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Boring is Fun

Boring is Subjective

Boring is fun.

Kind of. Well, it can be elegant.

Nothing is boring if you look at it carefully.   

Freeman Dyson

Just like everything amazing in life, it is all subjective.




What you find boring someone else might be thrilled about it!

So, by that thinking alone, the idea of boring is also subjective.

That’s a good thing though, because that means that no one is truly boring and no one leads a boring and unfulfilling life.

And if what you do is “boring” you can retrain your brain so that it elevates it!

The answer is in the eye of the beholder.

Do you feel boring?

Now, is that because you compare yourself or because you truly feel that way?

It also depends on the season you are in your life as well.

Are you an empty nester with a lot more free time? Or perhaps you are a new mom juggling everything for the first time.

Regardless, living a boring life is something that I strive for and I’ll tell you why in this post…

before we begin…


By living an elegant life, it includes so many different aspects but one of my very favorite ways is including classical music.

I start almost every day with it because it just creates such a beautiful atmosphere regardless of what day I have ahead of me. I can say it also makes an impact with my boys as well!

Beethoven is one of my very favorites and is so popular that everyone knows at least one of his works.

This CD collection of 9 CD’s will help transform your day!

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Boring is Fun

Boring is Comparing at its finest

You know what the most dangerous part of social media is?




It’s comparing ourselves to complete strangers who don’t know you or anything about you, and frankly you don’t know them and their true situation, is essentially what we do on social meida.


Sounds pretty stupid in my opinion, but really it has a lot of say in our life. (Including mine, hence this post!)


It can dictate what we want and puts an expectation on how we “should be” living. (I can tell you that social media doesn’t agree with me that boring is fun!)


We do it often, even though we know it is toxic. But we really can’t stop ourselves.


Even if we are the one that has the new, shiny kitchen or car, we are excited to show it off — but just like everything else, in a short time we are already bored of it and wishing we had something else new and exciting in our life!


It’s terrible.


The sooner we know that we will never be satisfied is the sooner that we are already happier!


I want to say that being bored has never been as important than it is today.


How do we stop comparing?


This might take a little bit of time, but the more you do it the easier it becomes.


Like everything in life, it takes practice and perseverance.


Start off noticing where and what you are doing when you feel the need to compare or when you long for something else.


Ty to avoid your triggers, like social media or magazines and sometimes those home renovation shows can be very cruel!


Do this until you are strong enough where you can be around whatever your trigger is without falling into the trap of wanting something you don’t have.


This can be a lifestyle, the way your house looks, a car you wish you had, even your wardrobe.


Avoid them for a while, and you will start to appreciate what you have and realize that you don’t need anything extra.


I’ll give you an example of mine.

I catch myself feeling down in the dumps after watching some YouTube videos.


Especially the ones that look like they have it all figured out and are doing perfectly well in their perfect little lives. Along with their perfectly decorated and clean homes are their perfect jobs where they never have money problems.


Of course, we aren’t seeing the complete truth, nor should we.


It’s not our business.


But sometimes, I feel like I am so inadequate to do things, or think “who the hell am I trying to do something?”. It’s only natural and it seems that the logical part of my brain shuts down when I am comparing.


So I avoid Instagram, Facebook, and some YouTube for a little bit and that feeling disappears and my confidence restores.


Even when I talk to the YouTubers that I feel do everything right, they also have the same inadequate feelings.


We are all too similar!


No matter what we have or how much we want something, we simply desire for what we don’t have.

Boring is Fun

Who are you Impressing?

The answer should be NO ONE but ourselves!


It’s easy to get wrapped up into thinking you need to fill up every second with something exciting!


Does anyone remember the term YOLO?


As wonderful as living that way could be, it isn’t realistic.


Life. Is. Boring.


But that isn’t a bad thing! In fact, I love it! I love the routine that comes with living a life of boredom.


Instead of spending money every weekend to go out, try staying in. But not in self-pity. Try to relish in it.


Enjoy the simple pleasures of your home. Of your family. Of your friends. Find things that you didn’t think you would appreciate, like the silence.


Not only does it get exhausting always needing to go out, but it gives you time to find out what you truly enjoy doing.


What are some hobbies you can choose?


Maybe you are wanting to learn a new language, or a musical instrument?


A bonus of choosing to stay in, is you get to see who your real friends are. Sometimes, when you are always going out with friends, they become people you just go out with, instead of actually getting to know each other.


Another amazing feature that I’ve found is that when I chose to stay home instead of going out, is the rare times when I would go out — it meant so much more.


It was so much fun!


It felt like something special, even if it was just for coffee.


You take for granted everything when you do it all the time. And then it starts to lose its appeal.


Same saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Not to mention you will save a heap of money!


My husband and I did a stupid little calculation that if we would go out a couple times a week for dinner and maybe a few coffees a few mornings and spend roughly $150 a week (which in our town, is completely doable!) for 7 years (as long as we had our house so far), we would have spent almost $55,000!


Isn’t that just INSANE!


So although we may be boring, we saved some money in the mean time.


And to be honest, I don’t feel bored ever!


Boring is Fun

Find the Fun

Just as I said before, boredom is subjective, well, so is fun!


There is such a problem, in my opinion, with people and their idea of “fun”.


Living an elegant life, you transform your regular day into an exciting one. Sure, doing laundry or grocery shopping might not be what you consider “fun”, but it CAN be!

It really is all in the attitude, and if you need more positivity in your life, check out this post here.


I know you hear this all the time, so it loses its meaning but this is truly the secret to happiness.


Finding contentment in the now.


Not wishing or longing for something else, and in this case, an exciting life where you go somewhere new weekly. Or drive expensive cars to big shot parties.


This is really no secret, it has been around for generations, but I feel like this generation needs to hearr this more than ever.


With Instagram displaying fake happiness and riches can really confuse people.


So, today, I urge you to look at your daily tasks and see where the fun is in them.


Whether it is the joy of knowing you are creating a beautiful atmosphere for your family, or a wonderful meal for friends, or maybe even just ironing work shirts and watching those wrinkles disappear.


You need to find those moments where you look at yourself and go “my life — is wonderful the way it is”.

Boring is Fun

How to not be a boring person

Isn’t it a sad realization when you think you’re a boring person?!


I’ve heard many people refer to themselves as boring in such a negative connotation and I need to ask why?


I suppose this goes back to my first few questions, like “Who are you trying to impress?” and “Who are you comparing yourself to?”


Listen, it really is only in the last couple generations where you even had the ability to be bored. But it doesn’t need to be such a sad state of being!


Haven’t you heard that boredom ignites and sparks creativity? You can find things about yourself or your family that you might never have known!


I think a lot of people have problems with being bored because they feel insecure about themselves that they might depend on outside variables to impress others or to persuade themselves that they are special.


An elegant woman doesn’t need that outward reminders of how worthy she is, so the idea of being “exciting” for other’s sake seems so foreign to her.


Being quiet and alone is just as satifying as going out on a speical date.

My wish is that every woman can be bored without feeling inadequate or like something is wrong.

Boring is Fun

Elegance is in the Details

You might be thinking that being elegant is about the fine things in life.  And while it is nice to splurge on a few nice things, it is not the only way to achieve elegance.


We’ve also heard from time and time again, that elegance is a state of mind, and the same goes here too!


I am not going to lie, my life is ultra boring, especially compared to those around me or online! But I couldn’t be more content and happier.




Simply because I choose to live elegantly every moment of the day (or I try to!) I honestly try to live my best!


Sure, it would be nice to travel to Europe often, or have the nicest house on the block, but would that really bring me happiness?


I am pretty sure even those wonderful people, still find themselves getting bored!


Find delight in the mundane, seek the excitment out of the ordinary.


Being bored is a wonderful thing because it can ignite new hobbies, new books, learning something new, or even just finding the beauty in nothingness.


Boredom is a gift.


If you see it that way, you will look at it differently.


I love the idea of elegance is in the details because it forces you to look closer at your day. You will notice the beauty in a perfectly made cup of coffee or the shine of  a washed floor, or maybe that delighful sound of your cat purring.


Regardless of what it is, your day is FULL of beautiful details just waiting for you to discover them!


Boring is Fun

In Conclusion

Let’s face it, the more you look at it, boring IS fun!


Elegance is a way of life that elevates every moment, but without necessarily needing to buy things.


But for some, this could mean that it is too boring and although in the beginning it can be difficult, I assure you that you WILL not find it boring!


I hope that you take away from this post that you will embrace your boring day and see it as something more than just “an ordinary day”.


You can take this as a way to have a higher quality day.


Enjoy the moment, seek out the goodness and embrace all the mundane-ness of your day!


And don’t forget… elegance is in the details!

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“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

― Maya Angelou