not a post on saying no, which I think deserves one on it’s own because we have people-pleasers and other elegant woman that just can’t seem to say no without feeling guilty.

But this post is listening to your body and recognizing the signs that perhaps, we should pay it some true attention.

It’s a lot smarter than we realize


How many times have we dismissed ourselves.

Let me see all the mammas out there that do this on a regular basis!

I know you’re out there! It’s so easy to just stop paying yourself any attention when you have children to worry about.

But when our body sends us signals, we need to be listening and also able to understand what it needs.

I have compiled a few different and very important sensations and signals that our wonderful bodies are trying to tell us!

Eating too much food


Ah, gluttony.

This is a place where I think so many of us struggle with. It is hard to say no. It is hard to deny ourselves that extra piece of pizza or slice of cake. But in reality, we almost always regret it!

I am a terrible night eater, never used to be like this but it just sort of happened. I blame it on popcorn. It’s a gateway food to night eating! If you watch me, I should be a politician at the way I can justify with myself to eat a whole bag of chips at night! To be fair, I have been SO much better in the last year!

But if I were to stop and pause before In indulged, I would notice that my body is saying no. I usually am not hungry but feel like I want to munch on something. It’s that terrible boredom creeping in!

It’s not a good recipe for an elegant life because this habit will add a few pounds to my frame. Also, it will my night sleep not as comfortable and my skin becomes breakout central. Very attractive!

But this isn’t just for eating at night, this is just eating during any meals as well. We seldom really need a second plate of food. We aren’t slaving away on any fields like before. The amount of calories that we are expelling does not even compare the amount that we are inhaling! (Yes, inhaling!)

Our brains are telling us, “yum that was good, let’s have some more” but our stomachs (the ones we NEED to be listening to tells us, “I’m satisfied and happy”.

The moment we listen to our brain, we feel full, sluggish and lethargic. Our stomachs always know how much we need to eat, not our brain!

This is why a very good technique is to eat slowly.


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Staying up too late


The bags under eyes and feeling of just exhaustion and it’s only 10 AM! I really hate the feeling of when you wake up still tired and knowing you have many hours until you can rest your head again!

Why do we do this?

Staying up late usually never has a good reason.

Cramming for a test? Should have studied before.

Binge watching something on Netflix? I don’t think I need to justify this one.

Catching up on Facebook?

My point that I am trying to get across is that there really is no point to stay up too late. It always leads to an exhaustive next day and your sleep patterns may be off for a while.

Besides the aged and unflattering look you can get from staying up too late, your body is sluggish and will take extra time to start the day. And to make matters worse, we usually double up on the coffee the next day to give us that bounce we so crave.

It just is never a good idea to stay up too late for no good reason, and no, watching anything on Netflix is not a good reason!

Eating too many sweets


I have never been much of a sweets kind-of-girl, for me I could live completely on pasta and bread, which I suppose isn’t too much healthier!

However, that does not make me immune to my hot chocolates or other sugary drinks and my occasional (or more 😉 ) summer ice cream.

My body truly hates me when I overindulge on sweets and desserts.

I do gain a few pounds and although the weight might barely be noticeable, it’s my overall well being that is just terrible! I feel lethargic, exhausted, disgusted, unmotivated, and pretty much anything that means if-I-don’t-have-to-move-then-it’s-good-with-me attitude.

Your body has a funny way of telling you that you have had too much sugar!

I find that I get so dehydrated that I simply cannot drink enough water, which of course leads to a face that is less than plump. My skin looks dull and older! Not to mention the fine wrinkles I have around my eyes get worse.

Although this is temporary for now, it still doesn’t make it any easier when I look like that! And for what? A couple chocolate bars or too much ice cream?

Usually, it just isn’t worth it!


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Spending too much time in the sun


Our body craves the sun.

It makes us feel happier. That glow is something we try to obtain to make us look healthy.

But in the meantime, if we spend too much time outside and don’t respect how intense the sun is, we end up with burned, red, then scaly (so attractive) skin!

Okay, to be fair, this isn’t everyone! My husband has been blessed with olive skin, while I have the skin of an overly sensitive pale girl, I very rarely have a glow!

It’s good to get vitamin D but to not understand how powerful the sun is, almost is too reckless because of the skin cancers that can creep up with time. I am not suggesting to slather yourself in chemicals either, but to use common sense.

And please, consult your doctor before listening to me!

Your body does have ways to tell you enough is enough, but we just tend to ignore them for that all so special glow! You can get very dehydrated because you are out in the sun too much. My skin gets all red and blotchy during the day and I know then that I need to cover up with something or go inside before it gets any worse.

Your skin gets tight as well. If you ever got sunburned in the past, you will also know how it feels when the burn is a couple days old and the skin tightening is even more obvious!

If you’re not careful, you can even pass out from too much sun!

Please respect yourself and respect the sun. It’s so strong and powerful that we don’t stand a chance unless we take special precautions!

Wearing high heels or inappropriate shoes too much


But they are just too darn beautiful!

I know, I know, but I am just going to say one word – bunions.

Sometimes wearing proper shoes are ugly and boring, but they don’t have to be. My husband tells me that I am a bit stubborn when it comes to shoes and perhaps I am but I am slowly trying to listen to my body and realize that ballet flats for 12 hours a day at work will most likely have repercussions that I will regret.

It’s funny because, if you’re like me, you’re trying to take good care of your body inside and out, but when it comes to shoes, vanity often wins. So if you think about it, the one thing that I should be paying much more attention to because if your feet hurt or ache it affects the way you walk and therefore can hurt your joints, knees, back, spine, it could even cause your neck to have issues!

If your body is giving you signs to wear better shoes, it’s probably wise to listen! Even I am starting to listen and I inherited some Keds. Better than flats I suppose!

When I was younger I was always told to wear proper shoes, and that I will regret it one day. Well it still hasn’t come but I am starting to wear more sensible shoes more of the time! And I won’t lie, it does feel much better!

Going out for dinner too often


You’re wallet will also be able to take a breather.

Going out to eat too often can affect your waistline and your mood.

You can’t even give the excuse that you eat at “healthier” places and opt for the better options. Nope. Not buying it!

When you eat at a restaurant, you are giving other people the ability to put whatever they want in your meals. Usually, it’s almost always salt, sugar, and fat. It needs to taste great! You wouldn’t go back to the same place if the food was only okay.

But it’s funny because when we go out, which is saved for grand occasions and also when we are on vacation, I can tell because my body gives me subtle signs that I am eating out way too often!

My clothes start to feel uncomfortable, even if I haven’t gained any weight. This is all about bloat and it’s not a very good feeling! When you go out, they use so much salt and sugar that it just hurts your body if you do it too often.

With too much salt consumption means your face is not at it’s best either because your skin under eyes are baggy and puffy.

This also depends on what you eat when you go out as well, but you are more than certain to be ingesting too much salt, sugar and fat! Even with the “healthy” options! You’ve been warned!

Not drinking enough water


There are times when I know that I don’t drink enough water, but that is mainly because I know that I could have had more.

Some physical tips that your body might be trying to tell you that you need more water could be:

– dry or chapped lips (I find that this is one of the first ways that my body is hinting at more water)

– urine is cloudy, smelly and quite yellow

– skin feels drier than normal

What is very obvious to me that I have been lacking on the water is my facial skin looks terrible. It’s true and I promise I am not making this up! When I drink my daily amount of water (and then some) my skin glows brighter, the pimples disappear and my bags under my eyes deflate a little bit.

You want to know a secret to beautiful skin, let me give you a hint, it is NOT in your expensive creams or potions. It’s just in the plain simple water.

Try it out for yourself! Give it a few weeks or a month and  you will truly see the difference in your complexion and also the way your body runs!

Plus, if you’re like me and drink enough coffee for two, then add more water!


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Standing too long


People wonder why I wear pants and longer skirts.

Well, here you go!

I have ugly legs.

There, it’s out for all you to see! (but not really, because they really are ugly!)

If you work standing up or you just find that you are on your legs too much then you will know exactly what I am talking about. For me, I get spider veins (thank you Nana) and thank God they are painless but don’t look the nicest.

I have heard of also varicose veins and those are the painful ones that stick out, also not so pretty.

It’s not good to stand too long. It’s bad for your back and your legs and I find it amusing that it’s better on your body if you’re moving than if you’re stationary. So keep on moving and never stop!

Your body isn’t meant to stand or sit too long at one time. So please listen to it and when your legs are aching, move them around and get the blood flowing better.

Usually your body will react with aching feet, calves and thighs. It seems counterproductive but your legs will hurt more if you stand still, and this fear will sometimes prevent you from pushing yourself which is exactly WHAT you have to do!

If you feel this way and you can’t move, then if you can try balancing on one foot then the other.

When your body is telling you to sit or move, please listen to it because having ugly legs that can be preventable is a tragedy!

Not having proper posture


(Okay, how many of you right now just fixed your posture?!!)

This one has instant ramifications for not trying your hardest to have great posture.

I see this everywhere I go!

Of all the ones that you read here today, this is the only one that you must take away!

Having proper posture will make sure everything else works nicely in your body. It helps with the digestive system, it helps with the circulatory system and also an help you take deep breaths as well! It even makes your clothes look better on you and even instantly lose 5 pounds (well look like it at least!)

Proper posture also prevents too much back pain or leg pain simply because everything is aligned perfectly!

The way your body tells you that you need to straighten up?

Headaches. This is mainly because when you aren’t sitting correctly, the blood isn’t pumping properly into the brain.

Sore legs, lower back and neck pain.

Not to mention lack of confidence too when you aren’t standing tall!

Check yourself in a mirror as often as you can for a reminder to stand tall and proud!


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Being angry too much


Give it to God.

Don’t be so angry! What is the point? You are only hurting yourself.

But you might be yelling at your screens right now that I don’t understand how hard it can be with a husband who doesn’t help around the house and you work your 40 hours only to come home to teenagers who don’t respect or appreciate anything you do.

Yes, that would make me angry too, but only you will be feeling the sadness and hurt from it. Not to mention the furrowing wrinkles and the sparkle from your eye gone.

This is where the wrinkles set in, especially the not so attractive ones. No one likes a grumpy person. Being angry too much is also not good for your heart or also just your well being in nature.

Try your hardest to control it and like I said before, give it to God.

Rushing all the time


Rushing is just part of the North American lifestyle, no?

We rush to work, rush to bring the children to extracurricular activities, rush to make dinner (oh wait, we’re so rushed we don’t have time so let’s get takeout!). We rush to work out and we even rush our sleep (who ACTUALLY needs 8 hours?!)

That exhausts me just typing that!

Our bodies and our minds are not meant to be rushed all the time. We are to soak up the moment for all its glory. When we rush we miss the small little pleasures that truly bring us happiness.

You can’t deny that this world is moving too darn fast and we need to slow it down just a little bit! We always feel overworked because if we only had an extra hour in the day. The guilt factor comes in to play when we wish that we could have more done if we worked faster at something.

It’s not good to always be like this and our bodies are taking the consequences.

Our bodies are telling us to slow down but we are as always, ignoring the signals.

If you rush often, you might notice that your body is more tired to get up in the morning. You might be longing for some quiet time more often than normal. You might be snacking more often because your body is trying to keep up with the demands that you are putting on it.

When I find myself overwhelmed emotionally that is when I know I need to take it slower.

You might be saying, “Well yes I would love to slow down but my life is too hectic!”

I once thought that, but I prayed about it and realized that a lot of things I was doing, was not necessary. Lessen your workload, start saying no to people, slow down and see the little moments for what they are!

If you are going too fast, you might miss that child’s smile at you or the moment when everything is good even for that few precious minutes!

Elegance is perfecting the art of moderation.


Your body is a lot smarter than you might give it credit for. Yet, for some reason we have started to ignore it and think that we know what it needs and wants. This has created problems with our digestive tracts, with our bank books, with our feet and backs, practically with our whole life. It even affects our relationships because our we are angry or upset with our physical selves.

I think it’s time to start paying more attention to what our body wants and craves instead of assuming that we know best.

We are either gluttonous with material objects or food or overdoing it to the point of exhaustion.

It seems that most things are good in moderation because we can stay up late one night but doing it more than once over a period of a week can lead to exhaustion and other problems. Sure we can enjoy a huge meal, but doing it too often will lead to weight gain and feelings of disappointment.

In conclusion

As elegant women, we don’t look to other people to tell us how we should eat or how we should dress. We look to ourselves and especially pay close attention to our own bodies. They will tell you exactly how much food to eat, what height of heels to wear, when possibly it needs more sleep.

By listening to our bodies, we build a relationship with it. As it blossoms, the trust level will also increase and you will begin to trust what your body is telling you because you will know the consequences of ignoring it.

I find that this takes time and experience.

We tend to think that our brains are smarter than our bodies and that isn’t always so. Just like when our parents tell us something as teenagers and we automatically think that we know more than them, it’s the same deal.

Essentially, our brains are bratty teenagers!

When we stop and think about what we are doing and what might come of it, then we will live in better harmony and peace.

Last time I checked, peace is what I am looking for..

To live an elegant lifestyle, we need to be true to ourselves and not listen to a diet guru telling us the latest fad diet. Or that by wearing a certain color will make others fall in love with you. Even if someone tells you that you should wear those 5 inch heels to make yourself look the better, if it creates more problems — then it’s not better!.

We know better.

The Most Effective Guide with Tips to Relax When Stressed

The Most Effective Guide with Tips to Relax When Stressed

Life as an adult can be so stressful. We all can use some tips to relax when stressed.

We have so many worries and so many things to be juggling at the same time. It seems impossible to think that we can have a moment in our day that is just quiet and peaceful.

If we are lucky enough it can happen, but in between those times of serenity we are living, coping and trying to thrive with stress.

In this post, I will be explaining how to live and even thrive with stress, how to relax even when stressed, and even ways to reduce stress. Living an elegant lifestyle will also reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Continue reading to feel the weight lessen on your shoulders.

Learn Tips to Relax When Stressed and Enjoying Life Isn’t Rocket Science

Relaxing is something that we are all trying to get more of these days.

Our life is so full of stress, whether it’s work stress, family stress, emotional stress, driving stress. Essentially our whole life is figuring out how to escape or managing this stress that seems inevitable.

That might be the reason for the recent popularity in the minimalism lifestyle. The idea of living simpler lives can really enhance your quality of life.

But in order to minimize stress doesn’t mean that we need to drastically change the way we live, it’s more of a change of mindset.

“If you can change your mind, you can change your life.”

  • William James

To me this is a very powerful message. It is not only liberating but also wonderfully enticing to know that it is not what we do, where we work, who is in our life, but it is our mind frame that needs to change!

This is so much easier said than done! I am not naive, I do fully grasp that, but the fact that it is attainable makes it just that much sweeter.

Being a victim of stress is not imminent as an adult.

We can free ourselves from the chains of anxiety and lift the burden off our chests.

Not only for others, but mostly for ourselves.


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Why we are so stressed

First and foremost, let’s understand why we live a stressful life. It helps to always get to the root of the problem then to be applying perpetual band-aids on it!

We really demand so much of ourselves.

If you’re a mother, you are trying to please everyone and make sure everyone is as happy as taken care of. If you’re in school, you realize the competitive nature of graduating and how you need to do your best at all times. If you’re a career woman, it is normal to feel that you are forever always swimming against the current and need to try even harder to make it up the corporate ladder.

The expectations that we put on ourselves is dangerous and unhealthy, not to mention usually unattainable.

I often wonder what if I could at least minimize my expectations, would that make a difference?

Not only do we have stress because we are responsible adults, but we also have emotional stress due to losses of family members, loss of our beloved pets, financial stress, work stress, health stress, really we can put anything in front of the word stress and it would make sense.

But because stress is going to happen regardless if you even live in a bubble, it is a fact of life and we need to learn to deal with it, not erase it.

Live WITH stress, not without stress.

If you were always shielded as a child, unfortunately you never were taught the proper tools necessary to cope properly stress. But it’s okay because it’s never too late to have a healthy relationship with stress.

No one likes to be stressed, but c’est la vie!

What are ways to minimize stress

1) There are a number of ways that you can focus on minimizing stress in  your life.Sure you can get rid of some of your belongings, which would clear up the clutter and if you have done this before, you would know how invigorating that is!

2) Eat healthier can help to minimize stress by not getting as sick as often, or at least for those who feel that eating bad foods will lead to a heart attack or stroke (this is for people who have a form of panic attacks).

Eating healthy also helps to not have too many highs or lows either. Another point is drinking water, it really helps to keep yourself hydrated.

3) Exercise is a great way to release stress off the body. It creates endorphins which really make you feel on top of the world. Whenever you are so overwhelmed, walking or running is a great way to just shed the stress. It really helps.

4) Talking or writing down your emotions can help tremendously. Writing is a very therapeutic way of getting whatever is bother you on paper and for some reason it doesn’t seem as scary as initially.

For myself, if I am stressed or something is really bothering me I will talk about it with my husband and it always seems to alleviate some burden.

5) Quiet time. Reflection time. Meditation. Whatever you would like to call it. Just spend a few minutes every day and quiet your mind.


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Elegant living and stress do not mix

Elegance and elegant living is about accepting what comes your way and being gracious about it. No matter what.

Since it is almost always easy to be elegant and classy when things are going well, it is when you are tested which shows how truly elegant you are.

Stress is unavoidable. People and circumstances that are stress-inducing are also unavoidable, so therefore, it is going to happen but it is how we handle it which is very important.

We will run into times when life just seems terrible.

When our mind frame always circles the idea of keeping poise and your grace through it all, this will reduce stress automatically because we know that life is always going to keep on moving forward.

Being elegant has given you the confidence to realize that you are so strong and will get through anything that is thrown at you.

Trust me when I say that you can get through anything God throws at you!

Tips to Relax When Stressed

1) Learn discrete and not so discrete breathing techniques.

There are times when we are in public and need to practice some breathing techniques that won’t be so obvious but because we are experiencing anxiety, it needs to be done to relieve some nerves.

However, when we are alone at home, some louder breathing techniques can be performed.

When I am out in public or around others, I like to just calm down my breathing and try to hold it, envisioning something peaceful. On the other hand, when I am home alone, I include my whole body into it.

2) Don’t be embarrassed, free write for 5 to 10 minutes a day

I don’t know but for myself, writing really helps me put down my feelings. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by my feelings and there might be a mixture of them, so when I am writing them down I am able to realize what might be truly bothering me.

Writing even when it isn’t about your feelings is such a wonderful habit to get into because it really can tap into a creative outlet for you.

Try it out every single day and you might be surprised at how freeing it can be!

3) Take yourself out and look at the big picture

We are all quite selfish beings. We don’t like to think that others matter as much as ourselves and that is natural. But it doesn’t mean that is right.

When you can take yourself out of the immediate issue and are able to see that this problem is so minute, so tiny compared to other problems that you might have already faced then it can give you the confidence in yourself to not only figure out a solution, but thrive in it as well.

4) Don’t try to swallow it, just accept and embrace it.

So many of us try to ignore the issue. We just shove it deep down in ourselves and try not to think about it. Thinking that if we can just shove it far enough, it won’t bother us anymore.

Now, realistically speaking, put your hand up if you’ve done this? Okay, now keep your hand up if it actually works and your stress has diminished?

Oh, funny how no hands are up anymore!

Ignoring any problem is never going to fix it, usually it makes it worse. It’s like a leak in your roof, if you ignore it long enough it will ruin the whole roof and probably the attic now.

Accept what is wrong, embrace the problem, understand how you feel.

It is okay if we are stressed out, we are adults after all and that is part of life. But the hardest part is living with it and now letting it control us.

But by just acknowledging that it is there, is the hardest step.

5) Mundane Keeps You Sane

I fully believe in this strategy.

We have all heard that idle hands are the devil’s playground, and for good reason. When we aren’t keeping ourselves busy, our mind can play tricks on us. Doing something that takes just a little bit of thinking (enough to help us not focus on the problem) but not too hard that adds additional stress.

Think laundry, think vacuuming, think cooking. Really it is something that you’re semi good at, something that you enjoy, and something that can be done if you’re really tired because it doesn’t take that much effort of your mind.

That’s perfect!

6) Exercise Your Body and Your Brain

When you’re stressed out, it has been proven that exercise really can help to reduce it. It gets the blood flowing through your whole body, it releases endorphins and even sweating can make you feel so much better.

Even by walking outside, having the fresh air and the sun touch your face and enhance your mood drastically. We humans love being with nature, it’s innate and when we allow ourselves to see the true natural beauty, it really can take our minds off what is bothering us. Even temporarily and every moment we are not stressed our body will thank us.

Keep your brain busy as well. You can do this by reading, or even by writing for a few minutes each day. Doing puzzles or any type of problem solving. However, make sure that you can solve it in a timely manner because by not being able to fix that issue will just add additional stress.

7) Relaxing thoughts provoke emotions and will persuade you that you’re okay

We have been told this so many times that when we are stressed to imagine ourselves on a beach or somewhere where we remember being so relaxed.

The reason is because imagery really works. Persuading our mind has major benefits and can help us anywhere anytime.

People who suffer from panic attacks really do understand the power of imagery and everyone should know that this really works.

This is just another practice takes perfect but when we are feeling so stressed that it is starting to affect our life, when we can go to our happy place and take ourselves out of the problem, it really works beautifully.

8) Start your day off as best as you can

Although we may be living through a stressful period in our life, doesn’t meant that our day can’t be great.

Start your day off properly. Get into a routine that makes you feel great. Be productive early on. Have something healthy and be grateful that you woke up.

Develop a routine that can make you feel on top of the world. For some people (such as myself) I am most productive in the morning, this is when I have most of my creative juices flowing and the most bubbly energy.

I take advantage of it.

Some people might have a better time in the evening, but we all know that if we start the day off better the rest of the day usually runs smoother.


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9) Mantra: You are doing the best you can, worrying won’t accomplish anything

Worrying really won’t get you anywhere. As natural as it seems to constantly feel like you need to worry and to be upset, it can be a very destructive characteristic. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in your worry.

Remember to yourself that you are doing the very best you can at that moment. Don’t try to compare yourself to others and definitely don’t allow others to make you feel bad about what you’re doing.

Depending on the issue, everyone has different thoughts and ideas, but if they are not going through it, then they have no right voicing their opinions.

Trust yourself. Trust your gut.

Repeat this mantra whenever needed. It works.

10) Faith in God

This is not for everyone and if you are not a believer, that is fine.

However, with the grace of God, He has helped me and comforted me in so many areas of my life. By giving my worries to Him, He has given me the strength that I needed to overcome so much.

How to avoid more panic during stressful times

Don’t eat for comfort

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am an emotional eater.

It’s just a terrible trait to embrace and nurture. I either eat too many breads, pizzas and pastas or I completely lose my appetite and don’t eat at all.

Both are not viable for a healthy life.

Practice to not eat when you are stressed, this helps to avoid more panic because gaining more weight or feeling very unhealthy can just add more stress which is something that is not going to help at all. If anything it will pour on more feelings of pity.

Make it a rule. If you’re upset, don’t eat. Write it out instead.

Don’t lash out on others regardless of how much you want to because you will regret it or hurt others and that is not what we do.

Let me just start out by apologizing to my husband!

I take out my anger or other frustrations out on him and I know that is not a good thing to do, and I have to work on that because although he loves me no matter what, it’s unfair to load that on him.

Try not to get mad at anyone because it isn’t their fault. Not only do you feel bad at yourself for letting your emotions get the best of you, it also makes you feel like a bad friend or spouse or just person.

Not only are we stressed because of the initial dilemma, now we are adding on being a rude person and now making others feel hurt. That just compounds and can make the weight on your shoulders feel heavier.

Not good.

Avoid lashing on others to avoid additional stress.

Don’t hold it in and think it will just go away / Don’t ignore it

As we have mentioned before, by  ignoring the issue at hand won’t do anything but make it worse. To avoid any extra stress, just embrace the problem and acknowledge it.

Discipline with everything.

If we can work on our discipline with everything in life, not just with our eating or waking up but with everything then we can really reduce the amount of extra stress in our life. Discipline is a wonderful characteristic to work on.

It can be used in so many different ways and make us feel like we are in control of our actions, ourselves and the way we are perceived by others. This can help to not worry about mediocre issues, even such as talking over other people.

Work on your discipline and your stress will reduce dramatically.

Be productive.

Getting work done is one of my favorite ways to combat stress in my life.

It can be wonderful because if you have to get work done to get rid of the stress such as making phone calls, handing your paper in, or whatever you are in need of doing, if you can get it done or be working on it, it really can make the stress melt away.

By also accomplishing work can help prevent more work from piling up which we all know would really stress us out more!

It also keeps you busy and that usually means it is off your mind.

Meditate, don’t think too much.

You don’t necessarily need to meditate.

It can be praying, it can be sitting in silence, perhaps even running.

The main objective is to just free the mind of anything. Let your mind just be blank. It sounds a lot harder than it is, but with more practice it comes a lot easier. In the beginning your mind will want to keep focusing on whatever is bothering you, but just see it and let it pass.

Eventually you will be able to zone out and just let yourself exist there in the moment.

For me, what I found really effective to was to do something very simple such as washing the dishes and focus all my attention (even narrate) on what I am doing. This action can really help impact my feelings and makes me feel refreshed afterwards.

Also being productive at the same time!

This strategy will help in the future for adding on more stress because it is a way of dealing with it and not letting it take over you.

Practice makes perfect!

An article that I really enjoy about stress and it’s health benefits. It’s so important to get this under control!

Tips to Cope with stress

(because that is life and we cannot completely eliminate it)

Coping with stress is one of those very important and extremely useful life lessons.

Sometimes, as children, our parents shield us from anything that could potentially harm us or cause us any heartache. It’s understandable! Who wants to see their loved one in any pain?

However, this was probably one of the worst things that they could do (love you mom!), just think about it.

If we never learned proper techniques to not only cope but to thrive with stress in our life, then it will be an inevitable mountain that we will have to climb because everyone deals with stress. Sure some have less stress than others, but part of being an adult is living with stress.

Find what works best for you. Is it keeping busy? Is it just not thinking about it and distracting your mind? Maybe it is dealing with it head on and trying to resolve everything with different alternatives?

Everyone is different and what I find works best for me is to keep myself busy with writing and working.

Health benefits of reducing stress

(not only live happier, but look better to)

Stress can manifest itself in so many different forms.

Being able to reduce stress, not only immediately but also long term can really affect your quality of life.

I am guilty of stewing in stress, we all have moments in our lives that just seem to be one bad thing after another — it’s like a nightmare dominos.

But, the lovely thing about it is, that we are able to look back afterwards and say to ourselves that we survived. We made it and not only did we just make it, but we are thriving now.

We are quite resilient that way.

So, by reducing stress in our lives we will not only see the improvements but also feel the improvements!

We are all too familiar with how terrible stress is on our bodies and how it can kill us with strokes, heart attacks, headaches, stomach aches and other ways. A little bit of stress is okay, we are fully able to deal with that on a daily basis, but if you are overwhelmed stressed all the time, you need to deal with that and figure out the best way to cope and live with it because it will hurt you in one way or another.


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How to enjoy life with stress

Seeing as stress will never go away, let’s learn to embrace and even love stress!

Even people who are so rich that money is no object, they still have stress in their life. So it is terribly important to learn how to live with stress on a daily basis.

When I talk about enjoying life with stress, I don’t mean stress that is debilitating, but every day stress.

The absolute best way to live with stress is get an animal! My little puppy has brought me so much happiness when I needed it the most that it is incredible!

I find the second best method for keeping this at bay is to keep your hands and mind busy.

When you are in a stressful time in your life like a sick parent or a passing of a loved one, if you wallow in your pity or sadness it can really eat you up. Keep yourself minimally busy by doing something your brain doesn’t need to think too hard but just enough to prevent you from stewing in your thoughts.

But when it is just everyday stress, again keeping yourself busy is great. It really helps you to forget about it.

Helping others or remembering that there are others who have it worse than you really can help you put things into perspective. And although it can seem a little harsh, it is only the truth and you will realize that your little problem or something that is a trigger for you isn’t that big of a deal in the long run.

Get to the core of the problem. Do you feel like you are going to die early or get terribly sick because you are surrounded in it? Eat healthier.

Do you feel like your kids are going to grow up mislead? Spend more quality time with them

Get to the root of the problem and try to solve it or at least manage it. That way it will take a lot of stress of your mind.

Don’t think about stress too much because oftentimes our mind has the ability to make whatever it is much worse than it actually is!

In conclusion

Tips to relax when stressed is something that we should all have in our toolbox. We must all understand that stress is going nowhere, it’s here to stay for a very long time!

No matter what our circumstance, we all go through some form of stress. If we can learn how to deal with it properly and efficiently with giving ourselves some grace is the healthiest way to do so.

Living an elegant life will help you realize that this stress is not permanent, as any situation in life is. We can all get through this and we can do so with elegance and poise. Which then when we look back, we can all be proud of ourselves.

Keep it elegant, keep it positive, and everything will work out!

21 Humbling Tips I Use to Maintain My Weight and Feel Great

21 Humbling Tips I Use to Maintain My Weight and Feel Great

With spring in the air and the feeling of warmth, it is natural to start thinking about wearing lighter clothes. This tends to trigger a little fear inside of us. You know exactly what kind of fear I am talking about! The one where you wish you would have thought about a few weeks earlier. The fear of a few too many pounds on our bodies! Winter pounds! But that’s really okay! I  have a few tips how I maintain my weight and feel great without too much effort! The best and most effective way to lose weight long term is to do it slowly and to enjoy it. I know that this gets too much talk but I promise that with a few little tips you can do it painlessly and feel great. Doing so discreetly is also very elegant. Let me just state here as a disclaimer. I am not by any means a professional in the diet or food industry. I am solely writing only what I do that I feel helps me maintain my weight and health. This all might be wrong, but since this is just my experience, I find that it works. It’s also a bit of common sense! In this post, I am going to tell you a few of my “secrets” to keeping my weight in control and feeling great! (Which the latter is more important to me!)

Morning Habits

Morning habits are probably the most important ones to perfect throughout your life. These are the ones that truly define your day and how it will run. Everyone has something they must do in the morning, otherwise known as a ritual, that if they didn’t take the time to do it, the quality of their day will be compromised. I am very guilty of this, where if I don’t have my hot coffee in the morning, I truly feel that my whole day is a little off. Not necessarily ruined, but something just doesn’t feel quite right. It’s imperative that we try our hardest to take advantage of the mornings and the possibilities they offer. Not only do they propose such a beautiful way to begin your day, but also they provide an opportunity to make it a great day.

1) Have a refreshing glass of water

Please don’t just skip over this one! I know, I know. How many times have we heard this? And yes, here I am annoyingly repeating this too! Drink your water! I get it, it’s hard – I don’t get why it is hard, but it is. (I struggle with it as well!) Perhaps it seems like a boring concept to drink something so bland – but seeing we are all adults here, suck it up! There have been so many proven studies showing that not drinking enough water can lead to numerous health complications that it is just not worth it! Not only does it make your skin clear up and look radiant, but it purifies your kidneys (prevents kidney stones!) and detoxes your whole body! If you need more convincing, here’s a wonderful list of health benefits water gives you! Before you carry on with this post, may I suggest pairing it with a nice glass of cool water 😉

2) I drink coffee

This kind of seems useless, even redundant, because you drink water to hydrate yourself and then you have coffee which is a diuretic. Basically it takes the water in your body and forces it out. It may use some of the water from you (which is why some people feel the need to urinate more after drinking some coffee) however, coffee had tremendous health benefits. I know that it has been up and down for the past few years but it seems that they finally came to a resolution that it is healthy! Try to enjoy it black, in its most purest form. This is the best way to absorb all the health benefits. I used to be a cream-in-my-coffee kind of gal, but now I am able to drink it black! If I can do it, trust me when I say, YOU can too! Just embrace the true flavor of coffee. Plus black coffee offers no calories, which is nice.

3) I let myself wake up before eating anything

Well, obviously. But what I really mean by this is I don’t eat right away after I wake up. I drink yes, but eating doesn’t come for maybe a couple hours after I wake up. I can hear some of the dietitians cringing as I write this! I hear and read from many sources that eating about an hour after waking up is great for your metabolism and I am sure for other parts of your body as well. But frankly, if I eat too early I don’t feel as energetic. I tend to wait for about three hours after I wake up to eat something. By then I have either worked up an appetite or it’s lunch time and my husband wants to eat. This is a prime example that you have to do what feels right. Some people I know eat right after they wake up and they feel fantastic. Others are like me and just wait and there are even some who go without eating at all!

4) Have a real breakfast and skip the juice

Juice is not all what it’s cracked up to be. It’s a hit of sugar and missing all that beautiful full-feeling fiber. I prefer juice’s boring older sister, water! Seeing as sometimes it’s nice to have something that has flavor and some health benefits, I would strongly suggest a smoothie. I absolutely adore them! My husband makes such wonderful ones that they are hard to resist. It feels great when we are having a rushed morning, or we have over indulged for a few days and we are in desperate need of some rebooting, we will have ourselves a glass or two of fruit and vegetable smoothie. Everyone’s happy and we feel better! Most mornings, I usually will have a well made breakfast. Sometimes it’s oatmeal, pancakes, fruit with toast, and sometimes a cereal. If I want to channel my younger years I will have peanut butter and toast. I tried avocado toast for the first time a few months back and I am in love with it (apparently I am so late to jump on the train!). Regardless of what you have, let it be something you will enjoy. And try to stay away from anything with extra sugar because that will only lead you to a sleepy afternoon. I am also a skeptic of the fad of energy/breakfast bars or granola bars. Be very cautious and look at the ingredients. Stay away from extra sugars and chemicals. That’s why I stick to real breakfast with real food, you’re usually on the safer side.  

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5) Imagine my goals for the day

You may have heard of the term manifesting. Basically, that’s what we are doing here. Take a moment to imagine what you want to get done today and truly believe that you will. Manifest your good thoughts to your day. This is another good time to pray or meditate. I realize that this has nothing to do with eating or food, but also maintaining a healthy weight or trying to lose weight doesn’t necessarily have to do with food either! When you can visualize your goals for the day, you can get so much more done and I don’t know about you but when I am productive and get everything (and more) on my to-do list accomplished I feel like I am on top of the world! Start your day by preparing yourself with affirmations, good thoughts and manifesting positive emotions. You will be surprised at the results!

6) Think about lunch

If you already have planned out your meals, this is such an easy step. If not, well, it’s still not hard! After you eat breakfast, you should start to think about what you need to do for lunch. Is there something you should prepare? Perhaps there is something that you will need to pick up or start to soak. Regardless of what it is, when you start thinking a bit a head in the day you will not feel overwhelmed when it sneaks up on you. What I often ask myself in many occasions is “What can I do now to help myself later?” It really does relieve a lot of added unnecessary stress in my life. For some, (myself included) meal prepping can be stressful, especially if you start later than you should. Do yourself a favor, and start thinking about what you need to do to make your lunch a little bit easier.

Afternoon Habits

After the morning, where the day is off and people all have something to do or somewhere to be, there comes the inevitable afternoon lull. The afternoon can be challenging because you are not yet home and the day is only half over. If  you start to feel tired, the day becomes a bit daunting to think that you still have hours until you can go home and relax. It is the Wednesday of our day, just in the middle, halfway between the start and the finish. But instead of looking it at it as something that sucks our energy – we should be looking at it as an opportunity to make ourselves feel great. Fill us not only with energy but with positive vibes as well! The afternoon can be the time when we get ready for dinner and prepare ourselves for the night ahead.

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7) Don’t snack

Not only is the afternoon a time of exhaustion but also can be a time of temptations. This is when we are at our most vulnerable. It’s funny because I justify eating something terrible by saying that I still have so much of the day to burn off those calories before I go to bed. That’s just leading me to a scary territory and imminent failure. I feel that when I eat enough during my meals, I really don’t like to snack too much. Sure I have temptations to nibble on something — but when I remind myself of what slippery slope I can go down, that usually stops me in my tracks. Also, snacks are usually an unhealthy food choice. You rarely go for an apple if it was between a slice of pizza or an apple. If you always go for the apple, then I applaud you and would love some of your iron will power! But let’s just not snack. Those calories really add up in the end of the week and usually snacking comes from not hunger, but boredom. Next time you feel like plunging your hand in your chip bag, try to understand the difference. It’s also common to confuse our thirst receptors for hunger, when all that is needed is a large glass of cool water. This is especially true if your body is used to getting its water from food instead of pure water! When you feel the twinge of hunger in your belly, try drinking some water first. If in 15 minutes you can’t shake that feeling – then perhaps you might be hungry and determine if it is time for a meal.

8) I start cooking lunch early

This happens to me often (which I HAD to put a stop to), when you are in the middle of doing something and your hunger strikes. Instead of realizing that perhaps you should start cooking lunch, you keep working. Now it’s an hour after and your little hunger has grown into a savage beast and you will eat anything that moves. (Maybe a little exaggerating?) People refer to this common feeling as hangry, I think? But I think you get my point. Don’t put it off! You have become so hungry that your will power has gone out the window and your choice of eating healthy seems meaningless. The next fastest thing you can buy or make is what you will want and that usually is never a healthy meal. Sound all too familiar? It happens so much, so the only way to fight this little battle is all about prevention. The answer is NOT going to convenience foods. Even their “healthier” choices are just terrible for you. Avert this circumstance by preparing lunch earlier. Even before you are hungry if you can! Even if you can get it ready an hour before you are to eat, and let it rest until lunch time, this is the best way to keep your hunger at bay and your self-discipline strong!

9) Keep myself hydrated

When I was younger, I used to hate water. Never really thought of it as important. Didn’t care that everyone told me it was essential to life. I thought, well I’ve been around this long and didn’t consume it as much as they said and I am fine. Well, and that is why when you are a teenager you are have no idea what you’re talking about half the time! Thank God I have come to my senses and realized that the more water I drink the better I feel and look. By keeping myself hydrated I stave off hunger, I feel more awake and energized and I can even think better! (Hint: rationalize better too!) I try to drink a glass of water an hour. This sounds so easy but it is a bit harder than you think. We are busy and we forget to drink! If you can drink more water in the afternoon, your whole body will thank you immensely. You will see the wonderful benefits and drinking more water won’t be as hard!

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10) Drink some tea

Water a terribly boring idea? Regardless of all the beautiful health benefits and numerous studies and everyone telling you that you will love it… you just simply don’t care. Still hate the taste? May I suggest herbal teas! I know this is nothing new, but this oldie is a goodie! Not only will it deeply hydrate you and stop the need to snack, but it will also freshen your breath and brighten your eyes! If you prefer green or white tea, you will also help rev up your metabolism during the day. Which is also a great idea because the older we get, the slower it becomes so any additional help is always welcomed! Not to mention all the antioxidants it provides! (Think glowing skin and healthy insides!)

11) Prep dinner

Same concept as lunch. Why wait until it’s too late and you’re just starving? When you prepare yourself for something, you are more likely to do well. Meal planning and prepping is no exception. Look at what you have written down for the meal and start surveying what you can prep early. Are there any vegetables that can be peeled or chopped? Is there rice that can be cooked ahead of time and reheated? Is marinating necessary? When you prep for dinner, you will not only keep yourself from eating something you’ll regret, but you will more likely add more vegetables because you have given yourself time. This is just something that I’ve noticed. When I give myself more time I end up making a salad, then throwing in some cooked spinach.

12) Try to eat lunch at the same time

If at all possible, eat at the same time because your body craves and loves routine! When it knows when to expect some food, eventually it will know when to be hungry and when not to be. The same goes with our sleep. When we go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, it become a routine and without even thinking about it, our bodies are waiting for it. By eating at the same time, it also prevents us from “forgetting” that we are hungry or delaying preparations for food. When you can schedule anything into your daily routine (whether it is bible reading, a morning walk, waking up, exercising) it also becomes something we do religiously. So of course, eating is no exception and if you continually do it, within a month it will become habit.

13) If possible, have lunch be your biggest meal

I truly understand, that for many people it doesn’t pair well with our lifestyle. And that is completely and utterly fine, you need to do what works best for you and your family. Nonetheless, if you can, eat the largest meal in midday. By doing so, you have the rest of the day to burn off those consumed calories. But what if you can’t? Don’t fret. Just be more vigilant and aware of what you eat at night. Try to kick the idea that dinner needs to be a huge plate of meat and potatoes, because regardless of your lifestyle, what you eat at night affects you. It can disturb your sleep, affect your mornings and also make it harder to lose the extra few pounds. Consider the weekends the time to focus on feasting at lunch and eating light at dinner!

Evening Habits

At the end of the day we are often more tired than we ever thought we would be. I don’t know about you, but I often over plan myself with chores and other work that I need to do (conveniently forgetting how exhausted I’ll be by then). What you do at this time will most likely affect the next day, so it is imperative that we fully embrace what we are doing here and make sure that we give ourselves the best possible start tomorrow. I like to think of the evening habits as something that will help me sleep better, feel better and just cap off the day beautifully.

14) I eat carbs, but not until I’m full

I’ve read somewhere that eating a heavier dinner full of protein can prevent you from having a good night sleep. I don’t know if that’s true (but isn’t everything on the internet true? :P) , but I have never been one to eat a lot of protein in the traditional sense anyways. For me, I like to eat a meal that has more complex carbs. Usually it can be a plate of whole wheat pasta (and yes, I have now completely switched and absolutely love it!). I feel that if I eat carbs, my body is more relaxed for the evening and it is easier on my digestive system. Simply put, I sleep better and wake up happier. This could just be me, not sure, but I find that when I eat something that is too heavy on fats or protein that my stomach is rumbling and keeping me up later which prevents a good morning. Find what works best for you, my point is, don’t be afraid of carbs. Another note that I should add because it is so important, is that I don’t eat until I am full. This takes time to perfect (which I still am practicing). If I have a plate of pasta, I try to add less every time I eat. I realize that I usually am fine with less. Our gluttonous ways are not necessary.

15) Drink a glass of water before bed/ herbal tea works nicely too

Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking. Jennifer, I get it! Water is important! I know, but I really can’t stress the difference just drinking more water has given me! But hydrating before bed is essential! There’s nothing that bothers me more than when I brew up some wonderful tea. Take a few sips while I wait for it cool down, and then I fall asleep with it over half full! What a waste! Yet, when I have time and energy, I find myself wanting a simple water and lemon, or peppermint tea. Why does this help with maintaining my weight? Well not only does the act of putting something in my mouth (sipping my delicious tea) prevent me from wanting to snack (think chips). It also tastes great and the more water before bed the more refreshed I wake up in the morning! If I am too tired to drink tea, I will just take my glass of water and down it before I go to bed. Again, making me feel so great in the morning and the better the morning the more successful of the day! Successful day means less frustration which then means less emotional eating! Yay! Like so many great people say, a good morning starts the night before.

Few Tips While Eating

Throughout the day, it is nice to have a few rules and tips to fall back on. These can be used any time of the day and can really improve not only how you feel on the inside but also how you feel in your clothes.

16) Slow down and chew as many times as you can

I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten with fast eaters and it is seriously stressful. I am a slow eater, not on purpose,  just am and always have been. If this was back a few hundred years ago, I would probably have been the runt that starved to death because there would be no food left when I got to the plate. My husband hates how slow I am, but I think after all these years, I am rubbing off on him! Eating slowly supports good digestion, helps to enjoy the meal and also can prevent you from overeating! All benefits! So what about the cons? Food might get cold, you won’t most likely get seconds, and people might look at you a little weird for still eating. But I am okay with that! Eating slowly and chewing properly will change your life! You will be surprised at how little food you actually will need to feel content. This may take time for your body to adjust depending on how much you ate, but eventually your body will successfully make that change and it will be great! It makes maintaining your weight so easy and effortless! That sounds good in my book!

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Other Helpful Tips How I Maintain my Weight and Feel Great

I would like to also call this the edicts of eating. These are essential to just being healthy and also having a healthy relationship with food. I don’t always follow them fully everyday, but the fact that I try to is half the battle. See for yourself and perhaps you will love the difference!

17) Eat colors,preferably 8 colors a day!

This is so easy. Almost too easy. We aren’t talking about counting calories, looking up the daily values, or weighing our food. Just eat as many colors as you can every single day. Think the brighter – the better. By trying to consume many different colors of vegetables and fruits and even breads will help to ensure that you are getting enough of the fiber, vitamins and minerals needed to live a healthy life. Eating real food and food that is full of nutrients will help your body not crave more food (otherwise known as insatiable hunger).  Your body craves food, even after your full, because it is missing something that it desperately needs. Give your body what it requires it will thank you immensely.

18) Drink a glass of water an hour before you eat and an hour after you eat

What more water? You better believe it! This is a secret that I really love to take advantage of, but I’ll keep this super short! Think about it as a cushion. I find that this is something I use when I don’t want to overeat or when I know I am going somewhere that I don’t want to feel bloated. Drink a glass of pure fresh water an hour or so before you are going to eat. This will help your stomach register that there is something inside it. Then when you eat, your not going to stuff your face (which happens especially if you haven’t been able to eat that day). See, done – now no more water talk! 🙂

19) Eat a fruit with every meal

This one is mostly changing your idea of dessert. You can have dessert every single day, twice a day even if you like! So long as your dessert is a piece of fruit! This is more enjoyable and exciting in the summertime when fruit is abundant and at its peak flavor. If you are used to something more luxurious for dessert, try adding fruit slowly and minimizing the pies or cakes. Soon, before you know it, you will be replacing your whole dessert with fruit! It’s so simple, so delicious that it doesn’t even seem like a hard change. Plus your waist will thank you for it!

20) Feel content, never full

No matter what you eat, no matter what time you eat, never eat to feel full. This gets easier and easier if you aren’t used to it. But everyone can do this. We are programmed as humans to eat until we are full and that is partly the reason we are still alive today. We didn’t have as much food at our disposal like we do now, so it was essential to eat as much when we had the chance. Thankfully, it’s not like that now, but yet we still eat the same way! Try minimizing your meal a little bit every time you eat. And keep doing that until you feel satisfied. A satisfied feeling is one when you can get up from the table and not feel full or hungry. Where you can move freely and gracefully without feeling bloated. And being bloated is never elegant! 😉

21) Every moment, work on your self-discipline

Even if it doesn’t include food, you should always be honing and practicing to perfect your self-discipline. It’s such a vital life skill to be able to say no to something, regardless of what it is, if we know we shouldn’t be doing it. Whether it is eating a footlong sub late at night or spending money on clothes that you know you don’t need. Self-discipline is characteristic that an elegant woman uses to as her secret weapon. She uses it to keep herself in check with everything in her life and it is something that you can use too! Don’t expect it to be strong all the time, but with the more practice and the more time that goes by you will surprise yourself at how strong willed you really are when you need to be. You’re incredibly tough. Your will-power is much stronger than you ever thought. You are effortlessly elegant, right now!

In conclusion

Losing and maintaining weight isn’t an easy task. It is so easy to let things get out of hand and have an overwhelming sense of “who cares”. This is a slippery slope that we all know too well. We end up in ruts that seem impossible to get out of. But to avoid any slips and falls we need to be constantly working on it, and hopefully these little tips will help! Take every moment as they come as opportunities to make each and every day a day to make yourself feel great (you deserve it!). And in turn, you will maintain your weight or even lose it, not to mention you’ll feel great! When we look at ourselves and feel unhappy with what we see, it can be a scary thing to think that we need to lose so many pounds but if you take the day and break it up into different mini goals, it makes it easier and attainable. These tips I use are not brilliant nor are they anything new. They are just a bit of common sense with a dash of discipline. Remember that your willpower is not something you need to fight. It works for you! You control it! Take your day and own it! Oh, and drink more water 🙂